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Chapter 10:

Hinata opened her eyes at the sound of crackling wood and she stared at a small burning fire. She was on the ground. Hinata winced in pain as she tried to sit up, but she just lied back down.

"You shouldn't try to move yourself," said Sasuke, sitting across on the other side of the fire. He was staring at her.

"Oh, Sasuke," said Hinata, using no formalities anymore after what they had talked about earlier," What are you doing here?"

"I went after you when you fell," said Sasuke, coldly," Apparently you were lucky you didn't suffer any broken bones."

Hinata sighed in relief," That's good." She then winced again.

"I don't have any medicine with me," said Sasuke, still staring at her.

Hinata shook her head," That's fine, I have some with me. They were in my small backpack." She looked around her.

"Here," said Sasuke and he threw the black small backpack towards her as it hit the ground.

"Thank you," said Hinata, reaching for it. C'mon, try to get up. You need to sit up and reach for it. She suddenly felt warm arms around her, helping her to sit up. Hinata blushed and extended her arms further and got the backpack. "Thank you for helping me, Sasuke."

Sasuke shrugged and now just held onto her shoulder, to help her sit. Hinata opened her backpack and took out the special cream and bandages.

"I'll let you put it on yourself," said Sasuke, getting up and letting go of his hands. He then walked a few yards away and turned to the other way so she would feel comfortable when dressing her wounds.

Hinata nodded and she began to place on the cream. It stung a little, but there were so many cuts and bruises it took her an hour just to get them all covered.

"I'm done," said Hinata and Sasuke turned around and walked back. The only seeable bandage was one on her cheek and forehead and the rest were hidden by her clothes. Hinata placed her cream and bandage away. She sighed in relief that someone was with her and not by herself.

"Are you feeling better?" asked Sasuke, sitting next to her.

Hinata nodded and smiled," Yes. I'm glad that you are here with me now." She blushed as she spoke more," To tell you the truth, I wouldn't know what to do if I was by myself here. I would be really scared." She then yawned a bit. "Thank you Sasuke, for going after me. I really-"

"You don't need to thank me," said Sasuke, looking at the fire," I was just doing what I would do if someone else were in your situation. You are no different from Ino and the others."

Hinata nodded, understanding it all," I understand, Sasuke. I'm glad that you think of me as a friend."

"You are no friend," said Sasuke, he then turned to her. He saw Hinata's calm expression and he only got more confused, even though he didn't show it. He saw her calm lines on her face and her eyes weren't even shocked.

"I understand," said Hinata quietly. She looked at the fire.

"Are you always like that?" asked Sasuke, coldly," You hide your feelings away in a box and lock it up with a key. You don't want to let anyone see your weakness." He didn't like this girl one bit.

Hinata nodded as her eyes stared into the fire," That's true. I do hide them, but I do it because I don't want anyone to worry about me. Why worry for a person like me, when they can worry about someone who deserves their kindness." She was sad, but didn't want people to know. All her life, she was always rejected by her father. She grew up to have an understanding that she wasn't good enough for people. That's why it was so hard for her to make any friends. But after meeting Gaara's friends and being around them, she felt warm and happy.

Sasuke only looked at her still, trying to define her. What was she? Why did she act like that? She was the most interesting girl he had ever met. He never knew a girl to be so kind and caring that she would put others before herself. She was different, he knew that for sure. He could tell that there was more to this girl than the eye. However, this was why he didn't like her. They were too different.

Hinata suddenly started to cough uncontrollably as she covered her mouth. Her cheeks were turning red and she moved closer to the fire.

"Are you cold?" asked Sasuke, looking at her. He saw how now she had wrapped herself in her arms and her knees were bent.

Hinata nodded," A little, but it's okay-"

"Here," said Sasuke, he took off his gray jacket and held it out to her. Inside he wore a navy blue shirt. "Take my sweater."

Hinata looked at Sasuke and she stared into his onyx eyes. They looked cold and distant. As if he was hiding all of his emotions inside of himself. But she could totally tell that his eyes showed loneliness.

Just like Gaara.

Hinata, noticing that Sasuke was staring at her also as if waiting, looked away. She blushed embarrassingly and said," Um…no thank you. It's fine. You need it more than me. I already have this black sweater on." She then gave a small smile as she looked at the fire. It wasn't so big, but it wasn't so small either.

"Then I'll do it," said Sasuke. He then grabbed her shoulders and turned Hinata around to face him. He saw the astonished look in her eyes, but ignored it. He then, even though knowing she had bruises, placed it through her arms. He zipped the jacket up and then stopped touching her.

Hinata winced at his touch because of the pain, but after he was done putting it on her, she began to take it off.

"Here," said Hinata, smiling at his kindness he showed her earlier. "You're jacket is big enough to fit the both of us." She placed the other side of the jacket around him and then she scooted real close to him and placed the other side around her. She blushed at how close she was to him, but she knew she would never allow another person to get cold while she was warm.

Sasuke watched her in surprise as she and he were finally warm with the jacket, but especially because of her body heat. He suddenly felt all warm inside.

"I don't want you to get cold, so I thought we could share it," said Hinata, she yawned again and her eyes grew dreary," This was such a long day wasn't it?" She was still trying to keep awake though. She decided to stare at the fire to keep her senses up.

Sasuke looked at her and saw how tired she was. He was amazed by this girl because of her gentleness and kindness. It was so different from other girls and yet he never expected that she out of all people he met, he finally found a person who could make him feel warm inside.

Sasuke shook off the thought though. You don't know what you are getting yourself into. She belongs to Gaara, not a guy like you. She doesn't deserve you. The weird thing was that he couldn't understand why he was even thinking about Hinata. Sasuke looked away from her and he just stared at their surrounding. How were they ever going to get back?

"Hm," said Hinata, her eyes suddenly giving away to sleep and she didn't notice that she had leaned on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke, surprisingly, didn't care and just let her be.

Sasuke smirked though at her and he just continued to stare at the fire.

If there were words to describe this feeling

Would it be love or confusion?

I don't know if the fast pace of my heart

Is because of happiness or fear.

Sasuke suddenly became aware that they shouldn't be getting this close to each other. Hinata belonged to Gaara because she was his girlfriend and right now, this wasn't how the two of them were supposed to be. They were too close, but even though no one was around, Sasuke didn't feel right. He glanced at her and saw that she was too tired to notice that he was now trying to move her away from him.

I'm just trying to live as I usually do

Hoping that I get to see you again

But it can't be because you belong to

Someone else.

Sasuke brought up his hand to move her head away from his shoulder but suddenly she grabbed his arm to steady him from moving. He could feel her calm breathing and still she didn't wake up!

Just seeing you again

Is good enough then never,

But it hurts so much just knowing

That I can't touch your face or

See you smile all the time.

Sasuke then couldn't help it. Somewhere inside of him, ever since the first time he saw her, he wanted to see how it felt to kiss her. It was weird, but his heart was pounding a bit. He then went from moving her head away from him, to caressing her cheek.

They felt warm and from then he touched her forehead, to the band-aid, and to her lips.

Too bad that we can't be together

Because I know I can make you the happiest

But you belong to someone else and

I have my own path to follow while

You have yours.

Sasuke then stopped after he touched her lips. They felt so soft and tempting, but he jerked his hand away. He then turned the other way and blushed.

"Sasuke you idiot," he muttered to himself. What he did was wrong but he couldn't help it. He had to make sure that there was no way he would ever get that close to Hinata again. He would let this slide for once, but next time it would be different. He had to control his feelings. He would never let a girl get to him.

But most of all that was surprising to him was why he was blushing like a little boy? Sasuke smacked his head and muttered," baka," to himself.

Besides Sakura, he didn't feel the need to open up again and he would never ever do that. No one could ever understand the turmoil that he went through. No one. Not even Hinata who, a part of him, hoped she didn't.

He could feel that he was loosing the battle of his feelings just having Hinata near him. No girl had ever been this near to him. He could feel her small arm grabbing his larger one and her head resting on his shoulder. He felt like he could stay like this forever under the stars.

Why was he feeling like this? What was this inner emotion suddenly starting to spark.

"Damn," said Sasuke, totally ticked off at what he was feeling now. He hated this and he was starting to hate this girl for making him feel this way.

If there were words to describe this feeling

Would it be love or confusion?

I don't know if the fast pace of my heart

Is because of happiness or fear.

But even though he was starting to hate her, he couldn't help but also be interested in her personality. She's different somehow, he thought over to himself.


"Hey, Ino," said Temari, walking to Ino who was seated by the fire. It was burning and the two friends sat next to each other to get the warmth.

"Hey, Temari," said Ino, smiling at her friend," Where's your brother?"

"Which one?" asked Temari, grinning. "Just kidding. Kankurou is sleeping. He got tired."

"Aren't you tired?" asked Ino, noticing that Temari's eyes looked drowsy. "You should get some sleep."

"I will, but I wanted to ask you something," said Temari, rubbing her eyes. She then shook her head to get some drowsiness off of her.

"Go ahead," said Ino. She wasn't as tired as Temari though. Something was bothering her at the back of her head.

"Do you really like Sasuke?"

Ino blushed," That's crazy, Temari. Of course I do. I've always liked him ever since high school. Why would you say something like that? I mean you should know that by now, being my friend and all." She felt embarrassed saying this. Didn't they know it yet? It was obvious and she was making it apparent so that Sasuke would notice her.

"Because I'm worried that he might not feel the same way," said Temari sadly looking into the fire.

Ino looked away and she frowned," I know what you mean. I can tell that he doesn't like me, but I can't help it. My heart is pounding so fast that it makes me crazy. Sometimes I wonder if I love Sasuke."

Temari's eyes grew big," You really think so? I mean, I know I love Shikamaru. My feelings for him are very strong. So you think that your feelings are that strong also?" She wasn't trying to offend Ino at all. But she was just surprised at hearing that Ino could be in love with Sasuke. Liking and loving were totally on different levels.

"I know what you mean," said Ino and she smiled," You're just surprised, but that's how I feel sometimes. I can't help it. But I can tell that Sasuke is still hung over her."

"You mean Sakura?"

Ino nodded," You know the first time we met Sasuke? Well, we met Sasuke earlier than you and your brothers did, but Sakura had died three weeks earlier. When Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino, and I introduced ourselves we all agreed later that day that Sasuke was the most quiet and coldest looking boy ever."

Temari nodded in understanding. "I felt the same way when we met you guys and Sasuke two months later. I had met Shikamaru and so that was how we all became friends. Of course Shikamaru, Kankurou, and I were a grade higher than you all and we heard all about Sasuke from Shikamaru (hehe. I changed Shikamaru's age in this one). I have to say it seemed like Sasuke and Naruto were really hung up over the girl, Sakura, huh?"

Ino nodded," Yes. You should have seen the two. Of course Naruto could laugh with us and learn to move on, but Sasuke, he was different. He had a hard time talking to us and he mostly ignored us. We came up with all these conversations, but he would usually smirk or turn away. It was horrible."

Temari nodded," But when we met him, he talked more."

Ino nodded and smiled, her eyes recollecting the memories of the past as they formed in her mind," That was because of one day."

"Hey, Sasuke, don't you want to get a look at your math score!" exclaimed Kiba.

"Just leave him alone," said Naruto, his arms over his head," Sasuke knows what he got."

"Well, I think he should at least know what he got instead of just assuming it," said Ino, looking back at a Sasuke who was just sitting on his chair, staring out the window near his seat.

Shino walked up from his seat to take a look at Sasuke's grade posted up on the board and he whistled. "Man, now that is a test grade." He then walked back down.

Chouji pushed aside other eager student and when he saw it, he started to laugh. "That's Sasuke!" he then walked passed Sasuke and gave him a pat at the back," You should really check it out."

Sasuke, suddenly into reality, said," What?"

Naruto smacked his hand on his forehead," Aye, Sasuke. Pay attention more okay? We were asking you to check out you math score." He then grinned," It was really good."

Sasuke shrugged," It was easy. Why do I need to look when I know I got an "A" on it."

"Are you sure?" asked Ino, grinning evilly at him," Maybe you didn't. Not from what I see here."

Sasuke's eyes were suddenly out of bored mode to worried mode. He got out from his seat and pushed anyone standing in his way."Geez, be more gentle Sasuke!"

"What a rude guy!"

Sasuke ignored the comments and he suddenly appeared among the score list. He searched for his name.

"It was really bad," said Kiba, shrugging," I was ashamed."

"Yeah, it was despicable," said Naruto. Ino nodded.

Sasuke, feeling the tension rise, found his name and moved his finger to the grade and percentage.

Uchiha Sasuke- 98 - A+

Sasuke sighed in relief as suddenly all of Naruto's friends started to laugh.

"Did you see Sasuke's scared expression? It was hilarious!" exclaimed Kiba, laughing so loud. It was break time and the teacher was out. So they could laugh as loud as they wanted.

"Sasuke I was surprised you actually believed us," said Ino, smiling and giggling also.

Sasuke suddenly placed his hands over Kiba's and Ino's head and messed it up. He smirked," You guys are stupid, you know that?" He then walked away to his seat.

Naruto, standing next to Ino, smiled," Hey, that's great."

"What?" asked Ino, fixing her hair, with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Sasuke is actually speaking," said Naruto and he smiled even more, as if he was impressed," Now he can actually have a chance at being happy."

"I was surprised when Naruto said that," said Ino, still looking away staring off into the woods," That was when Naruto told us about Sakura and he showed us a picture. Kakashi-sensei had known the three of them ever since they were kids and he was Sasuke's father's friend. It was then that we met him as our economics teacher. Then you guys heard about Sakura. But when Naruto said that Sasuke might have a chance at being happy, it made me determined to take him. I wanted him to be happy and since I knew that I already liked him so much, I wanted us to be a couple. So that's why I ask him so many times to do stuff together. But you know where that leads up to." Ino frowned again, still sad, remembering how he never noticed her feelings for him. "It hurts me."

Temari smiled sadly as she placed a hand on Ino's shoulder," I see that you have a huge heart Ino. Because you care so much about Sasuke even though he doesn't know it. I really admire you for it, but," Temari frowned," You have to realize that sometimes you just have to let things go. You have to really ask Sasuke about his feelings towards you or else you might end up getting hurt. And believe me, if you don't tell him, in the end you will really end up feeling hurt BADLY." Temari loved her friend very much, and so even though these words were crushing, they were the truth in reality. Sometimes the people you like won't like you back and sooner or later you are going to have to deal with it responsibly.

Ino smiled," I guess you are right."

Temari smiled," Good. Now give me a hug." The two friends hugged.

Things were certainly taking a toll here.

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