Title: Life and Times of a Socialite

Author: Lady Eliza

Characters: All Characters

Rating: T

Summary: Total AU Rory and Logan Spoiler Warning

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Chapter 45: The Wedding Of The Year

Rory and Logan's wedding day

Rory woke knowing that by the end of the day she would be Mrs. Logan Huntzberger and that was a great feeling. She had butterflies in her stomach and couldn't sleep the night before since she had done what her grandmother had done almost forty years ago on the eve of her wedding. Rory had gotten up in the middle of the night and tried on her wedding dress so many times she could tell you how many threads were sewed in each part of the fairytale dress.

Rory's dress had come courtesy of Vera Wang and her bridesmaid's dresses were Narciso Rodriguez. She was in love with her dress and she absolutely loved the bridesmaid's dresses as well. Rory just sat in bed and thought about Logan. She hadn't seen him in two days since he had gone to New York with his father; something work related and they had said their goodbyes then. Rory missed him so much she stayed up to hear from him every night he was away after the conclusion of his late meetings.

A knock at the door brought her out of her reverie, she told whomever was on the other side to come in. The door was opened and there stood Emily, Lorelai, Francine, Shira, and Honor with a maid who was carrying a silver tray. "Good morning Rory," they said in a rehearsed manner.

"Did you all practice that?" asked Rory.

"See I told you she would catch on. Why doesn't anyone listen to me when I point out the flaws in the plan?" asked Lorelai.

"Lorelai do be quiet," said Emily in an exasperated manner.

Rory just smiled, it was nice to know that some things never change. The women came into the Rory's room, at the Gilmore mansion, and sat down on her bed. The maid put the silver tray on Rory's lap and left the women alone.

"So how is the bride?" asked Francine.

"I'm so nervous Granny," whispered Rory.

"Oh don't worry darling, so was I on my wedding day. Why, when I married your grandfather I couldn't even put on my wedding dress properly. My bridal party had to help me out after I put the dress on backwards," said Francine.

Rory giggled, "I hope I don't do that."

"I was so nervous when I married Richard that I walked around in a daze until the hairstylist finally got a hold of me and made me stay put," said Emily.

"I was cool as a cucumber, had my dress on make up and hair done, that is until I got Mitchum's gift. My make up was ruined and my mother had a fit. I couldn't stop crying after I read the card he sent me then I opened the gift and I was a sobbing piece of tulle. I thought I would be the calm and collected one on my wedding day, but after his gift I couldn't look at anyone else without bursting into tears," said Shira.

Shira was getting a little emotional now and Lorelai who was sitting beside her put her arms around the woman who was in the exact same predicament that she was in, in the sense that they were losing their children yet gaining another. It was an odd sort of logic.

"I wasn't nervous on my wedding day until Rory gave me the necklace, after that I was blubbering like a baby," said Honor.

Everyone laughed at that comment. The women had all decided to wake Rory up from her slumber together. They were going to be family when Logan and Rory wed so they decided that they should stand together. It was true in the sense that the women from the Gilmore, Huntzberger and Hayden family were going to be related because Rory was going tie them all together.

"Rory did you get much sleep last night?" asked Emily.

"Actually grandma, I didn't get that much sleep. I ended trying on me wedding gown so many times that I now know it inside and out," said Rory.

There were tears in Emily's eyes after hearing that comment. She had done the exact same thing that Rory did when she was preparing to marry Richard. Lorelai was wiping tears from her eyes since she remembered the story her mother told them during her bachelorette party when she had been engaged to Max. It seemed today was the day that the strong Gilmore women were falling apart.

"Ok it just the morning, we can't start crying now," said Rory.

"Rory is right, no more crying," demanded Honor.

Rory started on her breakfast, which she happily shared with the women surrounding her. She was thankful they had all come to support her on the day that she was going to remember forever. Rory watched all the strong, independent, classy, and loving women that she was proud to call her family.

When she finished eating and the tray was taken away the real reason for the visit was brought up. "Rory we realize this is the most important day in your life and we wanted to be there for you. We have also taken the liberty of getting you something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. I hope you haven't gotten everything," said Shira.

"Oh thank god, I haven't gotten a chance to think of those things. I was so preoccupied with the dress fitting, the flowers, as well as the arrival of many of the family members from out of the country that I totally forgot about that. I'm so glad you've all taken care of that," said a relieved Rory.

"Alright, I will start. From the Gilmore side of the family there is the diamond bracelet that has been in the family since Princess Louise. This is your something old," said Emily.

"For something new, from the Huntzberger side of the family we have gotten you a pair of diamond earrings that match the bracelet," said Honor.

"For something borrowed, from the Hayden side of the family there is the heirloom necklace that every Hayden bride starting with Lady Genevieve Standish-Hayden has worn when walking down the aisle. Technically the necklace will come to you since you are my oldest grandchild but you will get upon my demise," said Francine.

"Huh…for something blue, from the Lorelai side of the family you will receive a very pretty blue hello kitty bracelet that I had to move heaven and earth to find. You better be real happy that I could find one of these," said Lorelai.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing at Lorelai's absurd gift. They were all taking this too seriously and it was a good thing Lorelai was there to lighten the mood.

Rory had tears in her eyes from laughing so much at her mother's antics. The women continued on with their bonding session.

At the Huntzberger home Logan was sitting at his desk looking out the window. He was so nervous yet happy that this day was finally here. He was finally going to be able to marry the woman that had truly loved. His thoughts kept going to his wife-to-be and all the things she could be doing at that moment.

As far as he knew she was probably getting her hair done or having breakfast or crying about something or other. Before his mother and Honor had gone to the Gilmore mansion they had come to his room and cried over him. He had been a little embarrassed and was glad when his father and Josh had taken away the weepy women.

He was especially anxious to see Rory walk down the aisle. He had tried to imagine how it would be like but he hoped the actual moment would surpass his fantasy. Logan took out the rings that were in his possession and looked at them once again. He had been doing that ever since he had gotten on the jet from New York, his father had given in an odd look.

He closed his eyes for just a moment when he heard the commotion outside his room. When he looked up he saw Finn, Colin, Doyle, Seth, and Robert come through his door. Them showing up this early didn't surprise him one bit, it was expected.

"So how is the groom on his wedding day?" asked Colin.

"Oh I'm good," said Logan.

"I'm so happy for you mate," said Finn then did the unthinkable and burst into tears.

"Oh dammit, we just got him to stop blubbering in the first place. Great job Huntz, you made him cry again," reprimanded Robert.

Logan looked at Robert like he had a few screws loose in his brain. "What the hell are you yelling at me for I just said 'I'm good' it was a simple enough statement, it shouldn't have made him cry."

"Finn's a little sensitive today of all days. He thinks he's losing his best friends one by one. What with you and Rory, Colin and Stephanie, maybe even Robert and Louise, hell even Doyle and Paris, which leaves me by my lonesome but I don't mind that. Even though Finn's got Madeline he still feels like it won't be like it was during the first few years at Yale," said Seth.

"Oh jeez, Finn, don't worry about that. We will still be friends and hang out. Now there is just a slight difference, there will be women who will nag us to get our butts home or else no sex," said Logan.

"You're quite right, they do withhold sex far too much. Do you think they talk amongst themselves about that?" asked Finn who was back to his old self. "I'm far too emotional for my own good. But the chicks dig an emotional lad and I am as emotional as them come."

"Glad to know your feeling better," said Doyle sarcastically.

"Well Huntz, it's the big day. Are you actually ready for the leg shackles?" asked Robert.

"I say bring them on," said Logan.

Rory had her hair and make up done all that was left for her to do was to put on her dress. Her mother would be here to help her with that. Her hands were shaking and she didn't want to think about all the photographers at the gates of the house. She hated how something that was supposed to be a private event in her life was turning into such a media circus.

Lorelai came in through the door and really looked at her daughter. She seemed to be in a world of her own. She didn't want to cry since she'd already wept more today than she had in Rory's entire existence. But she guessed it was a given since she was the mother-of-the-bride. She wiped away remnants of tears and walked towards her daughter. "Hey babe, are you ready?"

Rory looked up at her mother and smiled, "Yeah."

Lorelai went towards the walk-in closet and took out the large garment bag that held the most gorgeous wedding dress she had ever seen. The first time Lorelai had seen the dress on Rory the water works had come on strong. Vera Wang had even given her a monogrammed hankie to wipe her tears with and told her it happened all the time. And she would know since weddings were her life.

Rory's wedding dress was going to be replicated by the people who knock off dresses that stars wore since it would seize the imagination. Every bride would see what Rory had seen in it, a classy, clean cut, and magical dress.

Lorelai took it out of the garment bag and took it over to Rory to put on. "Well honey, this is it."

"I know mom."

"I just want you to know that I love you and you have been the best daughter any woman could have or hope for. I know your conception was unplanned, but I wanted you from the very moment I found out I was pregnant. I know I was tough on your relationship with Logan at the beginning, but that was only because of my preconceived notions. I so very proud of the woman you've become, socialite and all," choked out Lorelai, tears were coming down her cheeks.

Rory who had put on the dress, but was waiting for her mother to zip her up was weeping as well. It's a damn good thing the make-up artist had used waterproof mascara or else the Gilmore girls would have raccoon eyes. Rory managed to embrace her mother while still in the dress and trying not to wrinkle it.

"I have always been proud to be your daughter and you have been the best friend and mom a girl could have. I love you mommy," cried Rory.

So there they stood Lorelai Victoria Gilmore II and Lorelai Leigh Gilmore III, weeping. The two women seemed to be overjoyed and saddened that day since they wouldn't ever live together. Sure their relationship would be the same but they wouldn't be constantly in each other's lives on a day-to-day basis.

When the tears subsided Lorelai zipped her daughter up and watched as she put on the jewellery the rest of the family gave her, and to Lorelai's surprise the hello kitty bracelet.

"Rory that bracelet was meant to be a joke. You don't have to wear it," said Lorelai.

"Oh I know, but I've got nothing else that is blue so this'll do," said Rory.

"No, I've got something for you. I didn't want to give this to you in front of the others since it was meant to be a private mother-daughter thing."

"Well what is it?"

Lorelai took out the piece of blue lace from her pocket. "This was your very first baby hat. You wore it home from the hospital and Gran gave it to me. She told me that a special little girl should have a special kind of hat. So, here you go, you can use it as a hanky for today and it's blue."

"Oh mom…" said Rory.

That was the perfect moment and the photographer just happened to pass the door and saw it. He snapped a picture without the bride or her mother knowing.

Logan was at the church already and he had avoided getting his picture taken by the Paparazzi. He couldn't believe how much of a media circus his wedding to Rory was creating. He hoped they didn't get any pictures of her since they had made a deal to publish pictures of the wedding in a Huntzberger paper. The paper, in turn, would shell out $ 2 million to a charity of Rory and Logan's choosing. He and Rory agreed that instead of letting someone else make money off of their wedding day they would donate the proceeds of the pictures to a good cause.

Logan had on his tux and his groomsmen had left him to his own devices. Well not exactly, Finn, his best man, had handed him a flask and told him it would help with the jitters. He guessed Finn had assumed his duty done after the handing over of the alcohol. Logan just smirked.

Mitchum Huntzberger came through the door and looked at his son and heir. He hadn't been the best father, but he had tried to be there for Logan whenever he could. Mitchum was glad that Logan was going to marry an intelligent, competent, and lovely young lady such as Rory Gilmore. He couldn't have chosen better.

"Logan, son, how are you doing?" asked Mitchum

"I'm fine, sir," said Logan.

"Good, good."

"Yeah, good."

"I just wanted to say that I know you will make a good husband for Rory. I'm proud of you son and I know the two of you were destined for greatness. I wish you luck in your life together," said Mitchum.

Logan was shocked beyond belief. His father had never said something like that to him. He did the only thing he was capable of and that was embrace his father.

Mitchum was taken aback since the last time his son had hugged him was when he was five years old. He reciprocated the gesture and the two Huntzberger men just stood there.

Elias Huntzberger had seen the entire exchange. He was getting a little teary eyed himself, but wouldn't admit it to a soul should he be asked if those were tears in his eyes.

"Would the two you stop this emotional garbage that everyone keeps sprouting. Logan, my boy, glad your marrying a girl that would do the Huntzberger name proud. I wish you luck in your lives together," said Elias.

Logan thanked him and he even gave him an impulsive hug.

"Word of advice Logan: always buy flowers, and in your case coffee, every time you do something stupid, which is going to be most of the time," said Elias.

"And your wife is always right. Never question that son and it will get you far," said Mitchum.

Logan laughed, but he noticed that the two men were serious and just nodded his heard. The groomsmen came in since the service was about to start.

"Logan we want to wish you well in your life with Rory," said Finn who it seemed was the designated spokesman for the group in an entirety.

Logan thanked them and gave them each manly hugs. His groomsmen were Finn, best man, Doyle, Seth, Robert, and Colin. He was happy to be marrying the love of his life.

Luke was sitting with his sister Liz and brother-in-law T.J. towards the front of the church. He kept looking at the last few pews trying to see if Jess had snuck through security. He wouldn't put it past the kid to try. Neither Luke nor Liz had heard from Jess since he had taken off during Liz's anniversary celebration.

Luke, who had found the letter addressed to Rory had thrown it out knowing that whatever the contents may be it wouldn't be good for Rory. So Luke had shredded the original letter without opening it since he knew Jess had a mean streak in him and would try to break Rory and Logan up any which way he could.

He didn't want the girl that he thought of as a daughter to get hurt. He was coming around to liking Logan as well. Luke was a little sad today since he felt that he was losing his daughter. He looked up and saw Logan walk out from the side doors.

Richard Gilmore was sitting in his appointed pew seat and was waiting for his wife to arrive from helping Rory. He was so very happy for Rory and Logan since they were great together. Richard just wished his mother Trix could have been there to watch her great-granddaughter walk down the aisle, she would have been proud of Rory. He couldn't believe his little Rory was all grown up and getting married.

The women, Emily, Lorelai, Francine, Shira, and Honor, finally took their seats with their significant other or family member. The women had been in the back helping Rory with the last minute details.

Rory was so nervous, she was glad her father was there holding her hand. The wedding planner was giving last minute instructions to the bridal party, which consisted of Lane, maid of honour, Paris, Madeline, Louise, and Stephanie. Rory made eye contact with each one of them before they started their trek down the aisle. She also looked at her sister who was the flower girl and Sookie and Jackson's son, Davy, who was the ring bearer. They looked adorable.

Logan was nervous. He watched as Stephanie made her way down the aisle. Logan's hands were shaking he hoped he could pull this off without crying. He looked down in the pews where his family sat and smiled at them, his poor mother was sobbing and his father was trying to comfort her.

Logan waited patiently until Lane walked up the aisle and he knew the next one out the door would be Rory. The wedding march started to play he, along with the guests, turned their attention to the double doors of the church.

When he first saw her it felt like someone had knocked the breath out of him. She looked radiant and that dress was breathtaking. She hadn't seen him as of yet since he had a better vantage point for seeing her than she did of seeing him. He recognized the earrings his mother and Honor had bought her and it seemed like her other jewellery matched the earrings.

He couldn't help feeling giddy that he was going to marry this woman. He sure was a lucky man.

Rory was surprised at how many people could fit into the church. She couldn't see Logan yet since there were people in her way. She saw her entire family and the Queen looked stunning in a powder pink suit. Her father squeezed her hand and let her know he was there.

When Logan and Rory made eye contact the tears started to fall for the bride. 'Her handsome prince' was the first thought out of her mind when she saw him. Rory and Logan had locked their eyes on one another and didn't pay attention to anything or anyone else.

Logan met Christopher and Rory at his designated spot. Christopher had watched the couple stare at each other and he knew they would only remember that moment when the thought about their wedding ceremony. He was saddened that his little girl was getting married, but he knew that Logan would make her happy, that's all any father could want. When they reached Logan Christopher lifted Rory's veil kissed her, shook hands with Logan, and placed Rory's hand on top of Logan's. Before he took his seat he said, "Take care of her."

"I will, sir," said Logan.

Christopher nodded his head and went to take his seat next to his mother and youngest daughter.

"You look ravishing," said Logan.

"Ravishing? Really Logan?" asked Rory.

Logan could only laugh at her attempts at humour even on their wedding day. They walked up the steps in the front of the church and stood in front of the father.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered he today…"

And so the ceremony began Rory and Logan were trying hard to listen to everything the father was saying, but they could only stare into each other's eyes. When it was time for their vows Logan went first:

"Rory, the minute I met you I knew you were different. It wasn't everyday I saw a girl posting posters of a deceased faculty member at school. I was curious about you and why you didn't like me at first sight. But I also knew you had the potential to be the one. Even if I wasn't ready for a committed relationship you gave me no choice in the matter since you said it was either a relationship or nothing. You challenge me in ways that I never knew possible. You are my other half and I thank god I ran into you that day at the coffee kiosk because I would have missed out on a lot if we hadn't met. You are my best friends and the love of my life. I love you dearly. So, I, Logan Huntzberger do take, thee, Lorelai Gilmore, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad as long as we both shall live. This is my solemn vow," said Logan.

There were a whole lot of sniffles in the audience. Lorelai was running out of tissues after Logan's vows and Rory had even recited her vows. Poor Shira was crying so hard that both Elias and Mitchum were trying to calm her down. Francine found the vow so endearing that she wished he late husband could be there to hear it.

The bridesmaids were in tears, even Paris. The groomsmen were trying really hard not to cry and looked anywhere else in the church but at the couple.

Rory was crying and hiccupping all at once and she watched as Logan wiped away her tears with her hankie. She smiled at him and said her vows:

"I didn't know what to think of you the first time I met you, but I didn't particularly like you. You grew on me and I saw many sides to you. The thing I love about you most is that you convince me to do things that I would have never thought to do such as the scaffolding incident. But I loved it in the end. I knew you didn't do commitment, but I knew that was a poor excuse not to try. I was good for you and you were good for me. You helped me through the tough times when no one else was there to confide in. You took care of me and told me it was going to be ok and I will be forever grateful for that. You are my soul mate, I knew it the moment I took your hand and we jumped. I am grateful that I met you since I don't think I would have been truly happy other wise. So, I, Lorelai Gilmore do take, thee, Logan Huntzberger, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad as long as we both shall live. This is my solemn vow," said Rory.

There wasn't a dry eye in the church, everyone was taking out a hanky and wiping their eyes. Now that was saying a lot since this crowd was particularly stuck up.

The priest, Father Cameron, continued on with the ceremony. "Do you Logan Huntzberger, take this woman Lorelai Gilmore to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," replied Logan then slid on the simple diamond wedding band on Rory's ring finger.

"And do you Lorelai Gilmore, take this man Logan Huntzberger to be your lawfully wedded husband?" asked Father Cameron.

"I do," replied Rory then slid on the simple platinum wedding band on Logan's ring finger.

"Then by the power vested in me by the state of New York, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Logan smirked before he bent his head and captured Rory's lips. He savoured their first married kiss, but they were in pubic so he broke it off far too quickly. He saw the tears run down his wife, his wife's cheek and he wiped it away. "I love you Ror."

"I love you too Logan," sniffled Rory.

The entire congregation stood up and applauded them. Everyone was beyond moved by the ceremony so they wiping away the remnants of tears in their eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you for the very first time Mr and Mrs. Logan Huntzberger."

The applause just got louder as the couple walked down the aisle. When they had a semblance of privacy in the corridor outside the main entrance they embraced each other and cried a little bit since they were so happy.

"We did it," said Logan.

"Yes we did," replied Rory.

They were still locked in their embrace together as their wedding party emerged from the church. There were many congratulations and well wishes to impart on the happy couple.

Jess watched from a spot on the street as Rory and Logan emerged from the church. He had known they would not use the front entrance since there were many photographers and people waiting for them. He had correctly guessed there would be a car waiting in a back alley to escort the newly wed couple to their reception.

He didn't know why he had come to see them. He guessed it had something to do with torturing himself. Jess had matured these past few months since he had left Stars Hollow; he had had no choice but to.

He had been an angry young man who was out for revenge when Elias Huntzberger and Lorelai had blackmailed him into leaving. Now he was a more subdued man who had a beautiful young daughter to raise, yes it's true he had gotten Theresa Cromwell pregnant the last time they had been together.

Theresa had found him in New York when she was a few months along. She had told her husband she was on assignment for the Peace Corps so he wouldn't suspect a thing. Jess had been shocked beyond belief when she said she was thinking about putting the baby up for adoption. He had put his foot down and said no daughter of his was going to be raised by strangers.

After delivering the baby, Athena "Teeny" Mariano, Theresa had resumed her old life and told Jess she would like her identity as the mother of his child, kept a secret. Jess didn't like that his daughter would grow up without a mother but he didn't want the likes of Theresa Cromwell influencing her, so he had gotten a lawyer to draw up the papers that gave him full parental rights and Theresa signed over her rights to him.

Jess looked down in the stroller to see his baby girl sleeping soundly. He would make a good life for her and he was doing that by working a steady job as a cashier at a local bookstore and waiting tables at a nearby diner. He was also taking Internet courses at the local community college when he had the time to squeeze them in. He was doing right by his daughter.

He watched as Rory and Logan settle into their car and embrace. He wished that it could have been him marrying Rory and she looked magnificent in that dress. But he guessed it wasn't meant to be.

Jess looked at the car as it drove off and he glimpsed Rory with a wide smile on her face. He watched the car as it drove away then turned the stroller in the opposite direction to go back to the one room apartment that he and Teeny called home.

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