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Notes: Please read the explanation at the bottom if there is any confusion. This is in poetry form.

Chapter 2: In Which Mr. Bakura a.k.a Ryou's father discovers red eyes and pointy objects are a bad thing

In a land ancient and far away,
There was a man a travellin' one day.
He was looking for a gift,
One to repair a great rift.
Something to take away,
Never being able to stay.
It was for a little boy,
Perhaps get him a little toy?

Then he saw it there,
Through the hot acrid air.
It shown in the midday light,
Yet something seemed not right.
The man who sold this thing,
Called it the Millennium Ring.
Mr. Bakura's heart speed,
This man's eyes were red!
The Ring had to do with a game,
One that was quickly coming to fame.
Mr. Bakura picked up the Ring,
With jangles and dangles and pings.
He bought it for his boy,
He knew he'd love this toy.

He gave it to his boy,
Who loved this brand new toy.
Years later he got a call,
He went home not willing to stall.
When he finally got home,
He realized he should have bought a phone.
His son was very ill.
He'd overdosed on some a pill.
All because of the Ring,
His dad one day decided to bring.


Explanation - The rhymes aren't the best I know but it suited my mood at the time. For anyone who's seen the episode where it shows Ryou's father buying the M. Ring (Blue hair?) You can tell there's definitely something evil about the guy who sells it to him. His eyes are glowing red and he's grinning evilly! Now we know where Ryou's density comes from.

Stay tuned next time for: "In Which Jono realizes that Yami is NOT Yugi"