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Fresbin walked into his home and laid the Witch on a floor in the corner. Elphaba he thought Elphaba...what was it? Thropp something? Tiggular! That's it Thropp Tiggular! I still can't believe this. She has a name. And a son. That Prince Hamilton must be her son. But then, why would the Wizard want her son to be his heir? He tilted his head to one side as he tried to figure it out. He then heard a groan and his eyes went back to the, she began to wake up. He reached into his pocket and fingered the bottle for a while as she opened her eyes.

"What the...?" he heard her say, as she put a hand to her forehead. He let go of the bottle, curiosity getting the better of him, and knelt down near Elphaba.

"Listen...Miss Elphaba?"

Elphaba looked over at the man who had, the last time she remembered, been restraining her in the Galindaizers Headquarters. Now, she was in a house, which she seemed to recognize. This is where those slavers had taken Fiyero she realized and this was one of them. But..he knows my name.

"Miss Elphaba," he repeated "please don't put a spell on me. There's something I want to ask you. Is that baby, Prince Hamilton, your son?"

"Liir." she answered "His name is Liir. And yes, he is my son. But why the hell am I here? In fact how? What did you give me?"

"A sleeping serum." he explained "But...I knew it. I knew he was your son."

"Where is he?" Elphaba demanded.

"My brother's taking him, and the others, back to the Wizard. Oh no you don't!" he said as she suddenly started to stand. He grabbed her arms and held her down. "Look, don't make me use the serum, cause I will if I have to. Right now I just want to talk to you. Please?" Elphaba stared at him. Talk to me? My family's is being delivered to the Wizard and he wants to talk to me?

"No!" she said, trying to free herself "Let me go!"

"Please, I just want to talk to..."

"I said let me go!" she pushed against his chest and wrenched herself out of his grasp. She made to stand up again until a huge wave of nausea swept on her. Fresbin's eyes widened as he saw her clutch at her stomach and breathe heavily. He quickly grabbed the chamber pot and just made it over to her as she hurled out a clear liquid.

"You must've gotten sick, too." said Fresbin as she recovered "Lady Glinda got sick again on the trip over here and she must've passed it to you. Or perhaps it's because of the drink we've been givin you to keep you nourished. I guess now that your body doesn't need it anymore, it's repellin it." He walked over to a cupboard and pulled out an old stale piece of bread and handed it to her. "Here. It may not be much, but you should eat somethin."

Elphaba couldn't argue that she was hungry, not to mention still a little weak from the serum, so she took the bread from him and tried to hide a look of disgust as she chewed it. "Now, please, will you talk with me?" Elphaba knew that especially in her frail condition she wouldn't make it very far if she tried to escape, so she nodded. "Thank you. So tell me, if the baby is actually your son, why does the Wizard want him for his heir?"

"Because the Wizard is my father." Elphaba said bluntly, not caring about he reacted to this. Fresbin's eyes widened in shock.

" I mean..."

"He seduced my mother when he had first arrived in Oz until he became the Wizard and left my mother pregnant, with me. Now, you tell me, why I'm here instead of with the others." At first, Fresbin was still too shocked to answer right away, but Elphaba insisted on a reply.

" brother wants to sell you and Lady Glinda and the Winkie at the slave market tomorrow." he said softly, as if he were embarrassed. "No don't!" he cried as she tried to stand up again. He once again grabbed her arms and held her down" Please, understand! My brother will kill me if I let you escape!"

Elphaba didn't care. She wasn't going to sit back as she and her family were sold off like objects or animals, but it seemed like Fresbin had other plans. He forced her onto the ground, laying his whole body on top of her so she couldn't get up, and slipped out the small vial of the sleeping serum. As quickly as he could, he sprinkled a little of it onto his sleeve and held it under her nose before she could try to get up again. Elphaba felt a large rush of hate towards herself as the serum began to take effect and her body went limp as her eyes clamped closed.

Fresbin sighed as he got off of her, his mind deep in thought. He thought hard about all that she had just told him until Bongar came bursting into the room with a whimpering Glinda and an angry Winkie Prince trying to comfort her in tow.

"Well, here we are!" Bongar exclaimed as he roughly shoved Glinda and the Winkie to the ground near Elphaba. As soon as they saw her, they quickly crawled over to her and cradled her as best she could with they're tied hands. "I gave the kid to one of the men and told him to give them to the Wizard (also tellin him to give us the credit for findin him of course) and I was able to sneak off with these two. On the way back I was able to sell the monkey." he moved closer to Fresbin and whispered "And, by the way, you know that old woman who sells us our special serums? Yackle I think her name is. Well, she seemed to know some how that we've got the Witch, and she offered to buy her for...quite a generous prince! I knew that we would never make as much as she was prepared to offer at the slave market, so I sold the Witch to her and said that you would deliver her tonight!"

"But, Bongar, there's something you should know about Elphaba. She's..."

"Elphaba?" Bongar scoffed "Since when do you call the Wicked Witch of the West by that name?" Fresbin glared at Bongar and looked at him straight in the eye.

"Since I found out she has a name!" he said sharply "She has a name, Bongar! Like you and me...and Munchkins...and Animals." Fresbin felt a rush of guilt as he realized he had being treating and selling people and Animals as objects and animals. At that moment, he realized what he and Bongar were doing was wrong. "This isn't right, Bongar." Bongar was looking at his brother in amazement.

He may be and idiot he thought but Fresbin has never dared to speak up against me. Not ever. Until now."They're just slaves!" he said out loud "And enemies!"

"But they're people! Aren't they...Boss?" Fresbin shot back. Bongar looked over towards the Witch and then back at Fresbin.

"You let her wake up, didn't you?" Bongar accused, looking back to his brother "That's why you're acting this way! She's put a spell on you! Listen, Fresbin, you've got to fight it! Don't let her witchcraft affect you!"

"She did wake up," Fresbin admitted "but she DID NOT put a spell on me! And if she did, I'd thank her for it! For once, I'm actually thinking straight! I'm not going to give Elphaba to Yackle! I'm going to help her and her husband and her son and her friends all escape, tonight!" All eyes (except Elphaba's which were still closed) were on Bongar. No one, not even Fresbin himself, was expecting him to say this. Bongar was staring daggers at him and he swiftly backhanded Fresbin across his face, knocking him onto the ground.

"Fine." he hissed "If you won't deliver her to Yackle then I will!" He strode over to where Elphaba was lying, kicked Glinda and the Winkie away from her, threw her over his shoulder, and strode out the door without looking back once. After he was gone, Fresbin got up, rubbing his sore cheek and started to go after him, but he heard Glinda being to sob and he knew he couldn't leave her and the Winkie Prince alone and tied up. He made his way over to the Winkie and saw that Bongars kick had knocked him out. He saw Glinda sobbing on the ground and shaking and he noticed as she gripped at her stomach and began to pant. He sighed as he grabbed the chamber pot and headed over to her.


"WHERE DID YOU FIND HIM?" the Wizard demanded as the Gale Forcers handed the baby to Madame Morrible.

"H-he was in the L-Lesser Kells, Y-Your H-Highness. Actually i-it was Captain B-Bongar who f-found..."


"B-but what a-a-about the t-traitors, S-Sir?"

"LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM ALL UP IN THE PALACE DUNGEONS! NOW GO!" The guards didn't need telling twice as they headed out as fast as they could. The Wizard quickly climbed down from the head and rushed over to take the crying child from Morrible. "At last." he whispered "My grandson is home." He held the baby close and tried to calm him down, but the child would not be comforted. "SARAH"!" the Wizard called. As the young girl came rushing in, she stopped as she saw the child in the Wizard's arms. "I want you to take Prince Hamilton to his room and try to calm him down. Understand?" Sarah nodded eagerly and trembled as the baby was handed to her.

"Now that Hamilton is back" the Wizard said to Morrible as he took out the ruby necklace "his mother can't be far behind. She'll be here. Soon."

"Indeed, Your Ozness." Morrible said, smiling. And then she'll be given to Yackle, and I shall finally be rid of her. "Indeed."

As Sarah placed the baby in his heavily decorated cradle, he still hadn't stopped crying. An idea then hit her and she rushed out of the door. When she returned, she was carrying a black cone-shaped hat and she held it over the baby's face.

"Look Prince...Liir!" Sarah whispered "Look at this! This is Mommy's!" Liir stopped crying as he saw the hat and grabbed at it. He seemed to recognized the black color as his mother's, especially against the green surroundings.

"Mmm...muumm. Mum?" Sarah nodded.

"Yes, Liir. Mum. This is Mommy's."


"You brought her!" Yackle said as Bongar carried her inside her house "Yackle knew she could trust the slaver! I thank you very much! Put her over there." Bongar looked to where she was pointing to and he had to cringe a little at what he saw. She was pointing to a dark stone table that had shackles attached to each corner.

"So, I heard that you want to take her magic." Bongar said as he laid the Witch down on the table. "So, how are you gonna do that?" Yackle walked to the other side of the Witch, so she was facing him, and placed her hands on the Witch's face, with her middle fingers on her temples and her pointers on her forehead. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.

"So much power!" she breathed "So much of it still unused! Most of it is still buried!" She grabbed the Witch's arms and shackled her wrists to the table, causing her hands to be right next to her head.

"Why are you doin that?" Bongar asked as Yackle put shackles on the Witch's ankles "She's asleep. She's not goin anywhere."

"Safety first" Yackle said simply "Safety first. I suggest slaver leave for now."

"Oh no!" Bongar said, planting himself in a chair "I'm not going anywhere without my money. Besides, I want to watch this!" Yackle shrugged.

"Very well." She made her way over to another table behind her and began mixing things in a small pot."If the slaver wishes to stay" she said "and wait for his payment, then he may. But you must be very quiet."

"You didn't answer my first question." said Bongar, trying to make himself comfortable inthe chair near the door "How are you gonna do this?"

"First I must make her powers surface." Yackle said "That is why she must be restrained. If she wakes up she will be more powerful than ever, and we do not want her using her powers on us, do we?"


"Are you feelin better?" Fresbin asked Fiyero, who was now awake and untied.

"I think so. But where has your brother taken my wife?"

"To some woman named Yackle." Glinda said as she checked Fiyero to see if he was really alright. "But how are we going to get her back? And what about Boq and Liir and the others?"

"We're going to get them back." a voice from the doorway said. They all looked up to see Kaphion and Inchea standing with what looked like a few triblewarriors. They were all dressed in what Fiyero recognized as the tribal battle armor from both the Yunamata and Arjiki tribes, with Kaphion in only Arjikis armor and Inchea in only Yunamatas.

"What are you doing here?" Glinda said, rushing over to Inchea and giving her a hug.

"We posted some of the warriors on the Vinkus boundaries and they saw you and the others being led away." Kaphion said as he helped his brother up "So we decided to gather all our warriors and help get you out. Even the Scrow have agreed to help, so the Vinkus is no longer an ally to the Emerald City or the Wizard."

"The Scrow are driving the Gale Forcers out as we speak." Inchea added "We've sent some of the warriors to the Emerald Palace, but unfortunately they were seen. There's a battle going on right now."

"Oh, my Unnamed God." Fresbin whispered. Kaphion and Inchea looked at him.

"Who's he?" Kaphion asked.

"A friend." Fiyero answered "And as soon as we get Elphaba back, we're going to the Emerald Palace to get the others." Inchea and Kaphion nodded.

"We thought you would say that." Kaphion said as one of the warriors handed him another pair of armor clothes "That's why we brought you guys...proper protection."

After Glinda and Fiyero had changed into their clothes, Kaphion and Inchea explained that they had to go and lead the warriors that were fighting at the Emerald Palace. So they parted ways, with Fresbin leading the Glinda, Fiyero, and the few warriors to Yackle's home


"It is ready!" Yackle said finally, waking Bongar up. He hadn't noticed that he had fallen asleep. No wonder he thought it must be way past midnight by now.

"How's she gonna swallow it when she's aslee...oh, never mind." he said as Yackle pulled out a syringe needle and filled it with the strange, yellow potion. She walked near the Witch and tried to pull a sleeve up, but it was too snug around the Witch's arm. So she pulled up the Witch's dress until it reached her upper thigh and heard a wolf whistle. She looked up at Bongar who shrugged.

"They may be green," he said "but you gotta admit, she has a fine pair of legs." Yackle rolled her eyes as she plunged the needle into her leg and injected the yellow liquid inside.

"This only lasts for a few moments," Yackle said as she pulled the syringe out "so we must work quickly." Bongar's eyes widened as he saw the Witch begin to glow a beautiful, light green color. He was so distracted, he didn't notice Yackle come up behind him and thrust a knife into his skull, killing him instantly.

"Yackle is sorry," Yackle said as she pulled the knife out "but when the green girl is killed, her magic must know where to go to. It is more difficult with two people in the room." She wiped Bongar's blood off the knife and walked back over to the Witch, who was still glowing. "For years, I have been waiting for this." she whispered as she move a piece of black hair out of the green woman's face "Ever since I gave the Miracle Elixir to your father. I knew that with his world and Oz combined in one living creature, the creature would have powers beyond belief!" she raised the knife over the Witch's chest "And all mine, for the taking!"

As she raised the knife high above her head, ready to strike, the door burst open, and Fiyero, Glinda, Fresbin, and the warriors rushed in. As soon as Fiyero saw Yackle holding a knife above a glowing Elphaba, he dashed over to her and wrenched the knife from her hand. Yackle shrieked out in anger and backed away from Fiyero. She looked as if she would strangle him, but she noticed the others in the room and again cried out angrily.

"I WILL FIND HER AGAIN!" she screeched "I AM MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU THINK! AND HER POWERS WILL BE MINE!" She cackled as a blinding red smoke filled the room and she disappeared in a burst of flames. As they smoke cleared, Fiyero made his way over to his wife, who was no longer glowing, and undid the shackles that were around her ankles and wrists.

"Is she alright?" Glinda said, rushing near him.

"Yes, she's fine." Fiyero said, relieved. "When will she wake up, Fresbin? Fresbin?" He looked to see Fresbin sitting on the ground next to his dead brother.

"Oh, Fresbin." Glinda said "I'm so sorry." Fresbin looked up, his eyes wet with tears.

"She should wake up in a few clock ticks." he said "It looks like it's wearing off now." It was true. Elphaba groaned as her eyes opened.

As she woke up, she saw her husband and her friend standing over her.

"Yero! Glinda!" Elphaba said, trying to sit up. She pulled them both into a tight hug. "Now where am I she asked as they let go.

"You should get going." she turned to see the slaver lying near a dead body. "You should go and get your son."

"What about you?" Glinda asked.

"I have to bury my brother." he said "I'll be fine, don't worry. Go." As Fiyero helped Elphaba to her feet, she saw the tribal warriors.

"Fiyero, what is going...?"

"We'll explain on the way, Elphie." Glinda said, helping her out the door. The warriors followed after them, leaving a weeping Fresbin behind to mourn over his dead brother.


"MORRIBLE, DO SOMETHING!" the Wizard shouted "Cause a hurricane or something! Get them away from the Palace!"

"I can't do anything without harming our own men, Your Ozness!" Morrible said "I am afraid they must fight it out." The Wizard cried out furiously and grabbed the green bottle out of his pocket. He leaned back to take a large drink, but nothing came out. It was empty. In a rage he threw the bottle across the room and it smashed against the wall.

"BRING ME THE GRIMMERIE!" he shouted "Find something that will work!" He strode over to his bedroom window as Morrible walked out, and looked out at the battle that had been going on for hours. The green and yellow uniform of the Gale Force clashed together with the brown, red, and metal armor of the warriors in a large, bloody blur. The civilians were inside their houses, no one daring to even peek out. Cowards! the Wizard thought They're all cowards! Not even willing to stand up and defend me! Morrible walked back in with the Grimmerie in her hand and she was searching through it.

"I'm afraid I cannot understand very much, Your Ozness," she started "but..."

"Your Ozness!" one of the Wizard's private guards came rushing in "Your Ozness, I bring you both good news and bad new. The bad news is, the prisoners have escaped."

"And the good?" the Wizard fumed.

"We have captured Lady Glinda."


"How did they get her?" Elphaba demanded. When she and the others had arrived at the battel, the warriors had gone straight into fighting while she had changed into armor in one of the houses. Desperate to see Boq again, Glinda had joined the group that was helping the Galindaizers escape, but she had been captured in the process. The mothers and children were huddled in the house while the other Galindaizers had changed into armor and were now fighting with the others. Fiyero and Boq had gone with them, but Elphaba was to take care of the women and children.

"They didn't take just her." a woman said "They killed many of the men, too. I suppose Lady Glinda was lucky." Lucky? Elphaba thought furiously.

"I'm going after her." Elphaba said, grabbing a sword and a gun.

"But, Miss Elphaba, why don't you just use your magic?" a child asked. Because Morrible will find me if I do she thought but she said out loud "My powers...don't work right now." She turned to one of the women "I'm leaving you in charge until I get back. Look after them and don't leave!" She rushed out and ran towards where the battle was taking place.

As she reached the battle, she could hardly believe what she saw. For years, she had wanted to revolt against the Wizard, but now that it was actually happing, it was terrible. She noticed that even some of the enslaved Munchkins were fighting the Gale Force and people were dying left and right.

"ELPHABA!" she heard someone shout. She saw Fiyero rushing towards her, covered in blood and sweat. "Why aren't you with the mothers and children?"

"I'm going to get Glinda and Liir out of there." she said, gesturing towards the Palace "You going to help?" Fiyero stared at her for a moment, trying to catch his breath, and nodded.

"We're sending a small group in." he said "Me, Inchea, and Boq. I guess you're joining us now though. Come on." He plunged back into the fighting crowd, and Elphaba followed behind, defending herself as best she could.

They reached a side of the Palace, where Boq and Inchea were waiting. Elphaba saw that a rope had been thrown up to a balcony and Boq was in the middle of climbing it.

"Who threw that up there?" Fiyero asked Inchea. She shrugged.

"It was let down by a Munchkin girl. I don't know why."

Sarah. Melena. Elphaba thought, smiling.

"LIIR'S HERE!" Boq shouted down. He had reached the top and was holding up Liir in his arms. As soon as Elphaba saw him, she started climbing the rope, with Inchea and Fiyero following behind her. She took Liir as soon as she reached the top and kissed him, making him giggle. She caught sight of Sarah and bent down to hug her.

"Thank you, Naly." she said as she stood back up and handed Liir to his father. Fiyero kissed his head, but then handed him to Inchea.

"Take him back to the house and stay with him there or give him to one of the mothers. OK?"

"And tell the others fighting as you go by to come and climb up the ropes they find around the balcony." Sarah added as she picked up some more rope and began tying it to another place. Inchea nodded as she took the baby and tied the rope to her waist. Boq quickly let her back down and rushed with Elphaba and Fiyero into the Palace, as Sarah continued to tire ropes around the balcony.


"Well, well, well, Miss Glinda the Good." the Wizard said as a bound Glinda was brought into the room and dropped on the ground "What a pleasant surprise."

"Uh...Sir." a guard said "I'm afraid to tell you this, but...Prince Hamilton is...missing." The Wizard glared at the guard.

"WHAT!" he shouted and the two guards headed out quickly. He glowered down at Glinda. "Where is he? In fact where is my daughter? I Have every right to know, for they are my flesh and blood." He stomped over to her and pulled out a knife.

When Glinda looked up, the Wizard was standing over her, holding a knife to her throat. "I know you know where they are." he hissed "Now tell me or you die!"

Oh, no! Glinda thought This is just like my dream! "N-never!" she stuttered "I-I'll never tell you where they are! They don't belong to you! Even if they are your 'flesh and blood'! Why can't you just leave us all alone!" She felt the cold metal pierce a bit of her neck and she whimpered in pain. She looked towards Madame Morrible, who was grinning and holding the Grimmerie.

"They are MINE! MINE!" he said "NOW TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE OR ELSE!" She kept her moth clamped close. "Very well." he said "So be it then." He raised the blade up, ready to strike.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOO!" she heard a male voice shout as the door burst open.

The Wizard looked up as he heard someone shout and saw a man running towards him. With amazing aim he threw the knife at him, and it hit him straight in the heart.

"BOQ!" Glinda shout as the man fell to the ground. As she moved to go after him, Madame Morrible came over with amazing speed, took a knife out of her robes, and plunged it into Glinda's back as soon as she reached Boq. Glinda screamed in pain and fell to the ground next to Boq as Morrible took the knife out of her back.

"Your Ozness, we must go!" Morrible said "If they were able to get in, more must be far behind! We must take the secret way out and use your balloon! Your Ozness, are you listening?" But the Wizards eyes were gazing out the doorway, where Morrible saw Fiyero and Elphaba fighting off some guards.

"It's her!" the Wizard whispered "She's here!"

"We have no time, Sir" Morrible said, grabbing him. She desperatley wished to leave him and let him die, but she knew that the people expected her to defend the Wizard. And if she just left him, she'd be considered a traitor. The Wizard struggled to get out of her grasp so that he could run towards Elphaba, which caused her to drop the Grimmerie near Glinda to grab him with both hands. She pulled him towards the bookcase and pulled out a book to make a secret staircase reveal itself. She shoved him inside and hurried in herself as the bookcase shut back up.

The staircase led them to the place where the Wizard kept his balloon. She forced the Wizard inside and climbed inside herself. As the balloon took off, the Wizard shouted at her "WHY DID YOU STOP ME? I COULD HAVE GRABBED HER IN TWO SECONDS!"

"Look, Your Ozness!" Morrible said, pointing down at the Emerald Palace. The Wizard saw the warriorsclimbing up ropes and swarming inside the Palace. "They were coming for you! It was I who saved you! We must stay up here until the battle is over." The Wizards breathed out angrily.

"So close." he whispered as he reached inside his pocket and gripped the necklace "So close to taking back what is mine!"


Elphaba sighed as another warrior began to fight with the Gale Forcer she had been fighting off and rushed into the Wizard's room. Her eyes caught sight of Boq and Glinda lying on the ground, surrounded by blood.

"Boq! Glinda!" she cried, as she raced towards them. She fell on her knees near Boq and checked his pulse. Nothing. He was dead. "No. Please no!" Elphaba choked as she scooted towards Glinda, lifting her head up from the pool of blood and checked her pulse as well. It was there, but very faint, and Elpaba knew she was dying. She saw through her tears as Glinda opened slowly her eyes and looked at her.

"Oh, Elphie!" Glinda whimpered as life ebbed away from her "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

"Ssshhhh, it's alright, Glinda." Elphaba said soothingly, tears blinding her "You've done nothing wrong. Not one damn thing." She picked up her friend's head gently and placed it on her lap, smoothing the dirty, blond hair from her blood splattered face.

"Elphie," Glinda said gasping for breath "I know...I'm not it. something...for me."

"Don't say that Glinda! You're going to be fine, you're going to live!"

"Elphie...p..please. must do this...for me." She reached for Boq's arm and held on to it tightly. "For us." Elphaba looked at the dead Boq and then back at Glinda.

"Alright." she choked. "What do you want me to do?" Glinda let go of Boq and moved her hand slightly. Her fingers touched the Grimmerie.

"I... want you t-to...say a spell I...remember seeing... on p-page 25." Elphaba grabbed the book and quickly turned to the said page. Her eyes widened when she saw what it was for.

"Glinda." she whispered as she looked back at her friend "Are...are you sure?" Glinda nodded.

"Yes, Elphie. I'm positive."

"Sir."a warrior said as he pulled Fiyero to the side "You should know that we didn't bring every warrior in the Vinkus and we're losing men fast. The civilians have started fighting and they and the Gale Force are making their way inside the Palace. I suggest we retreat back to the Vinkus before anyone else is killed." Fiyero looked around and saw that this was true. After a moment of thinking he nodded.

"Tell them to make a retreat and fall back to the Vinkus by order of Fiyero" he said. His eyes then caught sight of Elphaba leaning over something and muttering something in the Wizard's room "after I return with my wife from the Wizard's chamber." The warrior nodded and went back to fighting as Fiyero made his way inside the room. What he saw made his heart stop. Boq was lying on the ground in a lake of blood with Glinda lying next to him. Elphaba was over her and just closing a large old book. Tears were streaming down her face as she tried to talk to Glinda.

"It's done Glinda." she managed to say.

"T-thank you Elphie." Glinda said. She stared at Elphaba for a moment, trying to stay alive as long as she could. "Who can say" Glinda sang "if... I've been changed...for the better, but.."

"Because I knew you..." the girls sang together, choking on tears. Glinda gasped and squeezed her eyes tightly before she looked back at her friend.

"Because...I knew you.."she urged on.

"I have been changed..." they sang again, but before Glinda could finish, her breath escaped her for the last time, and she went still. Elphaba stared down at her now dead friend and let tears flow freely down her face as she closed her eyes. Fiyero realized that he himself was crying as he felt his cheeks become wet. He walked over to his wife and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Come on." he said, trying to hold back tears "We're retreating back to the Vinkus. We have to go." Slowly, Elphaba nodded and got to her feet. She took one long last look at her friends before she ran out as fast as she could with Fiyero following behind.


"Look, Your Ozness!" Morrible said "They're retreating!" The Wizard peered over the side of the balloon and saw the warriors hurry out of the Palace and retreat out of the Emerald City. As soon as he saw the last one leave he ordered Morrible to take him back down to the Palace. When they landed, he raced past the cheering Gale Forcers and into his room. He saw a man and Glinda lying dead on the ground, but no green girl.

"Sir?" Morrible said, coming in "I just felt a huge force of power and I'm afraid that I'll be unable to...control the weather in the Vinkus any longer. Your daughter must've put a spell on the Vinkus to protect it from my power."

No matter he though to himself I'll find her. One day, some way, I'll find what's mine, and take it back!


The warriors, Galindaizers, and Munchkins who were lucky enough to escape (including Sarah, now Naly, and her mother)didn't even stop to rest until they at least passed through the boarder into Vinkus. As soon as they were over the boarder they all immediately collapsed to rest. Elphaba went off by herself as Inchea, Kaphion, and Fiyero looked over everyone to see how many were left or wounded and Naly and her mother tended to Liir.

She sat by herself and stared down at the ground. She couldn't believe that Glinda and Boq, her best friends in all of Oz, were dead and gone. So she wept. She cried and cried until she felt like she had no tears left at all.

It was morning by the time she was well enough to view her surrounds. They were only a few yards away from the Great Kells. She looked up as Fiyero made her way over to her and sat down.

"I'm sorry about..."

"Please Fiyero," she interrupted "don't. I'd perfer not to think about it. At least you and Liir are safe." Fiyero nodded and pulled her into an embrace. "What now?" she sniffed.

"Well, we could go back to Galindaizer's Headquarters." Elphaba shook her head after thinking for a while.

"I cast a spell before we left." Elphaba said "As long as we're in the Vinkus, we should be safe. Let's go back to the cottage. I'm sick of running and fighting. Let's just go there and raise our son."

"But what about the others? The Galindaizers?"

"We can take care of them." Inchea said coming up "You just leave it to us. You go ahead and raise Liir in peace. Oh and by the way..."


"We found Chistery." Inchea said as he flew over to Fiyero's shoulder. Elphaba smiled slightly and pat the monkey on the head. Her eyes the widened and she rushed away behind a shrub. Fiyero grimaced as he heard Elphaba throw up.

"You have the virus again?" he asked as she stood up. Elphaba shook her head.

"I believe I'm pregnant again." she said, smiling a little. Fiyero matched her grin as Chistery flew over to Inchea's shoulder and he walked over to Elphaba and hugged her.

"Miss Elphaba?" They pulled apart to see Naly holding Liir out to them. Elphaba took her son and held him close, as Fiyero put a hand to her stomach.

"Mum." Liir said as he fell asleep. His parents chuckled and they embraced each other, as they were once again together as a family.

The End

Well, that's it for this story. I know, sad. And I'm sorry that I left a little cliff-hanger there (what Glinda asked Elphaba to do. Hint: It wasn't to put a spell over the Vinkus. Elphaba did that on her own.). But you'll find out in the sequel! That'll be more about Elphaba's children! Hope you liked this! -Lyndalion16