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Love of Vegeta

Bulma was woken abruptly by a door slamming. She looked up from where she sat at the kitchen table.

He stood there. His eyes were cold and empty, his sharp features locked into a malicious frown and the corner of his mouth drawn up in a sneer. He looked to be in a foul mood, but Bulma was relived in some way. His usual emotionless mask was down, and although the sight of his face felt it was enough to poison her eyes, she at least might have a chance to get him to talk to her tonight. Anything he said couldn't hurt her as much as the agonising silence already had.

He just stood still by the door, glaring at her.

"Vegeta?" she questioned as his silence became unbearable. He seemed annoyed by this and walked straight to the table and sat down without looking at her. He leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed.

"Food." he said harshly, as though talking to a disobedient dog.

Bulma clenched her fists. She stood and went to the stove however, and began preparing his meal. The last thing she wanted was to start another argument, and at the very least he was talking to her.

She began cooking the enormous meal that would hopefully satisfy her mate's hunger. She was exhausted. It was 3.00 AM. She'd waited up most of the night for him, drifting asleep just a short time before he'd entered. She tried to prepare the meal as best she could, but her eyes were blurring and her arms were weak and aching from stirring the soup. His eyes bore into her back the whole time.

She set the table and brought him the several dishes of food she'd cooked. She stood and waited for a 'thanks' or something, but he just dug into his food without even throwing her a glance. She waited for several minutes before giving up on hearing any words of appraisal from his mouth, and sat back on her chair across the table from him. He finished his food hastily, and when he was done he pushed the plates away with a sneer on his lips.

"That was disgusting." he spat. "Some woman you are, can't even cook a decent meal. Useless." Bulma clenched her fists even tighter then before. Her nails dug into her palms painfully, adding to the anger that was building up within.

"Yeah? Well some Prince you are," she said through clenched teeth. "You can't even measure up to a third class with a head injury! And you are mated to a 'useless woman'!" His eyes narrowed dangerously. Bulma thought he was going to hit her, but he stood and turned for the door.

"Wait!" she said regretting her actions. He stopped in his tracks but kept his back to her. "Please, don't go." she pleaded. She couldn't stand being alone any longer. He still didn't move. Then, he turned his head slightly towards her.

"Show some dignity, woman." he sneered, before continuing towards the back door. Bulma couldn't take it anymore. She was sick of him training day in day out, and treating her like filth when he wasn't. She just couldn't stand his cold emotionless attitude towards her. Why wouldn't he talk to her, tell her what was wrong? Because something was wrong- very wrong. He'd been this way ever since the defeat of Buu. No more then a hollow shell.

She stopped him, stepping between him and the door. He glared at her. "Get out of my way." he said in a dangerously low tone.

"I can't take this anymore, Vegeta!" she said standing her ground. Tears began to well in her eyes.

"What the fuck's wrong now, woman!" he asked angrily.

"You are! I'm sick of not seeing for days on end, only to fix your meals and to fix the GR! (A/N: GR; gravity room) Why won't you even talk to me!" she half screamed in frustration.

"Aww, you want me to talk to you? There, I just did! Now move out of my way!" Bulma didn't budge. Vegeta snarled and shoved her out of the way roughly.

"Fine, piss off Vegeta!" she yelled as he grabbed the door handle. "But don't think you're training in the GR all night! I'll switch it off, and you can forget about eating here as well!" Vegeta stopped and turned on her.

"What the fuck do you want from me, woman!" he yelled. Bulma was not deterred.

"What I want is for us to be a couple again! Ever since Buu was defeated you've been like this! You won't even sleep with me!" Vegeta's face went a death cold. His sharp obsidian black eyes were murderous. He slammed the door almost blowing it off the hinges.

"So that's it, is it?" he said in a threatening voice, advancing on her. Bulma backed away in fear at the tone of his voice. It brought back the memory of the time Vegeta had cornered Krillen and her on Namek, and the dark murderous and sadistic look in his eyes as he leered at her, telling Krillen just what he would do to her if he did not give him the dragonball. "If that's what you want, I'll give it to you!" he continued in the same voice. He pulled her back to him when she tried to get away, and slammed her against the wall, tearing the clothes from her body and lifting her up against it.

"Vegeta, stop it!" she cried as he crushed her against the wall with his body.

"WHY, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, ISN'T IT!" he yelled yanking down his spandex and entering her body in one rapid motion. Her scream of pain was cut short by his lips crushing her own. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and kissed her savagely. Tears were streaming down her face. He began thrusting into her long and hard. The pain was unbearable, Vegeta had never treated her like this before.

He continued his assault of her mouth. She tasted blood, but the pain was nothing compared to the violation of her body. The agony intensified as his thrusts increased in their roughness and speed. His powerful aura flickered around his body, almost burning her skin. She felt like she was going to be split in two. After what seemed like hours of intense pain, Vegeta came inside of her with a loud grunt and pulled out of her, dropping her onto cold hard floor.

"There. Happy now, woman?" Bulma whimpered in pain on the floor by his feet. "Why the fuck are you crying!" he yelled as he saw the tears stream down her cheeks. She tried to turn her head away from him but he forced it back with his boot. "You should be honoured that I've lowered myself to fuck such a pathetic little whore, like you." he spat icily, before turning and marching out of the building, slamming the door shut behind him.

Bulma just lay there, crying silently on the floor. Her mouth was bleeding, and her pelvis bone felt broken. Bulma couldn't believe it, how could he have changed so much? And why now? After all they'd been through... She was glad she'd sent Trunks to stay with the Son family, she didn't want him to see this. Bulma whimpered trying to get up, but she was exhausted and in too much pain. Ever since the fight against Majin Buu... but no, wait. It wasn't since then... he'd actually been great with her those few days following the fight. He had paid more attention to Trunks, and had even laughed and joined in at the party she had held afterwards... she really thought that him being brought to life had bettered him, made him want to change...

But then, just over a week later, something happened. He began spending longer and longer in the Gravity Room, his mood worsened and his temper would flare in an instant. She remembered getting into an argument with him after he had hit Trunks across the head just for answering him back. And that was it. Vegeta snapped and kicked their four-seated sofa through the screen doors. It was sent crashing into the wall outside. Glass sprayed everywhere. He then turned on her. He grabbed her by the neck and told her that if she ever questioned him again, it would be her flying through those doors, and not the furniture.

It was then Bulma had decided to send Trunks to stay with the Sons. She told Chi-chi what had happened, made her promise not to interfere, and told Trunks it was just so she could get some work done without any distractions. But since then Vegeta's mood had worsened dramaticly. Usually he would hide his face in an emotionless mask, and say little or nothing at all. But sometimes, just like tonight, it wouldn't happen that way... This was the worse incident yet, however. He didn't usually hurt her this much. The worse she'd had thus far was bruises from the places he'd held her. But this, this was the last straw. She couldn't take it anymore. She'd run out of things to say, of reasons to carry on, she couldn't even talk to him without him getting angry...

Bulma reached for her torn garments and hugged them to her sore body as she cried. She continued to cry even harder as she saw the lights of the gravity chamber turn on.

Bulma finally managed to sit up. Her pelvis was definitely broken, but she ignored the pain and grappled for the cell phone that was on the table. She also grabbed the dressing gown she'd taken off earlier when waiting for Vegeta, and put it on. She wiped her eyes and dialled Chi-chi's home number. It rang for quite a long time, before a tired Chi-chi picked it up.


"Chi-chi, hi it's me." she said, hiding the pain from her voice and trying to sound normal.

"Oh, hi Bulma... Gosh, it's almost 4.00 AM! What's wrong!"

"Sorry about the time Chi-chi, but could you get Goku to bring me over a sensu bean?"

"What? Whatever for!" she asked. Bulma was quiet for a moment.

"Nothing, I just slipped coming out of the shower. My ankle's broken, that's all. Could you get him to bring one over?"

"Ohh.. Yeah, sure. What were you doing up so early anyway?" she didn't sound as worried now. Bulma could be quite convincing when she wanted to be. She had left out Vegeta's threats when telling her about the incident with Trunks and herself, and Chi-chi didn't seem to think that Vegeta would hurt her.

"Oh, I was just retiring from some late work in the lab. You know me." she said trying to add some humour to her voice.

"Oh Bulma you should take a rest! You're going to work yourself into an early grave, you know. Sure, I'll get Goku to bring you one over, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks." she said ending the call. She positioned herself on the floor so she was holding her right ankle in what looked like a crooked position, and rubbed any tears from her face. She almost screamed as Goku flickered into view right in front of her. She had forgotten about his Instant Transmission technique.

Goku was about to say 'hi' when he saw her. Bulma tried to make herself look unharmed, apart from her ankle, but Goku, experienced in breakages could see right through it.

He looked her over and could tell that it wasn't her ankle that was broken, and he wasn't just talking about her pelvis, either. He looked at her in worry.

"Bulma are you okay?" he asked her worriedly. Bulma nodded and tried to look okay, failing miserably.

"Have you got a sensu?" she asked. He nodded and handed her the small pale green bean. It crunched as she chewed it, and she was healed within a few seconds of swallowing. She picked herself off the floor. "Thanks." she muttered and turned to go leave the room.

"Wait, Bulma... I want to know what happened." he said firmly. Bulma stopped and sighed.

"Nothing, Goku... its nothing."

"It's Vegeta isn't it?" He'd obviously felt Vegeta's ki surge earlier. "Bulma?" he questioned when she didn't answer.

"It's nothing, Goku, really. Just leave it, okay? I'm going to bed." she said allowing the fatigue to enter her voice so he would get a clue and leave. She heard him sigh.

"Bulma, if you ever want to talk..."

"I know." she said continuing to the door leading to the hall. "Goodnight." she left and went straight up to her room, not even bothering to see him leave.

She lay awake in bed, beyond crying. She lay on the right side of their bed and stared at the empty place next to her, the place he used to lie. She remembered that one night when he sneaked into the room at night after training. He had wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and whispered softly in her ear, thinking she was asleep. But she had heard it all too clearly.

"I love you." That was the happiest she had ever felt in her whole life. But now, that memory seemed like just a dream that never really happened. Vegeta was not the same man he was back then, not even a shadow. Just what had happened in that fight against Buu? Goku told her that Babadi had taken control over Vegeta, seeing the darkness of his heart... she would never have believed Vegeta to be evil before then, but now... she guessed the evil wizard was right. She should have seen it coming, how could she have been so stupid to have thought he could change...

She watched the orange glow above the horizon. The sun was about to rise, and birds awoke and began chirping happily outside, a perfect contrast to the turmoil she felt within. That outside world seemed so far away, and she just couldn't imagine herself out there. Everything was too happy and peaceful out there. If she were to step outside now, she was sure it would probably begin to rain, knowing her luck. She just couldn't help but feel that way. Her faith was gone. She'd tried her best to measure up to Vegeta's expectations, to make him proud of being her mate like he was proud of being Trunks' father, nothing would work. Nothing. She had tried absolutely everything, and still no result.

Well fuck him, she decided. She was fed up, she wouldn't take it any longer. She didn't even know herself anymore, she'd become nothing but a pathetic woman wallowing in her own self pity. Vegeta was right. But she wasn't weak. She wouldn't be weak any longer, she was not like this by nature, it was his fault. He made her like this. Well she wouldn't take it from Yamacha, and like hell was she going to take it from Vegeta. She didn't care what he said. No, it was too late. She just didn't care anymore. He had taken everything. She had nothing left to give, and she just couldn't go on trying.

And with that thought, she fell asleep, exhausted.

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Love of Vegeta

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