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Character Names (gonna use names from both Japan and America):
Anzu Mazaki (aka Teá Gardner)
Joey Wheeler (aka Jounouchi Katsuya)
Yugi Moto and Yami
Tristan Taylor (aka Hiroto Honda)
Duke Devlin (aka Otogi Ryuuji)
Marik Ishtar and Yami Marik
Ishizu Ishtar (aka Isis Ishtar)
Odian (aka Rishid)
Ryou Bakura and Yami Bakura

And a whole bunch more…

Anzu Mazaki shut her locker door, sighing. It was another long day at school and she was very much tired.

The girl had short brown hair which was always neatly combed, and her eyes were a beautiful aqua blue. She had long, slender legs made for the dancer that she was, and her skin was slightly tanned. She may have looked skinny, but she did pack a punch and was not one to mess around with when she was angry.

Anzu had to stay behind after class to apologize many times to her History teacher, Mrs. Daimori, for being threatened by one of her classmates. Yami Bakura, actually.

Yami Bakura had received his own body using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, Ring, Rod, Key, Scales, Eye, and Necklace Millennium. The powers from the items had broken the seal placed upon him by Mahaado, the ancient owner of the Millennium Ring, and his body had been restored, although he still maintained the look he had when sharing his body with Ryou. Anzu had recalled him complaining, as he said he wanted to look less like a girl and more like his old, hot self. Anzu had found that awfully egotistic, but slightly funny.

Ever since that day, Yami Bakura was acting more—freely, as Anzu so lightly put it. Every day, he would threaten at least five people to the Shadow Realm; he would always get into fights with Yami, who had also had his body restored, and he would always moan and groan about modern-day things that he had never bothered to learn about when he was sharing a body with Ryou—such as using the bathtub, the phone, and turning on the oven.

Yami Bakura also hated school, but Ryou had forced him to enroll, as to "improve his intelligence". Anzu had been stuck with the oh-so-fun task of getting Yami Bakura caught up for the school year. She had been threatened by him countless times when he couldn't answer a question, saying she was trying to make him look stupid and pointless. Anzu had finally gotten so fed up with Bakura's ranting that she kicked him very hard in the balls. Looking back on it now, she thought it might have been a little too harsh.

She brushed some dust off her skirt and made for the front doors, where she was usually greeted by Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Ryou, Yami, Duke, and Bakura. Her girlfriends Mai, Jade, and T.K. always teased her about being friends with so many hot guys—usually she and her girlfriends would leave her with some disturbing mental images.

She noticed the group of boys standing by the front fountain and she rushed over to greet them.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late," she said, jogging up to them. "I was left back for…certain reasons," she said, eyeing Bakura angrily.

"Don't give me that look, woman," he growled, "The Ra-damned teacher was trying to choke me," he said.

"You scared the hell out of Mrs. Daimori! She was just giving you a Jolly Rancher because you picked up the grading notebook she dropped!" Anzu snapped.

"When I ate the strange candy cylinder I nearly choked on it! I assumed she was trying to kill me!" Bakura yelled.

"SHE WAS BEING NICE YOU IDIOT!" Anzu screamed back.

The others stared at them. "Ryou, are you sure it was a good idea to make Anzu Bakura's helper?" Joey asked his white-haired friend.

"Now, I am not so sure. I thought Anzu would be a good pick, because she's usually friendly to everyone and easy to get along with…but the problem is it's hard to get along with Bakura," Ryou sighed.

Duke and Tristan were, meanwhile, holding Yami's arms to keep him from pouncing on Bakura.

"Let me go you two! I'll make him PAY for yelling at Anzu!" Yami yelled, struggling vehemently.

"No can do, Yami, you really gotta learn to not be so possessive," Tristan said.

Anzu turned away from the former thief, her arms crossed, eyes closed. She let out a little hmph and slung her backpack over her shoulder, walking away from the group. Yugi took notice of this and called out to her. "Anzu? Where' ya going?" he asked.

Anzu didn't turn around. "This fighting is quite pointless to me, and I'm going to be late for my dance class. See you tomorrow, and Bakura, you later," she said with a groan, remembering that he was to go to her house that day to learn about the Pythagorean Theorem.

"If I decide to show up," Bakura said, putting emphasis on the 'if'. Ryou gave him a look and sighed. He knew that he'd end up at Anzu's house that night at seven, whether he liked it or not.

Anzu dropped her gym bag on the floor of her room, which needed to be cleaned. Magazines were lying open on the floor, clothes were absentmindedly stuffed in corners, and empty coke, nutrient shake, and vegetable juice bottles were sitting on her dressers and the bedside table. An assortment of stuffed animals was sitting on her bed, and posters of her favorite bands and such were tacked on the walls. A first-place dance trophy sat on the top shelf of her bookshelf. It was her favorite possession.

Anzu was sweating from an hour and a half of dancing and stretching, her muscles feeling the need to relax. Her parents had gone on vacation to Las Vegas for a few weeks, and Anzu had opted to stay home, being that she was only seventeen and was still too young to play in casinos.

She flopped onto the bed tiredly and sniffed under her arms. "Blech! I think I should wash up," she said, wrinkling her nose and sat up. She took of her dance shoes and went into the bathroom, turning on the hot water. She decided not to take a shower today—what she needed was a nice hot bath. She waited until vapors began to rise from the bathtub and then stripped off her clothes, putting them in a pile on the floor, and slipped into the tub.

Immediately, the warmth of the water overtook her body and soothed her aching muscles immensely. Anzu sighed and leaned her head back onto the cool wall tiles of her bathroom, staring up at the ceiling. She became lost in her thoughts, the wispy vapor of the bath overtaking her senses…she began to tire, and soon, she had fallen asleep.

She remained asleep for quite a while, and her head began to slip from the tiles, which had become moist with the vapors liquefying onto them. Her head slowly slid into the hot water, her nose and mouth going under the clear liquid. Water began to fill the sleeping girl's lungs.

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