PART One: Prologue: The Storyteller

A pair of green speckled eye peered out from behind the foliage, soon following by a shining face. Lea squinted as she saw a small figure approaching, gradually growing larger. Seeing a large tail following the figure she squealed in delight. Anfra came running to see what the matter was.

"Lea?" her friend called. "Lea, what's up?" Lea put a finger to her lips and motioned for Anfra to join her among the leaves. Anfra scampered up, as agile as a cat, which is only natural considering she was part of the Cat Tribe.

"What is it?" she whispered. Lea pointed to the nearing figure.

"Akan!" Anfra explained. Quickly, they both rushed down the tree and ran over to the storyteller Akan.

Akan was an elderly recluse of the Serpent Tribe, who had been corrupted by the infamous Raven Tribe. He still held all the physical characteristics and abilities of the Serpent Tribe, which included smooth talking and persuasion among them.

As the two young cat-girls ran up to him, he closed his green scaled arms around them in a hug.

"How long are you here for?" Lea asked eagerly.

"Oh, I was just passing through." Akan replied, a twinkle in his eye.

Both Anfra and Lea's expression's changed. "Oh," they said sullenly.

Akan looked up, looking thoughtful. "I suppose I could stay for a few days."

Both Anfra and Lea shrieked in joy. They hugged him again, and each taking a scaled hand, they guided him to the camp.

Just before the camp center came into view, Lea ran ahead to alert the others of his arrival.

"The storyteller is here!" she called. Everyone began rushing around, preparing the camp for a night of entertainment and fun.

By the time Akan limped into the clearing, still holding Anfra's hand, everyone was lined up ready to greet him.

Natta, Lea's mother stepped forward to greet the elderly teller of tales. "Welcome." She said smiling. "We offer you our hospitality." She motioned to a large rock, which Akan gratefully sat down on. A stew was boiling over the campfire.

Lea rushed to serve Akan, who winked at her before speaking to the rest of the tribe. "I suppose you will want me out of here as soon as possible, so you can return to you're everyday chores…" The faces around him were so downcast, Akan let out a belting laugh. "Perhaps I could tell one story." He grinned.

At this announcement, everyone cheered, even the serious Bellonkin, the tribe healer.

Later that night everyone crowded around the campfire, eager for a tale. In the center of the circle, a few feet from the fire sat Akan. The flickering fire sent shadows dancing across his smile lined face. Glancing at the young at his feet, and the glittering eyes of Lea, he announced the tale he was to tell.

"I shall tell you a tale of courage, prophecy, magic, danger, and most of all friendship." He announced. Everyone leaned in a bit, waiting anxiously to here the story. "I shall tell you the epic tale of the Legendary Lynx.