Authors note

The usual disclaimers apply, as much as I would love to these characters are not mine,

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Je…" she woke up his name still ringing on her lips the dream fading to nothing, she could feel the sweat running down her back, her clothes sticking to her body. Her heart pounded in the silence, but a silence that was not silent, slowly the sounds around her impinged on her consciousness; her sleep deadened mind trying to work out where she was. It was dark, but she could make out other forms around her, muffled snoring, the whirl of the air conditioning that seemed to make no difference in the heat and slowly it dawned on her… Istanbul, earthquake, search and rescue, the hanger that was home and base for her and her team. She slowly sat up, taking stock as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She pushed off the light blanket covering her and swung her legs silently over the side of the cot, as she did so a movement in the distance drew her eye and the dream was quickly forgotten. She heard the bang first, her mind confused as to the sound and the sudden pain that followed…and then nothing