Bright Lights

An X-men Evolution fanfic by Lavender Gaia

Editing and Assistance by Laine

Chapter One: Beginning

First draft: April 17, 2005—April 21, 2005

Disclaimer: I do not own X-men Evolution or any of its characters. They are all property of Marvel.

Note: Age wise the New Mutants are roughly 19; Kurt, Kitty and Rogue are roughly 20; Angel is roughly 21; and Jean and Scott are roughly 22. It's about three years after the end of the series, but the only prediction by Apocalypse that has come true is Magneto helping out with the kids, meaning, yes, Jubes and Rahne are back (though they will not have major parts in this story during my current mindset).

"Whew, last box!" Tabitha said as she dropped the cardboard parcel on the floor and wiped off the sweat that had gathered on her forehead.

"Yeah, but now we have to unpack," Amara wrinkled her nose. "That's the worst part!"

"At least we don't have to move any furniture," the blonde sighed, flopping on the couch. "How's the kitchen coming, Rogue?"

"Almost done." She poked her head over the island into the living room. "Remind meh again why Ah agreed to come early to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms."

"Because you said you'd have cleaned every place in the building if it meant not having to drive here with Kitty," Amara said, setting up some of the knick knacks on the shelves of the dining room.

"Which I totally don't understand," Kitty retorted from behind the television where she was setting up the satellite dish and TiVo. "I'm an awesome driver."

"Ah still remember when you were learning. It's scarred me for life."

Shadowcat rolled her eyes. "Anyway, TV, DSL, and phone are all set up."

"We're lucky we have such a techie geek in the house," Tabitha stretched from her position on the sofa.


"It was a compliment, Kitty. Alright, I'm gonna get started unpacking the kitchen."

Amara put a few picture frames on top of the mantle. "I'll keep going out here."

"C'mon, Kit. We've got enough stuff for our room; we might as well start now." Rogue took her friends arm and started pulling her towards their bedroom.

"Tell us again why you two get the master bedroom," Tabitha requested.

"We're older and this was originally supposed to be our apartment before we generously offered to let you live with us after the Professor found out the last place here had already been sold," Kitty said.

"Oh, right. Carry on then."

Kitty and Rogue quickly divided the closet and drawers, then filled them up with their junk. It was work of only a few minutes before they began personalizing the new space. The southern girl looked over her roommates shoulder at a picture she was staring at and sighed. "Why do you have that?"

She traced her finger along the wooden frame. "Why can't I have it? I like this picture." Kitty stared back at herself from the photo, one arm around Lance. It had been her senior prom.

"You were the one who was so adamant about moving on and having a new beginning. If Ah remember correctly, he broke up with you."

"Doesn't mean I love him any less." She set the frame down on her nightstand. "I like just have to get over this in my own way, ok? Thanks though."

"No problem, Kitty. But if Ah hear you cryin' in the middle of the night one more time, Ah'm going over to the Brotherhood house to beat the crap outta him," Rogue punctuated the statement by punching her new mattress.

Kitty laughed. "I appreciate it. I think."

The doorbell rang. "Ah'll get it. You finish up in here. Ah know at least two of those boxes have to have shoes in them." Rogue walked out into the great room and opened the door.

A handsome man stood smiling in the hallway. "You're supposed to check the peephole first. They make them for a reason."

"Warren? Uh, c'mon in. And please, as if anyone at that door would be a match for us. What are ya doin here?"

He laughed. "I heard from Xavier that some of my former teammates had moved to my fair city and I thought I'd welcome you here. There's a great deli down the street, so I picked up lunch for you all."

"Food?" Tabitha got up from the floor of the kitchen. "You really are an angel."

Rogue poked her head back in the bedroom. "Hey, Warren brought over some lunch."

Kitty wiped the few tears that were falling down her face. "Great! I'll be right there."

Amara opened the top off a tray. "These sandwiches look excellent."

"Four different kinds of chips!" Tabitha exclaimed. "Warren Worthington III, you are a man after my own heart."

"Sandwiches? And what did you bring me, Mr. Angel?" Kitty questioned.

He held up another plastic bag. "Salad and garlic bread."

"You're the best," she kissed his cheek. "So what brings you here anyway?"

"Well, I figured you probably hadn't gone grocery shopping yet and you were probably hungry. I took the next few days off, figured I could show everyone around." He bit into a ham sandwich. "Besides, I'm having a party tomorrow and thought you'd like to come."

The girls were silent until Rogue spoke up. "Correct me if Ah'm wrong, but aren't ya'll's parties kinda fancy. Amara might, but Ah don't have anything to wear to that sorta thing."

"Oh, it's not that kind of party. Just some of my friends from college. No executives or CEOs, I promise. Since you'll probably be seeing them around campus anyway, it's good to get to know some people ahead of time, no?"

"I think it's a great idea!" Kitty chimed in. "Will there be dancing?"

"With you there, there'll have to be."

"And don't you forget it!"

The doorbell rang again. Once more, Rogue got up to get it, looking through the peep hole just to satisfy their guest. "Hey, Scott."

He came through the door once she'd opened it. "Hi, girls. Oh, hey, Warren. What are you doing here?"

"Just eating lunch with four of the most beautiful ladies in New York City," he stood to shake Scott's hand.

"Did you miss us already, Scott?" Tabitha drawled. "We're only two floors up."

"Not exactly. I just wanted you to know if there was anything you wanted me to pick you up from the grocery store while I'm there."

"How do you have time to go to the store already?" Amara demanded.

"I unpacked all my clothes and Jean said she'd handle the rest. Telekinesis is a wonderful thing," He grinned.

"Are you and Mrs. Summers having fun playing house?" Kitty asked while Tabitha drew up a short list.

"It's great so far. We're really getting along, sharing chores. I love it."

"Just wait till the sun sets. Bet you'll love it even more then," the blonde smirked as she handed over the list.

Scott rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of a blush to be detected on his cheeks. "Tab, this is all junk food." Not seeing the point, she didn't reply, causing him to sigh. "Whatever. Oh, and Amara, I think you'd better check on your boyfriend. When I went over there, they were having some problems."

Amara groaned. "Let me go call Bobby. See you later Scott."

The fearless leader let himself out as she got on the phone. "Hi, Bob. Uh huh. Ok…why is Ray screaming? Please tell me Kurt being on fire is a figure of speech. Ok, ok, tell Sam to hold on while I ask her. Hey, Kitty, could you go over there? The boys are having some technical difficulties."

Through the phone they could all hear Ray screaming. "I didn't do it! Whatever he told you was a lie! Lies I tell you!"

She rolled her eyes. "Tell them I'll be over in a sec, they're just two apartments down."

"Bobby? Did you hear that? Ok. Alright. I'm gonna let you go. Call or come over if there's any trouble. I love you too. Bye." She hung up. "Don't worry Rogue, they managed to put out the fire on your brother."

"That's comforting. How—No, no, actually Ah don't wanna know."

"Wise decision," Tabitha agreed through a mouthful of chips.

Warren grinned. "Looks like the city just got a bit more hectic with ten new mutants here."

"Well, we do tend to bring chaos and destruction wherever we go," Rogue said dryly.

"Hey, it's not that bad. We only destroyed part of what—a church—when we first met?" Angel asked.

"Something like that. Ah don't remember too much except to not be hundreds of feet in the air when the powers Ah stole run out." She looked at her savior. "Did Ah ever thank you for that?"

"If not you just did."

He had a point. "Alright then. Just remember, Ah owe you."

"Oh, I'll remember."

Tabitha got up from the dining room table. "Ah, thanks, Warren. That was awesome. I'm gonna get back to work now so I can relax the rest of the day."

Kitty came back a few minutes later, rolling her eyes. "Man, men can't do anything without us."

"I resent that," Warren said.

"Mr. I-have-two-maids-and-a-driver," Rogue snorted.

"…Point taken…"

Amara frowned from where she was figuring out how to hang the pictures on the walls. "Should I go over there?"

"Actually, yeah. Bobby was sort of hinting that he'd wanted you to come over as well," Kitty retook her place back at the table, crunching on a piece of garlic bread happily.

The princess sighed. "Tabs, when you unpack your stuff in the room and the bathroom, leave some space for me, ok?"

"Sure thing, roomie."

"I'll be back later, guys. Thanks again, Warren," Amara jogged down the plush blue carpet of the hallway to room 803, not even bothering to knock. "Hey, guys."

"You were supposed to knock," Ray said pointedly.

"Dude, its Amara," Bobby rolled his eyes. "She's my girlfriend. I was gonna get her a key anyway." He stood up and kissed her. "Hey, babe."

"Hey yourself. What are you guys doing?" She looked around at the big mess that should have been their living room.

"Remembering why it's such a good idea to label your boxes. And why it's a bad idea to mix contents, such as kitchen wear and shoes!" Kurt looked pointedly as Sam.

"Hey, it was an accident!"

Amara rolled her eyes. "Ok, everyone take a room, then we won't have two people in the same space at once. Kurt, you do the living room. Sam: Bathroom. Ray: Kitchen."

Bobby wrapped his arm around her waist. "And Amara and I'll take the bedroom." He kissed her neck lightly.

"But we'll be unpacking, right?"

"…Yes, dear." The five worked for about an hour, which was plenty of time to get the apartment looking better.

Ray had finished unpacking his things next to Bobby's in the room they shared. He went back out to the living room to make sure the DSL that Kitty had set up was working correctly. This gave his roommate and Amara a chance to be alone when they weren't working.

Bobby wrapped and arm around the princess's waist, gently pulling her to lay on the bed with him. They kissed for a moment before he just hugged her to his chest and sighed. "Man, this is amazing. I never thought this would happen."

She brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. "You didn't?"

"Well, kids always think that they'll grow up and go to a big school like Harvard and have a fantastic apartment and blar blar blar. But as you get older you start thinking about where you want to go for you, and finances start getting in the way and reality hits you. I'm living the dream: I have a great apartment with my friends that's paid for, I'm gonna go to a great school, and I have the most beautiful girl in the world to share it with," he kissed her again.

Amara smiled. "If you had told me a few years ago I'd be here, I'd have said you were nuts. I mean, most of this stuff I've only known for a few years. And I have you, so that makes me extra lucky."

He hugged her tighter. "Man, now I'm bumming myself out."


"Well, it's just that everything is so great now. It gives you this feeling that nothing'll be this good again, can't go anywhere but downhill."

She sat up and looked down at him. "Don't think that way. If anyone deserves this, it's all of us! It would be some sort of cruel joke if we had to experience any more pain."

Bobby pulled her down again and kissed her forehead. "When has that ever mattered?"

Jean Grey-Summers loved her balcony. She could already imagine romantic dinners out here with Scott as they watched the sunset. A sigh escaped her lips. They had waited two years to attempt college, and even though their marriage was holding strong and they had a wonderful opportunity ahead of them, she wasn't quite sure they were ready.

The apartment door opened, revealing her loving husband as he pushed the groceries inside using the cart supplied near the service elevator. "Honey, I'm home!"

She rolled her eyes at his corniness. "Hey, you. The shopping go well?"

"After I finally found a store. I'm starting to realize why they say not to drive anywhere in New York," He poked his head outside to give her a quick kiss. "You wanna help me put these away?"

"Sure." She sat down at the island counter, levitating things into the cabinets.

"Thanks, hon. The place looks great."

"It was fun," she replied honestly. "Hey, we're probably the only people with food, right? Well, why don't we invite everyone down? Classes are going to start soon and then we'll barely see each other. I don't want us to lose touch yet."

"We just moved in. I doubt we're going to lose touch on the first day," he laughed. "But go ahead. It'll be fun. We'll play boys vs. girls as we watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, just like back home."

She grinned, leaning over and kissing him firmly. "Thanks." She sent out a telepathic message to Kitty and Kurt: Do you guys want to come down and hang out? Just show up if you do, everyone's welcome. Jean blinked, releasing the hold on their minds. "I sent the messages down."

About a minute later, the doorbell rang. "C'mon in!" Scott told whoever was at the door.

All nine of their friends came in. "Warren!" Jean grinned at the sight of her winged friend. "What are you doing here?"

"Hanging out, like you offered. It's good to see you Jean," he kissed her cheek. "Or should I say Mrs. Summers."

The redhead grinned and examined the diamond ring on her finger. "Either will do."

The eleven teammates settled in the living room and the talk got to be about college. "What's everyone studying anyway?" Kurt asked.

"Let's make this easier," Ray decided. "Everyone who doesn't have a clue raise their hands." He did so, followed by Rogue, Bobby, Sam and Kurt.

"You guys really don't know what you want to study?" Kitty asked, flabbergasted.

"Yeah, well, what are you studying?" Bobby wondered.

"Computer science!"

Scott rolled his eyes. "That was an easy one. What I want to know is what you're planning to study, Tabitha."

The blonde girl grinned. "Fashion!"

They remembered the "dress" she had worn to the Sadie Hawkins dance, so decided just to smile and nod politely. "That's, um, nice, Tabby," Jean started, desperate to change the subject. "What about you, Warren? What have you been up to?"

"Another easy one," Rogue explained. "Business."

"She's right. I'm going to take over the family business one day, might as well know what I'm doing," Warren stretched his wings out. "What about you, Scott?"

"I was thinking about going into Education. High school science or PE. Maybe both, like Mr. McCoy."

Amara, Bobby and Ray burst out laughing. "Y-You! A teacher?" Bobby managed to choke out before roaring louder, clutching his sides.

"Scott is not a bad teacher!" Jean protested. "We got you to listen didn't we?"

"Only after shooting at me with your eyes!" Bobby exclaimed. "Not exactly allowed to do that in the public school system."

Scott frowned at the group of his former students. "Yes, but I wouldn't be teaching a room full of students. Meaning no one is going to set their handouts on fire," he glared at Amara.

"Or create an ice statue of themselves so they can skip class!" Jean reminded Bobby angrily, only sending the three into more fits of laughter as they high-fived each other.

"I missed this!" Tabitha gaped. "Man, I would have paid to see that!"

"Anyway," Kitty interrupted. "What are you studying, Jean?"

"Genetics," she replied simply. "I want to really know what this whole mutant thing is about. The world needs someone studying it that won't be biased and will basically know what they're going through. I'll be my own research project."

Rogue nodded respectfully. "That sounds nice Jean. It's a good field for you."

The redhead blinked in surprise. "Thanks, Rogue. Ok, Amara, your turn."

"Well, I was born into my job. So I'm studying government and international relations while I'm here. I want to learn as much as I can before I go back." Amara smiled lightly. "I want to be a good ruler for my people, no matter how different our ways may be from my life here."

Kitty noticed the way Bobby tensed up as her friend mentioned Nova Roma and sent an encouraging smile in his direction. "So, uh, Kurt. You don't have any idea of what you want to do?"

He shrugged. "Well, I know I want to work with people. But that's about it."

The group thought for a while before Scott got an idea. "Why don't you be a social worker? You'll help a lot of people. It's a pretty thankless job, but so is being an X-man, so you should be used to it."

"That's a good idea," Rogue agreed. "Ah mean, you know a lot of people that went through the process. You had foster parents yourself."

"Except my social services was a river," he recalled. "But you're right. I like the idea of helping kids find a place to belong, where they'll really be loved. I'm going to look in to that. Thank you."

"Alright, they're all set," Amara smirked and poked her boyfriend. "What about you, mister?"

"Uhhh…" Bobby replied intelligently. "Ray, what about you?"

The other boy shrugged. "Not a clue."

The Iceman thought this over. "You could always be an electrician."

"As soon as you make snow cones for a living."

"Hey, that's not a bad idea!"

Amara elbowed him in the stomach. "Bobby!"

"Ow…it was a joke…unless you went for it…" He sighed. "Look, I'm not sure what I wanna do yet. I'll just do the core classes and explore a little. Unlike some of you," he shot a look towards Kitty and Jean, "I didn't take all AP classes."

"So, we'll just figure out what we wanna do as we go along, and ya'll can do your studies the way you want to," Sam agreed.

Rogue was glad no one had asked her. She was as clueless as the rest of them. "So…uh…you got your TV set up without Kitty?"

Jean nodded and picked up the remote with her TK. "Yeah, it wasn't that big of a deal. Here, let's see what's on."

The large television came to life as they watched for anything special as Jean flipped through the channels. "This is Trish Peterson with channel 10 breaking news. A large fire has broken out at P.S. 105. Students are still trapped on the upper floors. The NYPD and FDNY urge parents not to panic, as they are doing whatever they can to put out the fire."

Everyone stared at the television in shock. "Those poor kids…" Amara whispered.

Jean watched her husband get up and walked towards the bedroom. "Scott, where are you going?"

"Jean, we may not be in Bayville anymore, but I'm still an X-man. And I have a duty to save those kids." He shrugged. "You don't have to come, but...they don't deserve this and I want to help them."

His wife kissed his cheek softly. "Come on, I know where I packed our uniforms."

The two left the room, leaving their friends sitting in silent before Rogue spoke up. "Well," she smirked. "What are ya'll waitin' for? We wanted adventure in our new lives, right?"

"This is going to be one of those 'Be careful what you wish for' things mixed with a 'You can never truly escape your past/who you are meant to be' thing, isn't it?" Ray asked Sam with a sigh.



A/N: Hey, everyone! New series featuring most of my favorite characters. Don't worry, I will be bringing other people in. It's not just these guys, since that would be kinda boring. As for ten college students having great apartments in New York City…well…Their mentor is a rich telepath and this is fanfiction, so it is allowed to have convenient plot devices.

If anyone can think of majors for the ones who are without, let me know! I'm considering accounting for Bobby (I'm pretty sure that's what his comic job was), but I'm totally lost on the others, besides Sam. You'll find out about that later though.

As for pairings…well, obviously Jean and Scott are together. That's a given. Bobby and Amara are dating as well. For anyone that is horribly distraught at Lance and Kitty, all you have to do is check my profile to see how I feel about that couple. ((In other words, don't worry about it.)) I'm gonna be experimenting with different couples in this, so if you have any suggestions or guesses, just put it in a review!

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