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Taking it Back


Glinda stood looking out the window, watching the wild festivities below. There were tears running down her cheeks as she clutched a large, old book to her chest. The Grimmerie. The only thing Glinda had to remind her of her dear friend. It had been exactly one year since she'd been melted, and while the people below were celebrating her death, she was up in her room crying and dreading when she would have to make an appearance. But she knew she had to. With a large sigh, she reached out and closed the window. "My, my, my," a mocking voice said behind her. She sharply turned around to see the Wizard leaning on his cane, surrounded by a few members of the Gale Force. "And to think I half expected to see Glinda the Good to be out celebrating the death of Oz's most hated enemy. But, no. Instead she mourns it.," Glinda glared at him.

"What are you doing here! I believe I told you to leave!,"

"And I did, my dear. But, suprisingly, it took me about six months to realize what I had left behind. So, I decided to return. It has taken me a while to gather up all my old friends back," he gestured toward the Gale Force "but now I believe I have enough to take back what is rightfully mine! Arrest her," The Force grabbed Glinda, snatching the Grimmerie away from her, and dragged her to the Wizard. The Wizard lifted her glaring eyes up to meet his own. "Glinda the...Apparently-Not-So-Good," the Force snickered "you are under arrest for previously aiding, sympathizing, and collaborating with the Wicked Witch of the West,"

I know, short, but i'll try to make it longer!