In Memphis, Tennessee, ten days before Wrestlemania 21. Undertaker interrupted to tell that after Randy Orton slapped him during the contract signing there will be a sacrifice. Now who really is the sacrifice? Mystery pairings.

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A/N: We're almost near the sacrifice chapter. The tension is building up and the desire is building up. When P.a. gets back to Smackdown with Eddie and Rey, will she be threatened during their matches? Or will she go to Raw, and be protected by Shawn and have a shot at the Women's championship at Wrestlemania 21? By the way, there's a teaser at the end of the chapter….ü Enjoy!ü

P.a.'s POV

Shawn, was fantastic last night, God, I can't even imagine he would still do that. I resting my head on his shoulder and we're in the airport. I don't wanna come back to Smackdown, I'm afraid that Taker is going to attack me. I really don't feel so good anymore, Shawn looks at me and asks

"Are you okay?"

I nod my head in reply.

"Flight 810 for Michigan"

I hear the through the P.a. system

"Well homes, that's our flight! Let's go!"

Eddie says as he puts on his jacket. We walk to the entrance of the airplane and find our seats. First class again huh? Eddie is so good at booking tickets. I sit on my usual place by the window, Eddie knows I love sitting by the window. Shawn's next to me adjusting to his seat and he puts his jacket down. I took off my jacket and set it down on the floor. I looked at Shawn's crystal blue eyes and he asks me

"Are you going to Raw?"

"Yeah, Shawn"

I reply, well I don't wanna be stuck in Smackdown where Taker could attack me anytime.

"Well, I was thinking, if you're going to Raw, I just wanna tell the whole world, that we're a couple already?"

"Well, I dunno Shawn, it's kinda sudden to tell them that we're a couple already"

"Please? Well, you're going to stay at Raw right?"

"Yeah, but I'll have to ask resignation papers from Teddy you know, but I know he's going to flip, but…

"But… you have to do it for your own safety. I'm scared of you getting hurt by Taker, you know how he is when his temper gets out"

"But I don't know, I can't hurt Eddie and Rey…"

"I'm sure they'll understand, I promise, they could visit us during Raw"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure"

"Well, I hope everything turns out alright…"

"How about this?... When you get to Raw for your first match, we'll have a surprise mix tag team action, it'll be me and you, against Trish Stratus and Christian, is that all right?"

"I suppose, I would love to kick Trish's butt, I hear she talks trash to me on Raw'

"You betcha, did you hear what she said when you and Dawn Marie had a catfight?"

"Yeah, she called me a frickin bitch and wants to challenge me?"

"Yeap, you got it"

"Well, I could see it now"

"What time is it anyway?"

"It's already 5 am? Wow, I didn't know we took of already"

"Me neither, I guess we were to cooped up on what we're talking about"

"I guess, but I hope Teddy ain't gonna get mad at me when I come to his office on our show tomorrow"

"You'll do fine I just know it"


That did it, it made me feel a bit more nervous, I looked out the window and it was still pitch black.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, your captain speaking we will arrive in Michigan in a few minutes"

Great, we're in Michigan, I do hope that Teddy doesn't flip on me. But I've got reasons too, I just hope that he will be happy for me. The plane lands and we got up from our seats to go get our bags. It is chilly here in Michigan, man I could wrap myself in blankets and sleep again. The porter is waiting there for us, with our bags and into the rental car we go. I look at the sidewalks and the city, it is very beautiful already. The leaves from the trees fell and are now orangey brown. We stop abruptly because we reached the hotel already. Shawn held my hand as we went down from the car, gosh, his hands are so warm. We went inside the hotel to check in. We've got separate rooms, but we're all in the same floor. Lucky me, Shawn's room is next to mine, but Eddie's room is across mine so I'm protected, just in case Taker comes in. Eddie gives me the keys and they've got spare keys for my room just in case. We arrived at the 8th floor and I could feel my eyes drooping again. I walked slowly to my room and I could feel Shawn looking at me again.


He said, and I looked at him


"Are you okay?"

"I guess"

"Are you cold?"


"You want me to help you to your room?"

I try to nod my head, but there's a shooting pain and I feel I slumped on the floor.

"P.a.! P.a.!"

I could hear Eddie's screams then I could see the hotel light and I close my eyes.

I looked around me and it was my home, my hometown again. The smell smelled strongly of horse dung, and carrots. I was back at the race tracks, I was in a race with Sunny. I could feel my heart pounding as the race was about to start and it was cloudy.

"The race will continue despite of the weather"

I heard the announcer say. Sunny was tense also I could tell but I just stroked his mane and told him

"Everything's going to be alright"

I heard the official whistle. One… two… three… and I heard the gunshot and the gates opened. We ran, we ran fast, we ran like there was no end to the race. I could feel the adrenaline pumping in me and the harsh wind to my face. I felt the raindrops falling down, it was blurring my vision, I didn't care, we were almost there. Lightning was heard through the sky and it was flashing I could hear the crown cheering, almost there. I felt the impact we stooped and I heard the announcer say

"Here are your winners! Rider No. 8, P.a. and her horse Sunny!"

I could feel myself brought down by my father and flashes of cameras were everywhere. We won, we did it, I couldn't believe it! We won and I screamed out loud, news reporters were in my every direction and I fought my way back to Sunny and said

"This is my lucky charm, he's the best, and he will be remembered as a legend he is the star of my life"

The star of my life.

"The star of my life"

I mumbled, and slowly open my eyes, I could feel my head throbbing again. I see a hazy figure of Shawn hovering over me

"Guys, she's awake"

he said, and I could hear muffled footsteps.

"Esse, what happened?"

Eddie asked.

"I don't know, I felt a headache and Shawn asked if I was cold"

I reply, shit, this headache is killing me.

"Que horror! You lips are a bit purplish!"

He yells…


I say in a barely audible whisper, the headache is killing me.

"Here P.a. drink this, it'll make you feel better"

Rey said and he gives me a tablet and helps me drink the glass of water. I could feel myself in a deep haze and I think I blacked out.

Eddie's POV

She is asleep, I thought what happened. She just slumped on the floor, that ain't good, it's too scary, what will happen if Taker's gonna get her? What is he going to do to her? I am so full of problemas, this is P.a. mah homes, my ex chica and my amigo!

"Well, I hope she gets well before Smackdown comes around tomorrow"

Rey said as he sat down on the couch.

"I know, she knows, she's going to have a match with Dawn Marie again"

Chris says as he sat down beside Rey. I'm worried about that too, she may not be able to make it.

"We have to keep her out of Taker's clutches, and sights, I don't care what we have to do, but we should know she's safe"

I blurt out Shawn looks at us and he says

"I just asked P.a. when we were on the plane if she could transfer to Raw…"

I suddenly stood up and I could almost strangle him


I yelled and took a deep breath, they all stared at me wide eyed. Neither, I can believe I can do that.

"I'm sorry man, if she really means that much to Smackdown…"

Shawn started, I raised my hand and said

"No, it's okay Shawn, it's okay, it's okay, let her go to Raw, she'll be much safer there, with you and Chris, it's okay…"

"Well, Eddie, here's the deal, we'll let her do the catfight again with Dawn Marie, do your match next week and she'll go to Raw"

"Okay, okay, okay"

I breath deeply, I could feel my heartbeat slow down, I never burst out like that before, never did.

"We'd better let her sleep guys"

Rey suddenly said as he stood up.

"You guys go ahead, I'll stay with her"

I said

"You sure Eddie?"

Chris asks.

"Yeah, I'm sure"

I reply

"We'll see you later Eddie"

Shawn said as he went out the door with the others. I heard the door close and I glance at the clock, it was 6 am already. She's sleeping so peacefully, but I know she's having a hard time with this too, especially me. How could me and Rey survive without P.a. back there? Without her, the locker room will be so quiet and so… boring. She's the one that gives us the second wind of energy if we're so tensed up. I still remember when she started at Velocity, and her slow climb to the top, but I know she'll do good on Raw. She could beat that Trish Stratus there on Raw so she could win the Women's Championship, she's got potential, and she has the determination to win it, she has the burning fire of desire to win. But everything is for her own safety, we can't afford to lose her, I can't afford to lose her. I don't want her out of my sight, but I know she's going to be happy with Shawn too, I know he could protect her, care for her and fulfill all her needs. If me and P.a. hadn't broken up, she could have been the happiest girl alive and won't be suffering like this. I could feel myself drifting to sleep already.

I was woken up by Chavito, who was looking worried

"Esse? What time is it?"

I ask him.

"It's already 5 am, you were supposed to be up an hour ago"

He replies and helps me get up

"What? Why should I be up?"

"It' s P.a.'s wedding day"

"What? To whom is she getting married?"

"You don't remember?"

"I don't esse"

"She's getting married to Taker, now take a shower and get dressed!"

He pushes me into my bathroom. Taker? She's getting married to Taker? What? I shower fast and saw my suit hanging on the closet. I dress up and Chavito knocks

"You done yet? We have to attach your boutonniere!"

"I'm coming!"

I open the door and Chavito rushes in with the boutonniere.

"You're the best man along with Shawn, Rey and Chris! You were supposed to be there a few minutes ago"

He said as he attaches the boutonniere to my suit pocket. The weird thing is it's a black rose. We race downstairs to where Maria and Charissa is waiting. We pile to the car and go to the church, I see Shawn, Rey and Chris at the entrance. I immediately rushed to them

"Eddie! You're just in time, we have to be in front already"

Shawn said as he pulled me to the aisle, we walked towards the first pew and waited for the bride. The music was starting and I looked at Taker, he was wearing black as usual and he was grinning at me, that evil grin. I know something was wrong, and I heard the bride's music, and we stood up, I looked around, why is everyone dressed in black, I though it was white or something? I saw the bride approaching, it was P.a. all dressed in black, I could see her face through her black veil and saw tears coming down. She reached the altar and Taker took out her veil, I hear her screaming


Nobody seems to be hearing her, I try to walk out of my place, but it seems my feet are stuck to the floor and she and Taker are about to kiss.

I sat up and felt beads of sweat come down my face. I did not just dream Taker and P.a. were getting married, well I just did. She was crying, she was wearing a black dress, she was screaming for me to help her. I looked at the clock it was already 11 am, and she was still asleep, I'd better go back to my room to take a shower. I open the door to my room and place the spare key on my bedside table, got some clothes and went to the bathroom. P.a. was wearing black on her wedding day, that was really weird, and why is she marrying Taker? Then she was screaming for me to help her, this isn't making sense, I thought she was supposed to be screaming for Shawn, why is she screaming for me? This doesn't make any sense. I put on my clothes and went to Pa.'s room to check on her, I sat down on the couch and a few minutes later, she stirs. I immediately kneel to her side, she blinks and said


I sigh a sigh of relief, it's good she's okay.

"Are you alright?"

I ask her

"Yeah, I think the medicine that Rey gave me seemed to work, I don't feel any blasted headaches anymore"

She smiles weakly.

"I tell you what, I'll check what the guys are doing and we'll eat lunch out?"

"Sure, I'd love that"

She flashes that smile, aah! That makes me so weak in the knees and I could barely stand up, damnit P.a. why is your smile so powerful? I stand wobbly and make my way to the door to go to Shawn's room. I ring the doorbell and it opens immediately, I see Shawn standing and rubbing his eyes

"Eddie is she awake?"

he asks.

"Yeah homes, by the way, get dressed, we'll be eating lunch out"

"Okay, I'm game with that"

he closes his door and I go to Rey's room, before I could ring the doorbell he opens it quickly

"Is she okay?"

Rey asks

"Yeah, she's okay, and get dressed, we'll be eating lunch outside"

"Okey dokey"

I go to Chris' room and ring the door bell

"Did the thing Rey give P.a. work?"

He asks

"Yeah, it did, get dressed because we're eating lunch out"

"Alright then"

I went back to my room and take out a photo that I always carry around with me. The frame was made of mahogany, and years chipped it, but the photo still looks like it was just taken yesterday. It was me and P.a. in the Bahamas when she became my girlfriend and that was a long long time ago. I put it on my bedside table and grab my wallet and my jacket so I could check on P.a. I rang her doorbell and she opened it, she was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants and rubber shoes.

"Hey Eddie, come in"

She tells me and I walk in, her cell phone and orange jacket were on the bed. I plop down on the couch and she's brushing her long jet black hair.

"So, where are we eating lunch?"

She asks.

"I think there's a great pizza joint near here is that okay?"

I reply,

"That's fine with me, I'm game!"

She pockets her cell phone and puts on her jacket. I escort her out and we go to Shawn's, Rey and Chris' room so we could chow. I saw Shawn hug P.a. as he came out from his room and they went ahead and saw them hold hands. I could feel my face burn, that's supposed to be me but, I see P.a. smile, she's happy, I can't ruin her happiness right now. We were already in the lobby and we met the cold wind of October. I see P.a. cheek's turn pink, she had a natural rosy cheeks actually.

"Well, where is it Eddie?"

She asks me.

"It's a few minutes walk from here, is that okay with you guys?"

I reply,


They chorused me, Rey and Chris went ahead and P.a. and Shawn were lagging behind. I couldn't help myself occasionally look back to them, they are so happy together. I saw the familiar sign, Bingo time! There a few more minutes away. It was the pizza place that me and P.a. went to when we were visiting her aunt who passed away.

"We're almost there guys"

I tell them and we were there, it was still the same as before when we went inside. The leather chairs and the wooden tables, we took our seats at the end of the room. We ordered a large pepperoni and vanilla shakes with chocolate ice cream on top.

"I cannot believe this is full of fat… I've got a match tomorrow and I will kill myself if I see my wrestling tights get a bit tight"

P.a. said as she bit her pizza.

"That ain't gonna happen, you train longer than us you know"

Chris said and he took a sip of his shake. I remember that she has a catfight with Dawn Marie again tomorrow, and she's going to ask for her resignation papers for her transfer. I do not know, how are we going to live life in Smackdown without her and her bundle of laughs. We finished eating and it was already 2 pm, we head back to the hotel and I wanted to be the last person going out. I just looked at Shawn and P.a., the perfect couple well I need to know if they are a couple already or if they're just happy with each other's company. We arrive at the hotel and go back to our rooms. I still can't believe that they were so sweet to each other. I went to my room and collapsed on the bed not bothering to change. I could hear some knocks on the door I curse under my breath and open the door

"Hi Eddie"

I look up and see P.a. standing in front of me.

"Uh… P.a. err yeah?"

I reply, nice one Eddie.

"Just wanna say thanks for the lunch today, it made me feel a whole lot better"

"No problem esse, just wanna see you happy"

But it doesn't mean being happy with someone, then she kisses me on the cheek, I could feel myself blush.

"I'll see you Eddie"

She says and goes back to her room across me and smiles before she closes the door. I bring my right hand to my cheek, I could really feel my face burn. I close the door and jump right back to my bed, I couldn't even close my eyes. I could remember the line from Hercules, what was that line again? Oh yeah,

"At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love"

Even though I am in love with my best friend, who is in love with my other friend, tsk. Que horror, when will this end?

Teaser: "That's it Teddy, that's my final descision"

"Well, you said it, case closed"