Title: Perfect Blue

Author: Tristripe (Tri)

Pairing: Killua/Gon

Rating: M…just to be safe.

Disclaimer: I do not own the character, if you try to sue me I will never write again.

Fic Warning: Violence, gore, sex, nonconsensual sexual situations, Hisoka…

Chapter Warning: K+ for sexual situations? Sadistic behavior O.o

A/N: I dunno…I wanted to write a multi-part fic for this pairing. Even though Kurapica is my favorite Hunter X Hunter character, the pairing of Killua and Gon is just too juicy not to take advantage of. They just…flow…so well together. The two of them are Just. Too. Cute!

Now this is a couple of years in the future, the boys being nice healthy teenagers. So this is not shota.

Special thanks to Msmanga who told me to stop whining and just write.


Before, there was nothing.

All he knew was loneliness, years of boredom for a lifestyle he did not care for nor wanted. He possessed great potential and skill, he was told numerous times, the perfect specimen for the chosen Zaoldyeck heir. A genius, one might surmise, which explained how he could excel in something that he found no interest in. There wasn't even a goal that he wanted to reach; he just could. It was easy. Boring. Redundant. Absolutely desolate. So like a game that had been won too many times to count, he wanted to stop, try something new. Something exciting and different.

It was not that he even cared for anyone else, nor did it matter whether or not his life was put in jeopardy. He had been taught that life had no value. As long as there was life, there was death. No grand purpose, no fateful design, no meaning to existence.

There was nothing, just emptiness that had no end.

So utterly dull.

These very same traits were what made him, Killua Zaoldyeck, the perfect assassin. It was because death bored him, he felt neither hatred nor exhilaration during the act of murder. It did not matter whether the kill was clean or absolutely gory. However, he had been taught by the best of the best, so when he stuck it was clean and thorough, leaving the victim irreversibly dead with a perplexed look in their unseeing eyes. The victims never see it coming, never know what hit them, or even if they were hit. There was just death, and bottomless eyes silently watching as they fell. The perfect weapon, the perfect puppet.

Such an apt pupil.

But that was the before, when there was nothing.

Before Gon, who now was everything.

"You're obsessed, you know."

Killua started, blinking at the computer monitor screen he had been staring blindly at. The bedroom lights were all off, and glancing at the digital clock sitting atop the small wooden cupboard he winced at the discovery that it was after three in the morning. The light blue glow from the computer spread across the dark room, lazily illuminating the figure on the bed who was propped up on one elbow and giving him an exhausted glare. Turning back to the monitor, he groaned at the little animated hero that had been slain

Biting his lip, he guided the small cursor to the Restart button. If he tried again he would beat his previous record score.


His finger froze in mid-click on the mouse. Slowly he looking over his shoulder, noticing that now the person on the bed was sitting up straight, brows knotted in an annoyed frown, dark hair that reflected the blue from the computer stuck out at odd ends. Killua beamed nervously, "Just one more try, Gon. I'm close to a new record! I promise I'll come back once I get there!"

The young man on the bed snorted, "Liar. We have to be up in a couple of hours, and you haven't left that game since we got back last night! You're obsessed!"

"But I'm almost there!" he whined childishly, and was not prepared when his pillow came smashing right into his face, knocking him off his seat, and nearly upturning the table, computer and all. Sneezing away a stray feather that had escaped from the pillow, he found Gon grinning down at him.

A declaration of war, one that Killua was going to answer head on.

He charged from the floor, leaping onto the bed and driving Gon down by the shoulders, coming to hover over his slighter friend. He squeezed dominantly onto those firm tanned shoulders and leered, quite happy that he had gotten the upper hand so early on in their battle. However, after a few seconds of silence, Killua realized that there was no fight, and that his slighter friend was still grinning at him. He had expected a mighty struggle, one that involved at least one bloody nose and swarms of feathers that had burst from the pillows that would have used as weapons and shields and ammunition against each other. He had not even received a pointy elbow in his midsection!

"What? Giving up?" he asked, not allowing his surprise bring his guard down, instead putting more pressure down on the other. Though superior in strength, Killua knew never to underestimate his friend, who was by no means lacking in tricks to put himself at an advantage. Even when Gon was twelve, with no training in speak of, he had shown an innate talent in fighting skills, whether it was in physical strength or in his strategy in battle. After all, the other always seemed to end up facing a much superior fighter. One might surmise that Gon was a genius in fighting, just as Killua was a genius at killing. And through their years together they had grown in skill and power at an alarming rate, but thus was the fate of such prodigies.

From beneath him, Gon snickered, and even in the dark Killua could detect a rare mischievous light in those brown eyes.

Knowing that he was being mocked, Killua twisted the other youth onto his stomach, grasping a tanned arm, and pulling up until he heard a pained grunt from his captive. Crouching down, he asked lowly into the Gon's ear, "Had enough?"

"Killua," came the equally soft reply, "I won." A light chuckle.

He blinked, and loosened his painful grip, unconsciously running his fingers over the sore muscles of the limb he had abused, before tangling his hand into Gon's black hair and shoving his friend's face into a pillow. He watched in amusement as his friend tried to jerk back, flaying his arms and legs about in a vain attempt to get some air. Killua waited, keeping a firm hold down and counted to twenty before an extremely frustrated screech came from the smothered face.

Draping himself over the writhing body, he pressed his longer legs down on kicking ones, a hand snagging one beating fist and holding it down against the sheets, his head dipping down to area right below the hairline. Once he was in total control, he slowly let his gripping fingers in the other's hair go limp, and held firm when Gon's head shot up with a loud gasp, cheeks red from exertion, and eyes infuriated.

"Killua!" Gon shouted, sounding deliciously out of breath.

Killua grinned, nuzzling the fine soft hairs on Gon's neck and asked, "Who did you say won?" He was getting excited, and he pressed his hips down onto Gon's rear, making sure that his friend was very aware of it.

The other shifted uncomfortably, and let out a self-suffering sigh.

"What? Don't I get a prize?" asked Killua, letting go of Gon's arm and running his hands appreciating along the his friend's sides. When his hands went seeking beneath the blue undershirt to touch the strong flesh there, he felt the Gon shiver and take a sharp breath. In response, he blew at the other's neck. "It your not going to give me my prize…perhaps I should just take it, hmm?" he said suggestively, grinding his lower body down.

At this Gon twisted abruptly, catching Killua unprepared, managing to grab his face and bring it crashing down into a very thorough kiss. Killua closed his eyes, molding his lips with the other's, his tongue seeking entrance that was accepted, drowning in the warm, wet, and familiar feeling that was totally Gon, and only Gon. With one arm balancing him over his friend, he allowed the other to go downward to stroke at one muscular thigh, trying to coax it open so that more sensual playing other than kissing could be initiated.

Instead, Gon pulled away, and Killua nearly hissed in frustration, unwilling to stop when things were just starting to heat up.

"Killua…" said Gon, turning his head to the side to avoid any more kisses.

"Whaaat?" He couldn't help the whine that escaped from him. Gon was so cruel sometimes!

"I got you off the computer."

Killua froze, staring down at the triumphant look on his friend's face.

"I won!" chirped Gon, pushing the now paralyzed Killua off and to the side. "And I say its time to sleep!"

Killua lay still as Gon fluffed up his pillow then pulled the sheets over the two of them, snuggling into the mattress. He blinked at the happy smile pulling at his friend's lips, and could not help but smile affectionately. Rolling onto his stomach, he cradled his head on his arms, not wanting to get out of bed to retrieve his fallen pillow that was still laying on the floor next to the desk. Glancing back at Gon, he brought one arm out to drape over the other's slim waist.

"We're not kids anymore, Gon," he whispered, shifting his head on one curled arm and closing his eyes.

Gon said nothing in return, simply pressing himself closer.

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