Well. I don't even know what I'm writing here . . .

Oh well, here goes nothing.

It seems that Emily is leaving fanfiction. For good, apparently. This has become apparent by the three (and counting) author alerts I just got, containing her sincerest apologies about her departure. And whilst I understand this, it's just . . . REALLY upsetting.

Don't make her feel guilty. She's a really brilliant writer, and a completely beautiful person. You really have no idea how good a friend she's been to me. It's so weird, to think that some of my most favourite people in the world are people that I've never met in my life, but are people I feel I know so thoroughly. And seriously, I admire her for how committed she is to her studies. I wish I had that commitment.

But I guess that this also means the end (or in the very least, hiatus) of Camp Happy Face.

Maybe if we get chattin' again, we'll update it. I really don't know. It IS a roleplay story after all.

I have no idea what's going on. Whatever happens though, we wish Em all the best because she's provided us with the best bunch o' laughs, right?

And something that I really shouldn't be making public, but what the hell.

I, Lolly, have some major self esteem issues. Seriously. Not a week goes by where I don't cry. Sometimes I'm known to cry almost every day. It's disgusting. A lot of the time, I'm pretty unhappy with myself. Meh. Mood swings. We all have 'em.

But when I've been REALLY miserable, Em's been there. She's been there to get appropriately mad when I'm bashing myself again (not literally, haha.) And she's just . . . totally supportive. Seriously, she's a real gem.


Emily, I love ya.

We all do.

We'll miss Dyslexic Disturbances, 1800-Secrets, the almighty SW/Mediator Crossover, and just . . . you in general.

Hahaha – we'll miss the General in general.

Yeah, I'm so funny NOT.

Sigh . . . golly, Em. This was so SUDDEN.

Oh well. What did I want to say again?

Oh yeah:

Camp Happy Face is officially on hiatus, pending discussion.


Lolly, tearful.