Kill DOG As A Sacrifice To DOG

Chapter 1: Exceptional Routine Work

Written By Illuminet

Disclaimer: The cast of Guilty Gear belongs to Sammy Studios (Japan) and Arc System Works.

"..."-Indicate Speech

'...'-Indicate Thought


Antarctica, Underground Shrine


"How far does this place lead underground?"

A voice spoke to another.

"It shouldn't be long now. If our sources were correct, this weapon will be a great boost to our offensive might."

The other one spoke. The two had been going deeper and deeper into the frigid cavern, the path only lighted by a strange glow that emanated from mysterious ice crystals that jutted out along the narrow flights of worn out stairs of the trail further into the earth. It had only taken another two miles before the two encountered a rather large natural cave. At the sides were the same ice crystals that lighted the area, but there were now a lot of what looked like ice sculptures scattered within the room.

"This place is eerie. What are all these? Artifacts?"

The one voice asked the other again. He shrugged, not knowing the answer.

"Perhaps...these sculptures range from a variety of things, these ones are mostly abstract human figures, but what about these figurines and other objects? They look like some sort of charms."

The man kneeled, grabbing what looked like a small kneeling figure without a face. The man was tapped on the shoulder.

"Looks like the cave goes deeper."

The other man said. The two headed towards the opening to find a small path leading into a small cave area.

"That is...!"

The first one gasped. There near the end was a giant head, miraculously sculpted from snow. The face was meticulously done, depicting a realistic head with a large mustache and beard. The empty eyes stared back at the two, emotionlessly.

"The Head Of The Colossus...could this really be it?"

The other one joined in with the same sense of awe.

"I guess we should take it to the lab."

The first one said.

"Yes, I believe we should."

The other one agreed.




"So...toying with powers they don't fully understand. They will most likely suffer a crippling blow."

The cloaked figure said to himself as he sat in large throne adorned in heavy black chains.

"You know what it is they plan to unleash, my liege?"

A mysterious man entered into the faint light that shined on the throne. His skin was almost pale bluish grey, and his skin tight black suit contrasted greatly with it as well as his silver hair. His eyes were pale, and only one pupil barely showed in his left eye, while his right was completely blank. Horns jutted out from his shoulders and fore arms, and one prominent horn adorned the center of his forehead. He bowed in respect towards the throned figure.

"All I know, Raven, is that what lies underneath that face of snow is a power than can destroy the world."

The figure claimed to his servant, Raven. He was the nameless person sought after by many, and was simply referred to as -That Man-.

"If your so worried, why not have us go and blow that head to smithereens?"

This time a woman appeared, dressed in red leather. She looked far healthier than Raven, as her skin was a healthy peach color. Her midnight black hair was cut short and hung down, and was just slightly above shoulder length. She had a blue bodied guitar in one hand, where on the head of the guitar was a large witch styled hat that looked like it almost had a face on it. That Man shook his head when the woman's eyes turned from green to an orange color in anticipation.

"Things are not so simple, I-No. The beast within cannot be killed, only defeated. That's how powerful it is."

That Man said to her.

"That is not entirely true, I'm afraid. It can be tamed as well upon defeat."

A mysterious voice explained. Raven looked towards the surrounding darkness.

"Who goes there?"

He asked in anger, hardly believing he had been snuck upped on by someone. A figure materialized before the three. A well dressed elderly aged man with combed chocolate brown hair, an elegant mustache, and a well trimmed beard. His dark green suit was similarly elegant in it's presentation as nothing was in the slightest way wrinkled or dirty. A red cape hung over one shoulder.

"Noble One...I'm honored to make your acquaintance. Raven, I-No, leave us. This man is not a threat."

That Man ordered. The two servants were reluctant, but agreed and left. The gentleman adjusted his eye piece before lighting his wooden pipe. The cape transformed into a seat upon which the man say on, smoking his pipe.

"So you've noticed the move made by the Bureau...I'm also sure you are quite curious about the mysterious being encased in the head of snow as well."

The gentleman stated. That Man nodded.

"Your not mistaken. I heard it was a type of highly advanced ancient weapon of sorts."

That Man said.

"To be quite frank and to the point, the origin of this creature is unknown. But it emerged during the early settlement of humans in ancient times, when my kind was still in dominance over the world through darkness. Humans first thought it to be a god, but that opinion soon changed with the destructive powers it possessed. For many of my kind, we were very afraid that we would lose the sustenance that kept our bodies alive, human blood. Many of my brethren challenged the beast but its power was such, that not many of my kind survived.. I was the only one to defeat it."

The man confessed. Even though his face could not be seen, That Man seemed intrigued.

"Interesting. A creature that has that much potential power...couldn't you just defeat it again, then?"

That Man asked in curiosity.

"I could, but I don't live for this world anymore like I did back then. Only for my wife. If she does not want me to battle then I won't. If she does, then I shall. Selfish as that may sound, it is the life chosen by me."

The gentleman stated. That Man lowered his head in thought.

"Well, that does put a damper on things, but I can't force you anyway. There are still many things to atone for, however..."

That Man cradled his chin with his hand, mumbling to himself in thought.

"Why not have your first complete creation contend with it? Come out of hiding briefly to spread a rumor about your appearance and lead him to it. He becomes quite the bloodhound when he catches word of your rare presence around the world."

The man stated, adjusting his eye piece again.

" may be right. I have wanted to see the extent of Frederick's powers for some time now, but he has never had a decent enough challenge. Both Justice and I-No have come close to making him draw it out, but ultimately failed."

That Man said, stroking his chin as he spoke. The gentleman chuckled slightly.

"I, too, share that common interest. But perhaps that stems from my hobby of observing you humans..."

He said, standing up and letting his cape take it's place on his shoulder.

"Leaving so soon, Noble One? I thought you could tell me more about this beast."

That Man said.

"I'll leave you one piece of advice to tell Sol if you feel so inclined to do so. Despite what it may look like, the white beast is actually only one out of three components. One of them is a weakness. Now if you will excuse me."

With those words, the gentleman was gone, slithering into a coffin shaped portal, which soon vanished as well. That Man went deep into thought.

'One out of three, huh?'


Hell's Prison, Hidden Laboratory


"It's not advised to instantly awaken the creature within. Whatever it is..."

A scientist said as he walked by the enormous glass tube that housed the snow head, meant to keep the snow from melting as it was taken from the frigid arctic chill of Antarctica to the humid, warm and dense climate of Hell's Forest. Another scientist was monitoring a computer screen before he turned to the others in waiting.

"Scanners are indicating a massive bio form underneath the surface of the head. It's showing signs of a very deep hibernating pattern. Do we all agree?"

The scientist asked his other collogues. When given the positive response to proceed, the scientist wasted little time in readying the machine that would begin the meltdown process. Everyone watched anxiously as the snow head began to steam up, its form diminishing under the heat. Fog started to collect against the glass, preventing the scientists from beholding what was inside, but everyone continued to wait with a controlled patience.

"Process complete. Returning temperatures to normal on the system."

One of the scientists confirmed.

"We don't know how hostile our friend is going to be. Restrain it."

Another scientist ordered.

"The creature is keeping in a fetal position. The restraints won't do much good this way. I suggest we be very careful and employ them when it's awake."

All were in agreement as the head scientist made his way to the glass tube, which was beginning to retract into ground to release the creature from stasis.

"So...this is Leopaldon?"

The head scientist whispered to himself as he gazed at the monstrosity curled up before him. He hadn't expected it to be as huge as it was. Before he knew it, he had to look really high to regard the beast called Leopaldon as it stood at full height. The upper body was scaly and rough and the massive head almost resembled a giant snake with the defined shape of it's snout, adding a reptilian feel to his appearance. A mysterious circular tattoo was imprinted on his left arm. His lower body was covered in thick brown fur, as were his hands and feet, which looked like dog paws. Four small eyes adorned the top of Leopaldon's head, and they opened with an eerie crimson glow as he stared looking down at the human before him.

"Leopaldon. We have freed you from your prison. You owe us your life, and so we require your assistance. Join the Post War Administration Bureau!"

The head scientist stated in a tone of authority. Inside he was shaking with fear. Fear that Leopaldon easily sensed. Before anyone could react, the head scientist was pinned to the ground as large onyx claws impaled his stomach, and crushing his vital organs, spraying blood everywhere. He had only been a normal human with no battle experience or skills, and he died easily with a face that read complete shock. Leopaldon lifted his palm, where the head scientist hung from. The eyes on Leopaldon's head narrowed, and he swung back at his containment cell, smashing the head scientist into it as well as breaking the whole contraption in the process. It turned and began to hobble on it's two stubbed feet One of the scientists ran in fear, only to have his torso clipped from his lower body as a powerful side swipe of black claws cut him in two.

"This wasn't suppose to happen!"

Another yelled out in mad panic, but Leopaldon was upon him soon, crushing the man's head against the wall with his paw. Only one more remained and he was talking into a radio.

"Send in Robo-Ky..."

Before the scientist could finish, his entire back was torn off with a single downward swipe of Leopaldon's massive claws. The behemoth observed his surroundings after he partook in the carnage only a few minutes ago. In what seemed like an angry fashion, Leopaldon stomped towards the center of the room, denting the ground with each step. Soon the gaping maw of Leopaldon opened, revealing a row of both blunt and sharp teeth alike and the inside of his lips were cross stitched between his lips and gums. Soon he exhaled a massive blue beam from his mouth, which cut through the ceiling and above. Leopaldon moved around, letting the beam destroy almost the entire building structure, until it finally collapsed on itself. The massive beast made his way through the burning remains with ease and was continuing on into the forest.


Leopaldon turned around to face the owner of the strange mechanical voice, but did not see anything until something fell from the sky. First it was a lower body that came down slowly using the thrusters on its back, dressed partially in a Holy Knight uniform. Once it touched ground the torso followed soon after, connecting with the lower body, a long sword brandished in his right hand. And finally the metallic head, which had a large propeller coming out of the blond hair.


Leopaldon looked annoyed at the strange new comer. The somewhat Holy Knight look-alike, Robo-Ky, struck a heroic pose while aiming its sword at Leopaldon's head as its large glowing yellow eyes flared dramatically.


Before the machine could finish, it was back handed and sent skidding across the ground, a mess of bolts and nuts amongst other screws scattering from the blow. Robo-Ky got back up, the side of its head dented rather badly, dusting off his clothes.


Robo-Ky said angrily. Leopaldon started moving towards the machine for another attack. Robo-Ky took the offensive this time, kneeling down and covering his ears as his knee opened, revealing a missile launcher. Robo-Ky proceeded to blast the beast away for good as multiple missiles were shot out and straight for Leopaldon's face. The barrage sent Leopaldon reeling back from the force of the explosions, though they did not seem to do much damage to his tough skin, and it looked as if he was going to fall on his back when he began stumbling when his left foot left the ground and his arms swayed wildly. Leopaldon caught himself mid-fall as his left foot planted on the ground crossing over his right foot, making him spin almost in a full circle, to once again deliver a back hand swipe to Robo-Ky, but with greater momentum and force. The blow connected with Robo-Ky's stomach, who hadn't expected the strange creature to be able to move quite so swiftly as it did with the massive girth weighing him down. Robo-Ky was tossed into the air from the strike, but righted itself back again, aiming its fist at Leopaldon's head, before his rocket punch was released. The projectile scattered into small homing missiles that struck Leopaldon in the chest, but he didn't even react.


The beast roared in annoyance, closing in swiftly and dangerously towards Robo-Ky as it landed. The robot was able to dodge being clawed, and retaliated by striking Leopaldon across the chest with his sword. Leopaldon did not even react as he was struck cleanly in the stomach. Robo-Ky jumped up over a low attack, bringing his sword down on the giant's head as the sword transformed into a mallet. Again Leopaldon did not react to the powerful blow. Robo-Ky used his first strike to launch himself higher into the air, smacking the side of Leopaldon's head with his sword which transformed into a large metal fan, but was left with the same result once more as Leopaldon didn't react. Leopaldon only looked more infuriated and annoyed as his four red eyes narrowed. He swatted Robo-Ky out of the air with tremendous force, making the machine bounce back up upon impact, where it was soon struck hard in the back by a raising slash of the claws, propelling Robo-Ky further into the air. And the peak of its flight, Robo-Ky was grabbed around the waist by Leopaldon's paws, before it was smashed into the ground at least five times before being tossed aside as a heap of scrap metal. Robo-Ky got up on unsteady feet, its back hunched forward by the force it met with the ground, and its head was dangling off a small cord that was attached to the neck, both eyes were cracked, and its right arm was dislocated and also hanging from a cord.


Robo-Ky's speech came out broken and jumbled. An emergency button encased in a small glass container appeared out from within its boot, and Robo-Ky brought his left hand down on it, shattering the glass and smashing the button, making it's dull yellow eyes light up red. Robo-Ky then went on an offensive frenzy, as his sword turned into a bazooka, and Robo-Ky launched a powerful but slow moving rocket from it. After it exploded against Leopaldon, Robo-Ky was right in front of him, slamming into Leopaldon's stomach with a spiked ball fist as his upper body twisted to gain momentum, which had then been followed up with a barrage of flying fists as Robo-Ky extended multiple arms from his sides. Afterwards, Robo-Ky landed a massive head butt to Leopaldon's chest as its upper body was propelled by a giant metal spring connected to the lower body. Soon after, Robo-Ky's eyes flashed brightly before he let out a large discharge of explosive energy, which fried its circuits, in an attempt to take down Leopaldon as well, as per its orders. The sphere of energy engulfed the giant beast completely. The heated blast left the robot in mostly pieces on the ground as a pillar of smoke arose from the heat of the blast. Leopaldon easily hobbled away, his body barely damaged save for a few black marks on his skin and some charred fur. He howled to the sky in triumphant victory before continuing to hobble away from the scene.

"Such a repulsive creature that was...yet it seems you were right, master. Though the robot's attacks were strong, the beast didn't even get stunned."

Raven said as he went out of hiding from his observing point, That Man and I-No not far behind him. That Man kneeled to the fallen Robo-Ky, who lay lifeless as bits and pieces of scrap and shrapnel.

"Indeed. This Robo-Ky as it is referred to, should make a decent enough messenger. I'll patch it up a bit before having it search for Frederick."

That Man stated, holding up the detatched head of Robo-Ky.


Wilderness Grave Marker


The night was peaceful in this desolate area. Nothing but parched soil and towering jagged pillars of rocks as far as the eye could see greeted everyone who entered, which wasn't a single soul who was in his or her right state of mind. One man did enter this place from time to time, not because he wasn't in his right state of mind, but simply because he needed a quiet place to think. He sat on top of the highest rock settlement that was in the direct middle of the entire area. A red cloak was draped over him, keeping most of his features from view, it's ends swaying gently in the breeze that began picking up. The man sighed.

'Another search ending in failure...this world ain't that fucking big. Where the hell could he be hiding?'

The cloaked man thought to himself sullenly. He contemplated that he should be trying harder, but giving his absolute best in something was nothing more than a greater hassle to his already lazy nature.

'Maybe I'll just wait a bit. Not like I ever told myself finding him was going to be a cake-walk or anything...'

That was when his extraordinary sense of hearing picked up a feint sound. Wasting little time in getting up, the man jumped off from one rock to the next with animal like grace as he sped towards the origin of the sound. What greeted him a few miles later was the site of a Robo-Ky crawling on its stomach, looking like it had gone through a tornado with the amount of damage to its body.

'Hmmm...robotic boy scout...doesn't seem like the Bureau is actually looking for me though with the state that thing is in.'

The man pondered. The robot stopped crawling.


Robo-Ky began speaking. The man's ears perked up at this. He jumped down the rock besides the busted machine, grabbing it by the front and turning it over to face him.

"Say that again."

The man said in a lazy drawl.


The machines eyes flared to life.


The man muttered as he pushed the robot back and ducked behind a rock as the Robo-Ky exploded in a haze of flame and smoke. The man went out to inspect the damage to find the remains scattered in a small crater, where smoke billowed out from. An arm was besides the man, and he kicked it into the crater.

'So much for that piece of junk...but he said -That Man at Hell's...- He could be talking about him...but at Hell's Forest?'

The man thought on it for a bit before shrugging.

'First promising lead in a while...'

He began to walk.


Note: I'm sure everyone knows this already as the news has been out for a while, but if for some reason you don't, Sammy Studio's U.S. branch bought itself out from the mother company to become its own studio under a different name. I hear that many of the Guilty Gear fans here are also worried about whose going to distribute further games over in the states in the future, me included. Hopefully another company can be found to license and distribute later games that are produced by Arc System Works.