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-Connie's POV-

Everyone else has already gone to bed, but I can't sleep. For starters the house keeper didn't change my sheets this morning, so I know they're the same ones everything happened on last night. And while it was okay to spend the night on them yesterday, today is another question. Though even if I had a clean bed to crawl up in, I wouldn't. It's hard to sleep when your head is full.

I tuck my sketch pad under my arm, gather my pencils, slip my feet into my flip flops, and quietly escape the suite without bothering anyone. The halls of the hotel are basically deserted with everyone either out on the beach partying as the Luau wares into the wee morning hours, or tucked safely in bed while the sounds of the water crashing gently on the rock lulls them to sleep. I worry for a second what would happen if Taylor or Alex catch me out of the room, but then relax when I realize for them to tell my Dad, they'd first have to admit they themselves were out after hours.

There's a sofa in the lobby. A richly upholstered one that's stuffed to almost bursting, and before I know it, I'm seated on it, pad open and pencil poised. But what to draw? Without warning my hand takes off on its own, the tip of my pencil dancing across the paper as the sketch reveals itself to me bit by bit. Round pinchable cheeks, strong pudgy nose and a mischievous smile set on kissable lips. Charlie, ever lurking in my subconscious.

"Couldn't sleep either, huh?" His voice shatters my tranquility, and I sigh. So much for lurking in my subconscious...he seems to be lurking anywhere I am, in general.

I shake my head without looking up from my sketchbook, trying to get the creases around his eyes just right, while also trying to shield the drawing from his view with my body. "No, I just couldn't get comfortable in that bed."

I don't look up to see him nod, but his shadow, which had fallen over me earlier, is visible, and I see his gesture in it. "Yeah, I've been thinking about us...and last night a lot too."

How he knows the real reason for my sleeplessness if beyond me. A lucky guess or the same cosmic connection we've always shared, I'm not sure. All I know is I don't want to think about it, and I really do not want to think about last night. What I want to do is just sit here and sketch. I want to draw until my fingers are raw and my pencil is worn down to nothing but a nub.

With yet another sigh I raise my head and look at him, sleepy eyed, messy haired, clothes crumpled and barefoot. Gorgeous as always. There are now four things I hate. Coconut, black licorice, what's happened to Charlie and I, and the fact I'm falling more in love with him with each passing second. "I didn't say I was thinking about us, or last night."

"Can I sit?" He gestures to the spot on the sofa beside me and I nod before he does so. "Cons, I've been thinking about it every minute since I woke up this morning, how can you not be?"

I shut my drawing and set it on the small coffee table in front of us, closing my eyes tightly for a second to clear my head. I turn to him, pulling my legs up onto the cushion to face him fully. "What is there to think about, Charlie? Two life long friends were caught up in the romance and wonder of paradise and got carried away. They did something they both figured out afterward was a mistake, and they regret it. I'm sure it happens a lot. It's a pretty simple situation when you look back on it; no need to fret over it."

"I never said I thought it was a mistake, Connie; I wouldn't because I don't, and I don't think you do either. And I know you don't really believe it's a simple situation that there's no need to fret about. Especially when you're so obviously worrying about it as we speak."

"I am not worrying." I force an eye roll for effect.

"Oh no?"

"No, I'm not."

"Than why are you doing this?" I feel Charlie's strong hand cup mine and gently pry my fingers open. Clenched tightly in my fist is a ring my Grandfather gave me before he past away. Every time I'm upset, I squeeze it firmly in my hand until it leaves a mark on my palm and hurts to open or close. Most of the time, like now, I do it without even realizing it.

I look at our hands, Charlie's thumb rubbing the sore spot on my palm and suddenly I smile. I don't know why, but I can not hold it in. My best friend smiles back, moving his fingers down to my wrist. His hand closes around it and pulls my arm gently until my palm is just centimeters from his mouth. In the blink of an eye he's pressed his lips to my aching hand and instantly the pain fades away.

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