Gray Pearl

by Jasmine Starlight

Full summary: Black- adj. opposite of white, dark; without light. White- adj. innocence, opposite of black, absence of color. To Hyuuga Hinata, the world couldn't be painted in two different colors. But she didn't mind, she knew where she stood, she was white and he black. But when black and white mix, no one can go back, no matter how hard they try. Sasu/Hina Kiba/Ten Saku/Neji Gaa/Naru

A/N: I think that mentioning the Jounin exams was kind of pointless because now it doesn't look like I'll include it in this fic…sorry…

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Maybe some smut…you have been warned…and nudity…

I think maybe, perhaps we are coming to a close…



"You still have not divulged the plateau on which you and Sasuke-kun have camped you relationship on!" Ino insisted loudly, drawing many odd glances from the other patrons of the tea room. Hinata thought that Ino sounded like a deranged Gai-sensei.

"What?" Tenten asked confusedly. Hinata settled for a perplexed "Huh."

"What Ino-Pig means is: how far have you gone with Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked alluringly.

Hinata wished for something to hide behind, dangos wouldn't work, maybe a large tea tray, but to have a large tea tray one needed to have ordered a large amount of tea, something they hadn't done.

Hinata settled for swirling the tea around in its decorative cup.

Swish. Swish. Swish.

"Hinata-chan, answer me!" Sakura said, slamming her fist on the table making the dangos twitch ominously.

Hinata tried to change the subject, "Tenten-chan what are those red marks on your neck?" she asked inquisitively.

"Who cares about Tenten's hickeys, I want something juicy." Ino said forcefully as Tenten blushed and began to fiddle with her collar.

Hinata began to color more than Tenten, "D-demo-o Ino-san I h-haven't d-done a-anything w-w-with S-Sasuke-kun." Hinata insisted weakly. Nothing really.

"Really?" Sakura asked.












"Oh, fuck this isn't working! Tell me, pleaaaassse!" Sakura pleaded.




In the middle of this parade of romantic conversation, Lee had joined the girls at their table, "Ohayo Tenten-chan, Ino-san, Hinata-chan, and Sakura-san!" he exclaimed joyously.

"Oh, hi Lee." Tenten said.

Ino was still rather wary of this unique guy, "What did you need Lee?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, our senseis called a joint meeting with the Hokage and they want us all to attend, it is tremendously nerve-wracking!" Lee declared anxiously.

'Really?" Ino said smiling.

"Hai!" Lee said as he pumped his fist in the air.

"Why are they calling a joint meeting?" Tenten asked curiously.

"It has to do with the upcoming Jounin exams. Yosh! So hip! So cool!"

"Honto?" Tenten asked.

"Hai! I got the information from Gai-sensei himself, even though he wasn't supposed to tell me. He's so youthful!"


Sasuke boredly scratched his arm as he leant against a wall in the Hokage's office, while waiting for the others to arrive.

This meeting was suspicious.

When everyone finally assembled (Lee, Sakura, Tenten, Ino, and Hinata arriving last) Tsunade began to speak, "Now as you brats already know the Jounin exam is approaching and since this a tradition you have all been granted leave for vacation."

"What!" Naruto exclaimed loudly, Gaara, who was there for no reason at all other than the author's sick, shounen ai enjoyment, poked Naruto in the head to make him shut up.

"Not just any vacation either, my youthful blossoms of courage! Yosh! So hip!" Gai declared excitedly. "Tell them my dear rival! So youthful!"

Kakashi looked up from Icha Icha Millennia Vol. 87 Unedited Version to say: "You're going to a hot spring." without skipping a beat as he turned the page.

"Why?" Sakura asked from where she stood and exact 2.743 yards away from Neji, but hey who's counting? Apparently not Sakura…

"Because you all have been working hard enough and it's a tradition that we treat the Jounins-to-be to this trip." Kurenai explained.

"Speaking of that, you'd better all pass especially since all the other villages are doing the same." Tsunade said menacingly.

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune chided gently, Tonton replied with "Wee!"

Asuma took exhaled a cloud of smoke from his place by the window, "It only became a tradition because so many Chuunin were going insane from the pressure to pass."

"It would have had a nicer sentiment if you hadn't said that Asuma." Kurenai remarked.

"Disregarding that, you will all attend this trip, it is mandatory, is that clear?" Tsunade said dangerously.

Everyone present nodded slowly, "Yokatta! Now go pack you'll be leaving immediately." She ordered.


The overall ambiance of the hot spring resort was ideal if one was here for a secluded sojourn with one's itoshii.

But Sasuke was not only here with his itoshii, he was here with his teammates, his itoshii's teammates, his itoshii's cousin, his itoshii's cousin's teammates and etc, etc. This would not equal a secluded sojourn.

But it did seem relaxing, "Oi! Temee! We're all going to hot springs now! C'mon!"

"Who's we?" Sasuke asked warily.

"Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, Lee, Gaara, Kankurou--"

"Fine, whatever I'll go."


In the past Ino would have never considered Hinata to be the peeping Tom type, Hinata was a bit too shy. But all she needed was a push in the right direction and Ino was more than happy to give it to her.

Really the Byakugan was begging to be utilized and Neji was probably already doing it so why not have some fun?

Shikamaru looked hot in that towel.

How did Ino know that Shikamaru looked hot in a towel? Well, Ino didn't a Byakugan for that…Duh. But of course Ino could never voice anything but annoyance at her lazy nin, because that would be out of character.

Wait, when had he become her lazy nin? He most definitely not Temari's lazy nin, that much Ino could be sure of. Or could she? Really how much did she know about Temari of the Sand? What color made her look fat? What was her least favorite flavor of ice cream? What was her preferred method of killing? And how could Ino counter it? Ino had a lot of work to do.

Where was this Temari currently? Ino had to find her and answer her urgent questions.

Hinata looked at her toes as they poked of the hot spring, after that whole debacle with Ino and the usage of her Byakugan, she had left that particular hot spring in favor of a more private and less noisy one.

Besides, the point of this trip was to relax and she couldn't do that with Ino hounding her for nude images of Shikamaru could she?


After interrogating Sakura as to Hinata's whereabouts and also successfully dodging all attempts on her part to continue the conversation, he had also dodged Naruto's attempt to drag him to a hot spring.

Gaara would be there, and Sasuke did not like Gaara very much…the whole Chuunin exam deal and whatnot.

Yeah, so sitting in a secluded hot spring with Gaara, who would probably be mauling Naruto,was something Sasuke did not wish to see ever, again.

Moving on, it was rotten luck that he couldn't have extracted exactly which hot spring but Sasuke didn't want to risk the appearance of Ino, who in worst case scenario would tackled him to the ground and then demand that he reveal the sordid details of his current relationship with Hinata.

Ino was scary like that…

But luckily for our young Uchiha, the author has decided to take pity on his plight merely because she needs the smut, and so on the fifth try, after being traumatized by walking in on several old ladies he finally found the right one.

Of course he didn't know that it was the right one because A) it was deserted (A/N: heheh) or at least it looked that way B) there was too much steam to use the Sharingan and C) he had gotten lazy (too many ANBU missions with Shikamaru) and had decided to settle here just to relax.

But luck was on his side, for once, honestly where was luck when Itachi butchered the clan etc. etc.? Where was luck when Kakashi-sensei had dragged him to that all-male strip club to set him up with a blind date (which by the way had turned out to be Ebisu-sensei) before he remembered that it was Naruto who was gay and not him?

Or that time that Sakura had—it was too painful to bring that up now.


Hinata was having a very relaxing time; the hot spring trip had been a very good idea and it was nice to get away.

What she was getting away from, Hinata was not really sure.

Sasuke was also having a 'nice' time, but it would be nicer if he could locate Hinata. But all's well that ends well, right? (A/N: I have no idea where that came from)

Sasuke sighed and swam deeper into the spring, this was relaxing, so relaxing he felt like taking a nap. He hadn't taken a nap since…well you get the picture right?

Eventually Hinata noticed that there was someone else in the spring, and she ignored that fact, that person wasn't necessarily doing anything annoying so she would just let him/her be.

Hinata was struck with a horrible thought, what if it was a guy?

She could feel the flush in her toes, what would she do then?

Well there was only one way to find out, Hinata slowly inched from behind the artificial rock formation placed in the water to glimpse at her companion, slowly, slowly.

She could see black hair, and then she quickly moved behind the rocks again, Sasuke frowned, what was that sound?

Hinata returned again to peak around the rocks, it was Sasuke?

Then it hit her, Sasuke!

"Who's there?" he demanded, Hinata froze up, oh crap.

It's alright, he doesn't know you're here and all you have to do is slowly get out and run to your room, Hinata told herself.

Just back away slowly, "Hinata?"

Oh crap, Hinata turned around slowly, not before making sure her towel was tightly secured, "S-S-Sasuke-s-s-san. How are y-you?" she asked nervously.

Sasuke's face remained neutral and Hinata felt it was time to make a quick exit, when she turned to leave once again, Sasuke grabbed her hand. "Don't go yet." Hinata felt her heart race wildly and her flush like tomato.

This couldn't be good.

Then he handed her sponge, "Do my back."

Hinata stared at the sponge in her hand incredulously, this wasn't happening.

She wasn't kind of, sort of, maybe in a relationship with the most popular boy in her village, and coincidentally the angstiest, but Hinata is not turned on by angst.

No, that would be weirdly masochistic.

And Hinata could never be a masochist.

Or could she?

Well, she did keep visiting her father for no apparent reason, her training area was littered with bloody tree stumps, she insisted on being involved in the anally retentive life of her little sister, her cousin was formerly the most angstiest nin in the village and now she was going to give Sasuke (who obviously held the current title) a sponge bath.


My name is Hinata and I have a problem.

And now I have to leave, "Ah, Sasuke-san, I must go now. Bye." She said as she frantically splashed out of the hot spring, only to find the door jammed.

Hinata futilely tried to open the door, the wood rattling but not giving way, her Byakugan activated itself out of her aggravation.

She began shaking the door. No!


Sasuke: Nice butt.

"Is there a problem?" Sasuke asked, inside there was a chibi dancing in glee, this was perfect. Time to use some of that ninja skill.

"The d-door is locked." Hinata said resignedly.


"I don't k-know." Hinata said as she sat down, leaning against the door.

"Well, if you're not leaving come back in." Sasuke suggested forcefully.


And Hinata made sure to stick to her side of the hot spring, sinking low in the water and not moving or making a sound.

Meanwhile, on the other side of door, Sakura, Tenten, Naruto, Neji, and Gaara were huddled in a group.

"They aren't doing anything." Neji said awkwardly, the things you had to do for the girl you liked to be happy.

"Kuso!" Sakura said.

"At this rate they won't be doing anything for awhile." Tenten observed.

"That's why we need this!" Sakura said as she pulled out a small phial of clear liquid, "What's that, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Elementary, they're pheromones." Sakura said smugly.

"You're going to trick them into doing something aren't you?" Gaara asked suspiciously.

"No, pheromones only amplify things that the subject is already feeling." Sakura said infallibly.

"Why can't we just leave them alone and hope for the best?" Neji suggested weakly.

"Don't be such a sissy." Sakura admonished.

"Don't be so nosy then." Neji retorted.

"Neji, you look so handsome today, what shampoo do you use?" Sakura asked flawlessly.

Neji colored slightly before remembering what he was supposed to be doing, "Nice try."

"Yosh! Are we having a meeting of hip youths?" Lee interrupted curiously.

"No." Neji said abruptly.

"Lee-san! Just the shinobi I was looking for!" Sakura exclaimed coyly.

"What do you need me for, Sakura-chan? Yosh!" Lee asked excitedly.

"Well, Lee-san, you know about Sasuke-kun and Hinata-chan, don't you?"

"Hai! Their youthful love has bloomed like a thriving, flourishing, blossom of spring's past. Gleaming, youthful and so hip! YOSH!"

"I need you to aid me in pruning their love." Sakura said somberly.

Pruning? WTF is wrong with these people?

"Pruning? Ah, yes, their love is like a rose bush that needs to be watered and pruned to bloom to its full potential, the most beautiful flowers kill off the tiniest buds."

"Ah, sure let's go with that." Sakura said.

Neji was staring at his teammate in disbelief, "Where the fuck do you get this shit?"

"Neji-kun, please there is no need to use such foul language when we are speaking in reference to the splendid love that blooms between our comrade nins." Lee said benignly.

Neji: WTF?

Tenten sighed and patted Neji's shoulder platonically, Lee was slowly getting worse, until one day he would choose his own kawaii student and start the vicious cycle of the Beasts of Konoha all over again.

But then again, the Angsty Nins would keep the Beasts of Konoha in check, it was the natural order after all.

The ecology of Konoha village aside Hinata and Sasuke were about to have some serious hormonal issues to deal with, well maybe Hinata, Sasuke's just naturally that horny.

Comes with the territory, honestly Uchiha Sasuke is Hatake Kakashi's protégé, one of them at least, ergo the perversion.


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