My sister will often throw random wod at me and tell me to string them together in a story. This is the resualt, and it'swas too good to keep to myself. Enjoy!

Fluffy the Bloodsucking Vampire

The cold wind was blowing
In the dark moon of the night
The chill touched all with fear,
Dreading the unearthly bite.

A soundless movement
Disappeared in a blink
The shadow in the dark
Searching for a bloody drink
The gnashing of teeth,
And a hidden flash of pink.

Stumbling through graves,
Looking pale and unwell
Wanting lop-eared victims,
The fuzzy thing from hell.

Mist swirled between trees,
There stood when it cleared
The deathless bloodsucker
With fangs that seared,
Fluffy the demon bunny
Was to be greatly feared.

A flying leap, a muffled shriek,
A quick tussle in the mud.
When the vampire again looked up
Its whiskers dripped with blood.

I tried for a mock gothichorror feel. Tell me what you think of it!