When Squall gets amnesia, and forgets everything, even Rinoa, Quistis gets put in charge to look after him. "The only one he remembers its you... This is your chance to get what you've always wanted..." QUALL/SQUINOA

"When do you think he'll be back?" Rinoa asked quietly, from the seat beside the blonde. The teacher's lounge was practically deserted, except for the three women, the empty room was a rare sight, but was always good for conversations that were meant to be kept secret.

Quistis looked up rather lazily from her paperwork that Selphie was reading from behind her. She smiled reassuringly, "He'll be back soon. They said the mission would only take a week. Why? Miss him already?" She teased lightly, despite the minor pangs of jealousy in her heart.

The young ex-Sorceress blushed almost shyly. "Yeah." Selphie peered over the blonde's shoulder.

"Whatcha doing?" She asked, curiously trying to start a conversation.

"Paperwork." Quistis said, trying to stifle a yawn.

"Pull an all nighter?" Rinoa asked, the blonde nodded.

"The reports are due this Friday, I need to get them done." She paused, looking at the clock. "You should get going, your classes start in ten minutes. Don't wait for me, I've got a spare."

"You sure?" Selphie asked quietly.

"Yes, now get going - you don't want your students walking out on you." She answered not even bothering to look up from the paperwork.

"Okay. We'll see you later. Bye!" Said Rinoa cheerfully, waving as she left.

She watched them leave, smiling. Rinoa had grown up so much, she was very mature now days and her and Squall had been going steady for a good year now. She still felt slightly jealous but had always managed to put it aside telling herself he would be happier with Rinoa rather than her.

Selphie, Selphie, Selphie. Well, she was engaged to none other than the play boy cowboy himself, Irvine. No surprises there, really. She had seen that coming for quite a while and was not surprised when he just dropped down on one knee and proposed to her in front of the whole school a few weeks ago.

And she... well, she was still alone. But, she kept herself busy so she wouldn't constantly bring it up in the back of her subconscious mind. She sighed getting back to her seemingly endless paper mound.

"Hey!" She nearly jumped out of her skin when Selphie called to her from the doorway. "They're back!" She smiled, it wasn't a very dangerous mission, it was just to escort a high ranking person for Deling to Balamb, but she still got worried when her students left for missions. ...Especially him.

"You coming?" Selphie asked impatiently, tapping her foot, nearly wanting to rush there without the instructor to go see her fiancee.

"Alright, alright. I'm coming." She stacked her files neatly before following the excited brunette who was almost bouncing off the walls in sheer ecstasy. She walked calmly through the corridors taking time to assure herself of any fears of students going missing or anything horrible happening.

Soon, she caught sight of the Ragnarok's shiny red hull, and lost sight of Selphie as she blended in the with the small crowd of students and teachers. The students exited the ships gracefully (after all, what else would you expect from a SeeD?)

The crowd cheered, and she smiled as she saw Selphie tackle/hug her husband as he approached - and promptly smack him as he waved to a girl in the crowd. Then there was Squall... looking genuinely confused with a person on either side of him.

The blonde furrowed her brow as she saw Rinoa approach him, he didn't embrace her like he usually did. Most of the time, when he came back from any mission even if it was just a day, he would push through anyone in his way to get to her... What stopped him this time.

She was far away, but could just barely tell he was saying something to the people beside him, the next thing she knew Rinoa was hurdling through the crowd in the opposite direction of him, looking incredibly hurt.

"What? Rinoa-" She called to her, but the girl just flew by. She looked back from where the girl had come from. What was going on? The blonde patiently waited for the crowd to disperse before moving forward to him angrily. After all they had been through, she bet he had done something stupid and brushed her off. It would have been typical of him, saying something careless to her and not have giving it another thought.

Just as she was reaching him, she was pulled to the side. She looked to the offender who pulled her away from her potential target. "Cid," She said somewhat surprised; she looked at his worried facial expression. "What's wrong? Is everything alright?" She asked concerned.

The headmaster gestured for her to step into the hallway. "Whatever I tell you, please keep it quiet from everyone else. I will tell them soon. Promise me, alright?"

She nodded, getting a general sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Squall..." He trailed off sighing. "The boy has amnesia. He got a blow to the head while protecting another one of the students from a monster. The only things he seems to remember are Gunblade skills, magic, summons..." He paused again, looking straight into her eyes. "And you."

She literally stopped breathing. "What?" She finally managed to choke out. Then, she started laughing nervously. "This must be a joke." The blonde said, his face remained serious. "W-Why me?" She asked quietly. "Why not Rinoa?"

"You can't choose who you forget, my dear." A voice said, from behind Cid.

"Matron..." Quistis said softly. "Isn't there anything you can do?" The older woman shook her head.

"I have a favour to ask of you, something only you can do." Edea said calmly. "We need you to go with him, away from the Garden. There are too many distractions here, we have reserved areas in Windhill for you to stay. If you take him there, he is bound to remember something. We've already told the students he is on a important mission and you are his partner."

This was a lot to take in. "But-"

"Please, you're the only one who can get him to remember. ...Don't you want him to remember?" Cid asked, pleadingly.

No. She thought inwardly. "...What have you told him?" She asked quietly.

Edea smiled bitterly. "We tried to explain his name, where he lived... but he wanted to see you."

She looked to the people who practically raised her, and was forced to give in. She nodded, "Break it to her gently." She said wording the words carefully.

Cid let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you so much, child." He clapped her on the shoulder before leaving. Only Edea remained as Quistis turned to go.

"The only one he remember is you, you can rewrite things the way you want them to happen, so he only remembers you but, be careful." She warned. "History is bound to repeat itself even if the memories are gone, my dear." She placed something in the blonde's hands before leaving her to think about what she was said.

After watching the woman retreat, she opened her hands cautiously, and managed a bitter smile. Forget-me-nots.

How ironic.

She took a deep breath. She could do this, she would do this. If not for Squall than for Rinoa... who loved him even more than she did. "Quistis!" The blonde jumped at the sound of her name.

Selphie skidded to a halt in front of her, breathless. "Did you hear what happened?" She asked, panting. "Rinoa, oh gosh, she said that when she went to see Squall, he didn't even know her name! That's so weird! What do you think?"

Quistis paused a moment, "I'm sure everything's fine. He's probably just exhausted from the mission." The announcement beeped interrupting her.

"Instructor Trepe to the Headmaster's Office."

Selphie looked up confused. "It's probably just the reports that are due," Quistis lied. "I'll be back soon." Selphie nodded, giving a small wave.

Slowly, she made her way to the elevator. Edea was right; she had him in the palm of her hands. If her only remembered her... she could have her second chance, he would love her and only her... No. She shook her head. She couldn't do that. Squall was Rinoa's. Always and forever.

The blonde walked into the elevator. It was mission she was being sent on. Missions didn't involve feelings. Especially this one. She couldn't let her feelings be dominant in this mission... it could ruin everything.

Yet, if she took the chance... it could change everything... and maybe, just for once, Quistis Trepe wouldn't be alone... No! She pushed the thought to the back of her head again. She needed to get over him. He was in love with someone else. Plain and simple. He would never be hers.

The elevator stopped with a jerk. she took another deep breath; and made her way to Cid's office. It was complete silence, and she could hear her boots clicking down the hallway. She came to a stop at the door.

The only thing standing in her way of getting to Squall, Cid and Edea was the door. The only thing standing in her way from moving on was her unrequited love. The only thing standing between her Squall was emotions. The only thing standing in her way from making him love her... was of now herself.

She pushed the door open. Cid was standing behind his desk with his loyal wife to his side; Squall was standing in the middle. "Quistis, please come in." Cid said, beckoning her in. She hesitantly walked in and stood beside Squall.

"You have accepted the task of accompanying Squall while he tries to remember?" Cid asked.

"Yes." She whispered, barely audible. They looked expectedly at her. "Yes." She repeated louder.

Cid nodded. "You will leave at 5:00 tomorrow. Pack tonight and meet us here tomorrow. Squall, please accompany Quistis to her room." Squall nodded, he seemed to know that Cid was in charge and didn't argue.

Squall walked with her to the elevator. "Squall, what exactly do you remember?" Quistis asked quietly.

He looked up her, "Basic things... I don't know.. everything's blank. They told me I have amnesia." She nodded. "I don't remember anything else. I remember you, though. There's so many things I don't know." He quietly.

Quistis was trying not to stare. This was the most she had ever heard him talk. It was out of character of him... it suddenly hit her. He wasn't cold, and he wasn't in his shell because he didn't have any memories of being abandoned; which meant this new Squall would be different from the old anti-social one.

"What is this place? Where am I?" Squall asked, as the elevator door opened; looking around curiously.

"This Balamb Garden... it's a school." She watched as Squall almost stared in awe at everything. She frowned, this wouldn't look good. People would know something was up if they saw the ex-commander staring like it had never seen this place before.

"I'll explain later." Quistis said, "Follow me." He walked beside her obediently as she made her way to her dorm. She sighed in relief when they got into her dorm.

"Why did all those people have weapons?"

"This is a mercenary school," Quistis explained slowly.

"They kill people?!" Squall exclaimed, alarmed.

Quistis sighed before explaining about SeeDs and the garden.

Squall shifted in his seat; "... Who am I? They told me my name was Squall Leonheart... I don't know anything. Where I was born, what I was doing before... How old am I?"

Quistis smiled bitterly, sitting beside him. "No one's really sure where you were born. It was most likely in Windhill; that's where we're going to tomorrow. Before this, you were commander of the garden for while, and before that you were a SeeD, and I was your instructor. Let's see... what else.." She paused a moment. "You're 18 years old... you use a Gunblade. What else do you want to know?"

Everything, he thought dryly to himself. "My parents... do you know who they were?" He asked quietly.

She took a deep breath. "Your mother died soon after you were born, and your father is president of Esthar."

"Why don't I live with him then... why am I here?"

You're here because you're madly in love with Rinoa. She didn't say that though. "You never got along well with your father, and I suppose the reason you're here is because you want to be."

Squall nodded slowly. "I don't understand why I only remember you..."

She felt a slight pang of hurt. " I don't understand either." She whispered.

He was silent before his next question, he seemed to debated in his mind before actually saying it aloud. "Was I in love with you?"

The next answer would change her life.