Fanfic: Naruto

Title: Are you the one making me feel this way?

Genre: Romance-Drama

Story: After Sakura's death, Sasuke never knew what to do with his life. He wanted to remain by himself forever. But what happens when he meets Hinata Hyuuga. SasuHina all the way!

Written By: firewindgurl

AU: Hey! This is my first fanfic on Naruto! I really love this show and it has so many wonderful plots! I know in the anime, Hinata and Sasuke don't really like each other, but I really like the couple. You could say I started liking this couple because of reading fanfics about them. They're stories made me start liking the pairing! It was so wonderful. If you want to check out their stories, just check out my fave authors page and click on it. Love their stories lotz. I love all sorts of Hinata pairings, the only thing I am picky about the SasuHina fanfics is the story and how the author writes to support the story. If it is just too cheesy, I don't really enjoy it, but if it is written really well and thought out, I would really go for it! Arigatou for reading and pleased read and review! All reviews welcome!

Oh yeah! This is set in present time Japan! Sorry to all Naruto fans, but it isn't in the Konoha village! Please forgive me!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto sobs


"Sasuke," said a sweet voice. She was fifteen years old with pink short hair and opened her green eyes slowly. She was lying in a hospital bed. Tubes were running through her arms and an oxygen mask was in her mouth. Her green eyes, tired and worried.

A fifteen year old boy with spikey black hair with black eyes was sitting on a chair near the hospital bed and after hearing his name he got up from it immediately. "Sakura!"

Sakura looked at the young man in front of her and she smiled warmly. She remembered when they first met. He was a cold person who only focused on being stronger. Of course, as they grew older, they began to develop a special bond. Of course it never got serious, but Sakura knew that the man in front of her was her one and true love.

"I thought you had left already," said Sakura as she looked at the fifteen year old. "Naruto is probably coming any moment now since he promised to come see me after he was done talking to Kakashi-sensei. Naruto's been so busy since we entered high school ne? I still remember the good childhood we shared together."

Sasuke fought back the anger as he only looked at her frail face. She was speaking through the oxygen mask and yet she didn't seem afraid to die or at least a bit nervous. He found it very amazing in his friend. Of course, Naruto would be the only person he knew after Sakura had left, but it just wasn't the same. Sakura knew him like how she knew her ABC's. They spent more time with each other than with all three of them together. Naruto could make friends so easily in highschool, that it was Sasuke who hated meeting new people. Truly, he did not want Sakura to die but it was destiny maybe. Sakura had been battling lung problems ever since she was a young baby. That's why she never fought in any fights during school. Of course she could yell and defend with her wits, but when it came to fighting, she was useless. Now there was nothing that Naruto and Sasuke could do to protect her in this situation.

"Why aren't you scared?" asked Sasuke as he watched Sakura," You're dying everyday and yet you don't whine about it." He found it to be very irritating if he was in her shoes.

Sakura giggled a bit," Sasuke, Sasuke. You never change after all these long years. When you know that you have a little time left to live, death changes a person so much. I have realized that I will be leaving this world with no regrets. I got to meet Naruto and you and spend such a wonderful childhood together with you guys. I won't ever forget it."

Sasuke noticed that the monitor on her condition began to go slower and slower. Beeping slower and slower by the minute each time she breathed.

"Please," said Sasuke, now looking on the ground," don't leave me." He said it quietly, but Sakura heard every word of it.

Sakura could feel herself blush like crazy! After all these years, Sasuke had actually shone feelings from his heart. Sakura felt so happy that she was the first one to witness it. If only she could witness more. But it couldn't be. A tear rolled down her cheek as she began to realize that she would never be able to love Sasuke like she had always wanted to in her dreams. Marriage. Kids. Family. All shattered away like broken glass.

"Sasuke? Could you come closer so I can tell you something?" asked Sakura.

Sasuke looked at Sakura and nodded. He bent towards her. Sakura slowly touched his face with her hands and then whispered in his ears. Knowing full well that now would be the last chance she would be able to ever speak to the man she loved so much ever since kindergarten.

"What ever awaits you in the future, I want you to know that even though I am gone, my happiness will always be your happiness. I truly loved you, Sasuke. I know that you only thought of me as a true friend, but it was only you. You, who I loved so much. So as I leave this world behind, I only want you to find that special person. That special person who will love you and make you feel most happiest than either your friends and I would ever make you feel. The one you truly love. Remember that I will always watch out for you, my love."

And those were her last words as Sakura passed away. Her lungs giving out to the pain that she had been facing all those years as a child. Now she was free of pain. Her only WISH was that Naruto and Sasuke would live good and happy lives. Even though she is gone, she knows that the memories she left behind with them will never be forgotten.

AU: Arigato for reading! Please read and review! I know this was a bit sad and Sakura had to go so fast in the story, but I wanted the person closest to Sasuke right now was of course the girl who loves him very much in the anime: Sakura! I don't like her very much, but she is an essential part to this story,so sasuhinata fans who don't like sakura, please don't get so angry. ;;