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Summary: Eight months ago, Vash The Stampede left to battle knives. Now with Knives as healthy as a horse they have come back to May City and to the friends that Vash left behind.

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What Happens Now?

Episode 1—What a shock!

The first thing he was going to do when he got back to the city was have a nice hot bath and then eat a whole box of doughnuts. Vash grinned foolishly on the back of a tomas, his twin brother who was also atop a noble steed, rolled his eyes.

"I don't know how I let you talk me into coming with you Vash, its bad enough my mental powers are weak, but now I have to live with humans?"

"Oh it's not so bad, give it a chance." Vash wouldn't stop smiling as they raced across the hot burning desert, approaching a city. It was May City. "Look Knives, we can just stay in that city for a few days and rest up, then we can continue on our way. To make right everything that was made wrong by you."

"Why's that, the town doesn't look very prosperous," Then it dawned on him the reason Vash would want to stop in a grungy city like that. "Don't tell me you actually have friends there?"

"I have friends everywhere, what can I say, people like me. It must be my lovely blonde locks, or my sparkling green eyes. Yes, yes, no one—." Vash was interrupted by his brother's groan of annoyance.

Knives shook his head back and forth. "I knew you were full of yourself brother, but now I actually get to see why you create trouble wherever you go, it wasn't because of the gun, it's because people are trying their hardest to shut you up." Feeling triumphant when he heard Vash's humph of disapproval, they rode their steeds into the town and stopped at a nearby saloon. After hitching the tomases to the posts available, they went inside and sat down. A waitress came by and took their order.

Vash glanced around the saloon, it was old and falling apart, there were spider webs in the corners and the floors were in need of a good sweeping. Other than that it was the most amazing sight Vash had seen in a long time. He grinned and took a swig of the whiskey. "Ah, that's good stuff."

"Hey Mr. Vash!" A high pitched voice said from behind him.

Knowing exactly who it was Vash turned around. "Heh, hey!" Sure enough it was Millie Thomson, a very tall, brown haired woman who carried a big gun. He was happy to see her, the first familiar face he had seen in the last thirteen months. Of course it had nearly taken a year of healing and convincing Knives into not killing any humans.

"It's good to see you Mr. Vash, have you been here long?" She smiled brightly.

"No, Knives and I just got here."

Millie looked at Knives. "Ah I see, it's nice to meet you Mr. Knives." She giggled.

Knives barely nodded in her direction before returning to his drink, humans were quite annoying and he could tell this girl was one of them.

Vash thought something was off about Millie, he couldn't exactly put his finger on it. But something was definitely different. The thought then snapped in his mind. The shorter girl, Meryl, that was her name. She wasn't with her. Hmm that was odd, those two were always together. "Uh… where is…" He was cut off by Millie's frown which turned into a smile immediately.

"Oh who, Meryl? Oh she's been preoccupied these days. I hardly see her anymore. But that's all right."

"Really, what happened?" He couldn't believe it, those two were always close. Almost like sisters.

Millie sighed. "Well our boss decided to open another Insurance office here in May city so Meryl and I came with a few other of our office workers. And well when you didn't come back…" She looked up at Knives who seemed to not be interested in this story she turned back to Vash. "It doesn't matter, she said she had to move on with her life instead of always worrying about you and chasing you around like some mother to a child, or something along those lines. It was a long time ago after all." Millie scratched the back of her head. "Anyway, she had been spending less and less time at the her job and then one day quit, it was later that I realized why." Once again sadness was expressed in Millie's eyes, but she did good at trying to hide it. "It really doesn't matter anymore, I am happy for her, truly I am." She smiled, albeit forced.

Vash nodded, he felt bad for Millie. Poor girl. He wondered what could be so important for Meryl to give up her job and her friends. Something didn't sit right with him that wasn't like her at all. Not that he knew her very well, sure she was a nice girl, when she wanted to be nice to you of course, and real cute. Wait, real cute? Nah! He couldn't even stomach that idea. She was not cute, annoying was more like it, and she always got in his way, he remembered several times that he tried to ditch her, but she kept on finding him. She was like a damn bloodhound, of course there was that one moment when she really spoke with so much heart and understanding that he couldn't help himself. He hugged her! Oh yes he did. Well that was the past, and this is the future now, no more having to worry about himself being declared a legal disaster by that short insurance girl any longer.

"Vash, something is coming." Knives said suddenly.

Looking up, Vash noticed a tall, dark haired man with icy blue eyes, he was wearing real fine clothing an expensive suit of what one would think was Italian made if they were on earth. His boots were made of snakeskin. He took his time walking into the saloon as if he owned the world, with him he had three men who looked just as equally wealthy.

Vash noticed that Millie glared at the man before returning to her normal, happy self.

"Well Mr. Vash I have to go back to work now, it was nice seeing you again." She quickly left the saloon

The man approached the bar, a bit of sunlight catching on his gold insignia ring. Vash then knew that this guy was indeed very wealthy.

"Whisky," the man said in a soothing, silk like voice.

The barmaid blushed and giggled as she brought him his order. "Leave the bottle," he didn't even thank her and started pouring a drink for him and his men. "Gentleman, a toast." The dark haired man said. "To me and my future bride, in just one month I will be marrying the most wonderful woman I have ever met."

"Here, here." The three other men shouted and downed their drinks.

"Where is the little woman?"

The dark haired man smiled. "Getting fitted for her wedding gown."

"Have you peeked on her yet?" The man in the middle said, when the dark haired man conked him on the head with his fist.

"You idiot! How dare you suggest that Joe, that's bad luck."

"Gee, sorry Travis." Joe rubbed his head where he was hit.

One of Travis's men on the right snickered. "Not only that, but she might clobber him if he does peek on her."

"Tony! Enough!" Travis grinned. "Of course she is quite the little spitfire, but no matter she agreed to marry me."

Tony and Joe laughed hard, and the last man nudged Travis in the side.

"Yeah, I bet she's just as wild in the bedroom too. Heh, heh."

"Hey! That's my future wife you're talking about." Travis grinned.

Knives growled. "Just who are those stupid humans?"

A passing waitress heard and stopped. "Oh that is Travis Derry and his men, they blew into town about six months ago. Travis Derry is one of the richest men on the face of this here planet."

"Oh how fascinating" Knives said sarcastically.

The waitress grinned. "Hey we're all excited here, he's getting married soon, it's supposed to be the event of the year. All rich folks from all over the world are attending, and not only that he's made it so the rest of us can attend without invitation. So us commoners are pretty happy about that."

Vash spoke up. "Just who is the woman that he is marrying?" His question was not answered with words but rather as who it was that walked into the saloon. She was wearing a white sun hat, tilted towards the side, and gown that styled from the eighteen eighties, it was white with pink trim.

"Travis, I have been looking for you all day, I figured you'd be in here." She said with slight annoyance walking towards him.

Travis turned around grinning. "Meryl my love." He held his arms open as if expecting a hug.

"Don't you Meryl my love me," She growled, tapping her foot on the wooden floor.

It was Joe who spoke up. "Miss Strife, we were toasting to you and Travis's engagement and soon to be marriage, he was celebrating."

She glared at Joe and then looked back at Travis. "I came to talk to you and ask you why you just fired the entire working staff at the power plant?"

"It was necessary, to make way for the new progress of power plants. We are able to run power without having to hire many people to do the job of one." Travis said and sipped at his drink.

"But all those people, all those jobs. How could you!" Meryl nearly shouted.

Travis placed a tender hand on her shoulder and she tried to shrug him off, "Listen to me, I will make up for it. I promise." He noticed she tried to break free of his grasp, but he held on tighter. "You trust me, don't you?" He asked staring into her blue-gray eyes and she stilled instantly.

With a sigh she nodded. "Of course I do, it was just a shock hearing about it, that's all." When he smiled she couldn't help but smile as well.

"That's my girl." Travis softly tapped her chin with his finger. "Now why don't you go back to the manor and get yourself into something real pretty for tonight, I want to take you out." He shooed her away and she rolled her eyes. She turned around and headed for the exit, the two blonde figures in the corner did not escape her sights as she just continued on out the doors.

She stopped just outside the saloon and hung her head. How dare that broom head come back now! True he never said anything in regards to her waiting around for him or say that he liked her, even as a friend, but she was sure that they were at least friends. And she was probably right in assuming that he didn't think of her once while out there. To him she was probably just one of those faceless innocents that he wanted to save all the time. Nothing special, nope not her. Yet though they had been through much together it didn't stop her from falling for the idiot. Just when she had moved on with her life and became engaged to another man, he had to worm his way back into her head just by merely being in the same room as her. What was he doing here anyway? It was obvious he wasn't here to see her, the other gentleman looked a lot like him. That had to be Knives, his brother. Meryl shivered, how dare Vash let that murdering thing into the city. He should be dead not sitting across from him sharing drinks. She was sure shocked to see him though, never expecting to see him again was often the thought in her mind.

Meryl had Travis now, and that's all that mattered. Right? There was no time to think on this anymore, she had to get back to the manor and dress for tonight. They were going out so that meant expensive restaurants and annoying people to impress, Travis would probably prefer something red. She knew the perfect gown to wear tonight.

Vash had witnessed everything that transpired through the insurance girl Meryl and that other man Travis Derry, why did he feel a tightening in his chest and a twisting in his stomach when he watched the two of them. This was one feeling he never had before, he looked over at Knives who answered him immediately.

"Why are you jealous over that pathetic human female and her mate to be? I don't see why you bother yourself with these nothing creatures."

"Jealous? Me? You have got to be kidding Knives. There is no reason for me to be jealous." He gaze slammed to Travis and he couldn't help as his eyes narrowed slightly, almost unnoticeable. "It is just a shock that's all, I never figured that the woman would marry, she's always so busy with her insurance work." Vash shrugged as if it made no difference to him.

"Sure brother, keep telling yourself that." Knives finished off his drink and looked right at Vash. "Can we leave now?"

Vash sighed and shook his head. "No, I am not finished here yet. We should find an inn, there is much to do here." Vash then thought to himself to figure out exactly when that insurance girl decided to marry a man such as that. He had a mission and he would see it through, that was a promise.

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