This is my first fanfic, so it defenatly will not be perfect! on the side note forgive me for not spelling correctly (I tried my best to make it all correct), for changing spelling of names (I never notice when I do things like that) and if you think the characters are not correct, this was done the way I think the characters sound. Finally I did not mean to copy any ideas that other writers have done, this is purly from my head.

A Differant Kind of Side Effect

The sun had set hours ago over the small house where a little girl once wished apon a star for a freind that would never run away and ended up with an entire new ohanna. They where all sleeping happily... well not all of them. Jumba Jukeba Evil Geniouse Scientist of Quelta Quan was in his ship working on an experiment that refused to leave his head no matter how hard he tried. He did not know exactly what it was suppose to do, all he did know was that the chemecles that he was mixing to geather would not make another of his 'Evil Geniouse creations', but instead a formula that could help a person recover from a horrible desiese of some sort. He figured that the only way the experiment would allow him the pleasure of sleeping and leave him alone was to create it. As the night pushed on and the experiment was nearing completion he noticed that some of the chemicles might change the exteriour of a person and he also noticed that some of the chemical strands where ones that had been used in the vital parts of his 'Evil geniouse Experiments',the chance of the formula changing a person seemed to be quite a small chance but he still made a mental note of that as he continued to push on with the experiment that was beggining to let off after so long of nagging the 'Evil Geniouse'.

"Finally, experiment is now being compleated. yawn Maby now I can be hitting sac for some 40 eye winks" Jumba managed to get out through yawns. He put the formula into a cold medical box that was on the way to a spare bed that was set up from all the way back when Lilo tried to have a slumber party, but instead made four Stitches " yawn For once being the forgetting to tidy up after self has being the saving of life" he said to himself before slipping into the life saving bed "Am getting too old for the up being all night" he said just before he went into a well deserved, and nag free from any bothersome experiment, slumber.

At the house at the exact time jumba manages to get to sleep Lilo and Stitch are starting to get up and plan for all the fun activitys that they will be doing later on in the day. "Stitch, now remember that today is sandwich day, so i need to get a penutbutter sandwhich to puge the fish" Lilo said to Stitch as they entered the kitchen "Morning Lilo, did you and the little monster have a good sleep" said the self proclamed 'Earth Expert' that had a brain the size of a pea "Morning Plekly, yes me and Stitch both had a good night sleep" replied Lilo "Ih" Stitch said in agreement. It wasent until both Lilo and Stitch were sitting down and eating their cerial, which Plekly had got for them, that Lilo noticed both Jumba and Nani where not in the kitchen "Plekly where is Nani and Jumba, they are usally here eating breakfast when me and Stitch come down." Lilo said to the walking noodle and Stitch being Stitch was too preoccupied with his breakfast to notice the conversation going on. "Nani had to go to work early today for some reason, and last night Jumba was tossing and turning and mumbling something about an experiment that would not let him sleep. So I think he went to his ship to do the experiment, but I'm not sure about that last part." Plekly said.

Lilo was wondering what Jumba's experiment was throught the remainder of her breakfast. She wondered if it was a new cousin but that thought went out of her mind the moment she remembered the 627 incident. "Jumba would never make another one after that" she said quietly to herself. "Gabba" was the only reply that came from her best freind "Oh, did I just say that out loud sorry. I was only thinking what Jumba was doing and what the experiment could be Stitch" she said truthfully. They where walking towards the beach since they had a penutbutter sandwich for Puge and also because Jumba had the enterance ramp of his ship up, so she could not find out what he was doing. Stitch said that he would be able to open the spacecraft for her, but she thought that he might be sleeping and did not want to wake him by having the noise of the ramp decending to let her in. Stitch accepted the explanation since he knew how much he hated to be woken up agenst his will, which thinking about it now Stitch relised that it happened to him quite often.

As Lilo and Stitch made it to the beach they noticed that the beach was much quieter than it should be on such a perfect day. The sky was blue and as clear as a crystal, the waves where the best that she had seen all year but there were only a small handful of people on the beach. Most of them where eather ealderly coupples that only seemed to splash near the shore, or teenage girls who where obsessed with how their tan looked and could be seen spending all day on the beach without ever touching the water let alone the surf. "Stitch this is just so strange, this has got to be the best day so far this year, but no one is in the water and very little people are on the beach. Stitch do you know whats going on?" asked a concerned and choriuse Lilo. "Mega don't know Lilo. Mega go ask cannonball while youga give Puge sandwich." replied a just as confused and choriuse Stitch.

Lilo had agreed to the plan and got ready to go see puge and give him the penutbutter sandwich. She put on her swimsuite as well as her goggles and dived into the water happily. Puge was in his same place he usally is located at except this time puge seemed differant, he did not seem to be his energetic self and was more hesitent than usaual when getting the sandwhich from Lilo. Almost as soon as she gave Puge the sandwich, Puge swam away very quickly and Lilo noticed something move at the corner of her eye. She spun around to see what was behind her to find...nothing. Nothing was behind her, no strange creature that could cause her harm and no dangerouse fish that might mistake her for a meal. She calmed down considerbly until she relised that there was not even fish behind her or in any other direction, normually there are hundreads of fish as far as the eye can see but now it was like a ghost town desearted of life. So she made a dash to the shore because like any other person in a situation like hers, she was really freaked out. She breaks the surfas and takes a big breath of air that thretened to tear her lungs down the seams. As she catches her breath something sneaks up to her and penetrates her leg forcing her attention to the area, within a blink of an eye the pain is gone and Lilo could not see anything there that might have caused the pain. As Lilo swims to shore she begins to feel a bit faint, as soon as she gets to the shore she sees a very worried looking Cannonball and Stitch, both of which rush over to Lilo just in time to catch her before she collapse'ed to the ground unconsiouse.

After Stitch explained what he was going to do while Lilo went to give puge a penutbutter sandwich he quickly ran off to find cannonball. As Stitch expected Cannonball was on the cliffs just off the beach, but Stitch was shocked to find that he was not jumping into the sea creating the ritchouse waves that all the surfers on the island drool over. Instead Cannonball was just lounging around and looking very nervouse. Stitch ran up to the wave creating cousin of his and asked what going on here. Cannonball did not take his eyesight off the water for some reason and said the conversation is in their own language but written in ours so we can understand what they are saying "Your big council freind with the black shades told me not to go into the water since their is a deadly bacteria lurking in the water. He did say that it should not survive lond in the salt and I could start making waves as soon as the fish start comming back." Cannonball said trying to end on a happier note.

As Cannonball finally managed to look away from the water to look at his cousin, he had to rub his eyes in disbelief. Stitch'es fur had changed colour from a lovely blue that suit him pritty well cannonball thought, to a ghostly white that seemed to drain the life of the poor person it covered. Caushesly and slowly Cannonball asked what is wrong. That one question snapped Stitch back to reality and dashed off in the direction that he came, going faster than he thought possible for him. As Cannonball saw this he relised that Lilo must have gone into the water, probably giving that fish of hers a penutbutter sandwich like what she dose every week. On quew just like what happened to Stitch, Cannonball chased after Stitch the only way he could move fast enough to atempt to keep with him, by bouncing on his patookie.

Cannonball managed to get to Stitch just in time to stop him from going into the water and killing himself trying to rescue Lilo. "Stitch don't go, you will only kill yourself, you cannot swim!" Cannonball got out as soon as he managed to grab Stitch. "LILO IS IN THERE I MUST SAVE HER OR I MIGHT LOOSE MY BEST FREIND!" replied a frantic Stitch who managed to gain his fur colour back over all of his panic. "I will get her, I can swim and I float so their is no chance she can drown with me going after her" came his logical responce from his cousin. Stitch was about to argue more with his cousin but motion out the corner of both of their eyes gained their attention. It was Lilo comming out of the water however she did not look very well and it was shone when both Stitch and Cannonball went over to see if she was O.K, for at that moment Lilo passed out and begun a decent to the ground. Fortunetly for her Stitch and Cannonball managed to catch her before she made contact with the dark gold sand that was below them.

Across town back at Jumbas ship, Jumba is just waking up from his peacful, but not very comfortable, sleep "Ahh, silly small extra bed. Maby saving life last night, but is destroying life now!" Jumba complained as he tried to get feeling into his back. "What is being time I'm wondering" he mummbled as his back begun to feel better, as soon as he remembered where he put the ships clock he went to check. As he made his way to the bridge, which was the place he put the clock last, he went past the cold medical box that had the formula he was working on last night. He stopped and looked at the cabanet for a few seconds mummbling all the while about how much that experiment annoyed him before continuing his corse to the bridge, what he did not know was that he would regreat those words later on. As soon as he made it to the bridge he say that it was nearly noon, and as soon as he looked up and out of the window he noticed Plekly wondering over to the ship "Hmm what would Plekly be wanting from me?" he asked himself as he heard him knock on the enterance ramp. Jumba walked down to the ramp and opened it up to allow his silly earth female discised freind into the ship. "Jumba its nearly noon and I was beggining to wonder if everything is all right, because you missed breakfast and you have never missed a meal as far as I am aware" Plekly said. "I am being fine Plekly, that curced experiment took me all night to being compleat, I'm only just getting to the being up" replied a still sleepy jumba. "Am going to house for some breakfast" he said to him "don't you mean lunch since it's noon and all" came the repliy "hmm, having point there" the evil geneouse said before continuing his treck to the kitchen.

By the time Jumba reached the kitchen and began making some crispy toast, Nani came through the front door with a tired look on her face. She went in the direction of the only noise in the house, which was the kitchen. As she entered Jumba had just made himself some coffee and was sitting at the table waiting for his toast. "Morning bigger girl, why the tired look on face?" Jumba asked. "Some time yesterday something happened out at sea and swept some containers contaning something hazordus to the shore. i was called to help keep people away from the area as they cleared them away." said Nani as she was reaching to get some coffe herself. "Ahh I am seeing, would it be possible for some of the contents of the containers to leak into sea?" Jumba asked a bit worried, "even if they did, the stuff that was in the containers gets destroyed with basic salt, so if any of the substance got out it would simply be destroyed thanks to the salt in the sea. But the sea is still not safe for another couple of hours since the stuff takes about 12 hours to get destroyed by salt" Nani said after taking a drink from her coffee. Then a thought jummped into her head "Hay Jumba have you seen Lilo anywhere?" Nani asked, thinking she should remember something about today "have not been seening little girl today" Jumba said as he reached the toaster to get his toast. Just the Plekly came in from the back door after cleanning the ship and putting away the makeshift bed. "Plekly have you seen Lilo today?" asked a now worried Nani, " why yes, I saw her and the little monster hed off into town. Lilo was carring a penutbutter sandwich and mentioned something about smug," Plekly said wondering why it was so important. "Smug, Plekly do you think she could have said puge", "yes thats it, it was not smug it was puge but why is that so important?".

lt was then that Plekly noticed Nani was nervouse "Nani is everything ok you seem scared". Just at that moment the front door was liturelly thrown off its hinges, as Stitch and Cannonball carried the unconsuse Lilo into the house and up to her room. Everyone in the kitchen came running into the hallway to find the door on the floor and mud traks that led to Lilo's room. In Lilo's room Stitch has just put her into her bed and Cannonball pulled her covers over her and placed a towel over her head. Nani enters the room quietly to see what is going on, then as she looks at the bed her face changes from an annoyed and quite angry face to one of pure fright and scared. Stitch turned around and said very softly "Mega sorry about door, only quick way to get into house". The only thing that Nani did was to pat his head very softly before going to Jumba and ask him if he could find out what is wrong with Lilo.

Over the next few hours the house was so qiet that you could have heard a needle drop three rooms away, while Jumba tried to figure out what was wrong with Lilo. Finally after two of the longest hours any of them had ever experianced Jumba had the results "I am having the good and bad news. The bad news is that little girl has a desiese that is unknown to me, and it is being faital unless treated. Good news is that experiment I was working on last night could be for to saving her life. However is untested and could possibly change her in some way or another" Jumba announced to everyone. "Will your experiment cure her if you give her it?" was all that Nani could say. "Formula I created would be having an approximatly 87.5 chance of saving little girl if she dose take it. Formula seems to be created for this one purpose since it is having same type of structure as bacteria causing little girl to be ill" Jumba said to Nani. Without having to say anything ealse Jumba relised what Nani would say to him, so he quickly rushed off to his spaceship and collected the formula.

Within 5 minutets Jumba had given Lilo the formula, "now is the waiting and seeing, to see if formula is working and having any side effects" he announced to the house. Cannonball was still there trying to comfort Stitch and Plekly was doing the same to Nani only this time he was having a positive effect instead of getting Nani to crouching into a huddle and start crying into her hands like the last time something very bad happened to Lilo. They where all in the sitting room the t.v was on but nobody was listening to it. Now that Jumba had left Lilo's room Nani went in and just watched over her little sister not caring about anything ealse. Stitch told Cannonball that he would be alright and that he just needed time to get over this problem, so Cannonball took this time to return the his one place and supply the surfers with their perfect waves, thats if the fish had decided to returned indicating that the sea was clean once again. Stitch, after saying goodbye to Cannonball, joined Nani and started watching over his best freind.

Throught the remainder of the day both Stitch and Nani watch helplessly as Lilo fought the virus that made her ill and prayed that she would pull through. It was'nt until 9 at night that their prayers where answered. Very slowly Lilo opened her eyes to see both Nani and Stitch looking into her face, both of which had the exact same expression of relife, happieness, sadness and worry all rolled into one. She wished she had her camera to get a picture of this once in a lifetime moment. It was when she tried to move her arms to hug both faces when she relised that even if she did have her camera, she would not be able to lift it up to her face to take the picture. Her whole body was like one big weight that she could not move, so instead she said something that she thought would cheer both of them up "Puge the fish says hi". That one sentence let loose the flood gates of both Nani and Stitch and they all just spent hours in one big groupe hug with tears escaping the embrase and creating a lake on the floor.

Lilo had indeed recovered, but had to stay in bed for eight days on orders of Jumba. Lilo accepted that as well as all the tests that Jumba gave her but on the fourth day she began to feel weard. She did not feel bad or anything, it was just that she felt differant for some reason. So The next time Jumba visited to get some more tests on her, which was the only time that the room was empty except for Jumba and herself ofcourse, she told him how she felt. "Am thinking is work of my formula that I used to be saving life. Formula was untested, had several chemicles that changes ones DNA and molecular structure as well as it having several sequences of biological code I used to make all my evil geneouse creations, I am being the not surprised that this is being happening. What is surpriseing me is that it is happening so quickly" Jumba said to the now very confused Lilo. "What dose that all mean Jumba?" she asked, "is simple, now that all those chemecles are in your system, you will be changing into something simmilar to one of my evil geneouse experiments" he declared to the now shocked little girl. " mean that...I...I will become one of...Sti...Stitches cousins!" "for lacking of better words...yes. But will still be same person, just you say differant body?. No am meaning same body but upgraded! No am meaning...ACH I cannot get correct words for to be comming out of head" Jumba said quite annoyed. "Thats ok Jumba I think I get the idea, i will only look like an experiment, but i will still be me" a calmer and more relaxed Lilo replied helpfully. "Nearly correct little girl, you are being right for the most part except that you will also be have abilities of experiments" Jumba stated now relaxing and calming down. "Am also thinking that over the next few days are to being quite painful as your body changes, so was wondering if little girl wanted to be sleeping while all this is happening. Your body has still not recovered from the virus and you need alot of rest, since the altering of your body will also take alot of energy it would not be surprising if you where to be sleeping most of the time anyway, but the times that you where up I could imagen being very uncomfortable and probabily quite painful too" Jumba said with concern in his voice. Lilo heard everything Jumba said, but that was not the main thing she was actully conserned with "dose anyone ealse in the house know that I will change into a cousin Jumba?" This question suprised the evil geneouse, so musch so it took him several minutets to think of what to say "Only bigger girl is knowing that you will be changeing into experiment, no one ealse in the house knows. Do you want me to be tell them?" "no, I want to give them a surprise and show them later...What did Nani think about the idea of me being asleep for so long." 'Again little girl is thinking of others before she is to be making a choice, but she is still enjoying the situation and what fun it will bring later on. She is defenatly being old self again' Jumba thought to himself. Then he noticed the expression on Lilo's face and decided to answer her question "eeh, bigger girl is being happy for it since will make you better much quicker." With that said Lilo's mind was made, she would allow herself to be asleep for all that time as long as only Nani and Jumba where allowed too see her and that they did not tell anyone ealse that she would become an experiment, to which Jumba agreed and made shure that it would happen.

So the next day he transfered Lilo to his ship, so that he could get better monitering equipment to her, as well hiding her better from Stitch but he did not tell him that, and placed her into a deep sleep. Then he told every one that only him and Nani are allowed access to Lilo incase something is brought to her that might make the situation worse. VERY reluctantly Stitch agreed to the termns, even though he did not like the idea of helplessly sitting by and waiting for his best freind in the universe to become well enough so that he could see her. But Jumba swore that it would take about 3 maby 4 more days and then Lilo would be as good as rain once again.

As you might have expected, the next three days for Stitch where all just one big boring nightmare. The day after Lilo was put into a quarintined area of Jumba's ship he went to go tell Cannonball that Lilo would make a full recovery. Then went on to explane in fine detail what he had done throught all the time Lilo was asleep which made him feel better after he told someone about his woring, however by the end of the story Stitch noticed that it was now night and Cannonball was fast asleep. Stitch was annoyed at this, but he relised that he would have done the same if he was in Cannonballs position. So he just quietly left to go back to the house and at least try to get some sleep. This sort of ruitine continued throught the days, where Stitch would wonder the island thinking about how much he missed Lilo until he found a cousin. Then they would just talk to each other trying to make the other feel better about something. Then Stitch would go home have something to eat and try to get information about how Lilo is doing before going up to his/her bedroom and stare at Jumba's ship until worring himself to sleep.

Then the 3rd day came and Stitch was over joyed, he was even happier when he saw Jumba and the evil geneouse told him that he could see Lilo later on in the day when she has fully woken up. Stitch attitude, which had begun to worrie everyone that was around him, quickly turned back to his destructive self. He collected everything that Lilo treasured so much into her wagon, then he did the only thing he could do and that was sit paitently until Jumba came to collect him. Stitch was getting impationt even though he had been sitting in the living room for only several seconds to him they felt like hours, he started getting fidgety and began to rip up the couch waitting for Jumba. To the relife of the couch, as well as the house, Stitch did not haft to wait long for Jumba to come and take the now energetic and happy wreckingball to see Lilo.

As Stitch entered the ship he saw that Nani and Plekly where already there greeting Lilo, who was out of bed and looked as good as new. "STITCH" was all Lilo could say as she ran towards her best freind arms out ready to imbracec him. "LILO" was the only thing Stitch could say in reply, as he copied Lilo in a dash towards her, armes in the exact same position ready to give and recieve a very big hug. They imbraced in each others arms for 10 minutets straight before they let go, and it was only to collect air that their lungs demanded from them both. It was'nt until they seperated from the hug that Stitch thought he noticed some differances in Lilo. For starters Lilo had never hugged him so hard before, but he dismissed it thinking it was because they had not been togeather for so long. Then their was that feeling all over his fur, it felt like a static charge around his body where he was touching Lilo, but he again dismissed it as being just the joy he felt now that his best freind was her old self once again.

After that touchie reunion they all went into the house and got a big breakfast orginised to selebrate the full recovery of Lilo and that their ohhana did not get any smaller than it was already. It was during this time that Stitch noticed that Lilo was wearing something on her right wrist, it was black with a button on each corner and it had a digital read out of the time as well as 'holo enable' underneath the time, it was a watch. He had never seen her wear a watch before, so he asked her about it. "Jumba gave it to me when I woke up the today, telling me it was a present from him to me. I really like it and I think Elvis might have worn a watch simmeler to this one" she said enthusiatically. This conversation caused mixed expression on the faces of Jumba and Nani, which Stitch noticed causing him too wonder why they had made those faces. Lilo just went back to her breakfast 'hmm when should I show Stitch what this watch is really here for' she thought as she took another spoon full of her cereal.

On the other side of the island in the space ship that is situated next to a waterfall, the experiment container computer beeps loudly indicating that a new experiment was activated. Arriving by elevator from a lower deck of the ship Gantu mummbles something about doing all the work on the ship and getting no respect from anyone, he goes to the computer and turnes it on. "Warning, experiment activated. Number unknown, primary function unknown" was all that the computer said as it showed the piture of the experiment. "Stupid contraption must be broken, containment computer activate self diagnostic." he said to the machine thinking it might be able to repair itself. " All systems green, no fault detected" was all he got from the computer. Just as he was wondering what to do, he gets a call from the most annoying gerbal in the galaxy "GANTU, is that another valuble experiment that you are letting get away. You incompitant fish faced fool what is your excuse this time?" "Sir I think the containment computer is broken, it has given me a picture but no other information on the experiment" he said not surprised at this unannounced call. "Thats is because the experiment is not regestered to the computer YOU FOOL, Jumba must be making new experiments. GET THAT EXPERIMENT it is probably more powerful that 626, so get going and CATCH IT YOU FISHY FACED IMBOSILE" said the deranged gerbal before hanging up leaving Gantu to his thoughts. "Hey fish face was that hamster jerk on the line the line just there" came 625's voice from the kitchen. "Yes it was, he thinks this experiment is a new one that Jumba made, but I just think that the computer is broken" he said as he got his holster on and collected a containment capsual. "If your going out would you do me a favour and get some more bread. I think were going to run out pritty soon." 625 shouted after Gantu, as he left to capture this experiment.

Lilo and Stitch where walking down to the beach to see Cannonball, Lilo wanted to thank him for helpping Stitch take her home on that dreadful day and to show him that she was all better now. As they got to the town, Lilo's hula instructor was comming out of the market with some groceries when he saw Lilo walk by him "hello Lilo it is good to see you are all better. Also I would like to tell you that their will be no hula parctuse for the next couple of weeks, since I myself haft to take care of an unwell reletive, but that dose not mean you should stop practicing" he said to her before going off in the opposit direction of the town.

As they arrived at the beach Lilo saw that the beach was once again full of people both in and out of the water. This made Lilo much happier and more energetic, so she started to run in the direction Cannonball is usally at with Stitch right on her tail. It was here that Stitch noticed Lilo was much faster than she was before, infact she was about the same speed as Stitch. This really confused him since he had no explenation to this and now that he thought about the static feeling that he had when he hugged Lilo earlier, happened again when she accidently bumped into him on her way to get changed out of her pajamas and into her favorite dress, the red one with white leaf patterns so they could go and see Cannonball. "comeon Stitch I thought you where faster than me" Lilo said teasingly to Stitch 'is she hinting to me that there is something differant with her...that must be it, there must be something differant about her but what? She acts the same except for these hints and she looks the same and her sent has not changed either, so what could it be' Stitch thought to himself as they made it to the rocks that Cannonball jumps off to make those waves of his.As Cannonball climbed back up to make another wave he got a nice surprise, Lilo was the first person there followed closely by Stitch both of which were pantion a little bit. "Cannonball I would like to thank you for what you did the last time I saw you" Lilo said to him. Cannonball did not know what to say, he did it without expecting anything and here is Lilo personally thanking him on what he did. Really the only thing he could say was that she was welcome and that she did not need to thank him, however it was in his native toung since he did not know any english but he was Stitch there and he would have translated it for him. Stitch herd this conversation and was about to translate what Cannonball said when Lilo surprised every one there, she said that she wanted to thank him for what he done on that day in the same language that Cannonball used.

That one little stunt of Lilo's confirmed to Stitch that she was indeed differant in some way and that she was hiding it "so Lilo, when are you going to show meega what is differant about you?" he asked knowing what the reply would be. "Stitch I was wondering when you would relise that I was hiding something" replied a smiling Lilo. She moved in front of both Stitch and Cannonball then held out her watch and pressed a button. The watch made a beeping sound and the words 'holo enable' that where under the time vanished, then Lilo began to get static and fuzzy. A flash made Stitch and Cannonball shield their eyes for just a second, then slowly as they uncovered their eyes they did not see Lilo standing there but instead an experiment. The experiment was the same height as Lilo and was wearing the same clothes Lilo was but they were the only things that resembled Lilo. The experiment looked very similar to Angel except she was a purplish blue colour, with black claws instead of pink. Her chest and the area around her eyes were the same colour as Angle's too, her antennas were as long as angels where but they did not curl up at the end instead they just hanged down thanks to the force of gravity. Then she took off the clothes that she had on and spun around so they could see her back, on it was a leaf that looked the same as the ones on her dress except it was the light pink colour that was on her chest and around her eyes, not white like the ones on the dress.

"So Stitch, what do you think of the new me?" she asked very happily, she liked being an experiment and did not want to go back to being her old self, she had hardly experimented with this new body and already she was enjoying herself more than when she was human. Stitch was shocked, he had no idea that she was hiding something as radicle as becomming an experiment, so he did the only thing he could in a situarion like this... he fainted. "I thought this might shock you Stitch, Cannonball could you help me take him to the house please" she asked. But she did not get a reply from him. As she turned to look at the wave generator, she saw that he too had fainted. "ooh bother why do these two haft to go and faint on me like this, allwell best try and get them to the house. I hope what Jumba said was true and that I do get some experiment abilities namely super strength or this is going to be hard" she said to herself. After hoisting Stitch up onto one of her shoulders, she found that she indeed had super strength 'well this is going to make it alot faster and easier' she thought as she hoisted Cannonball into her other shoulder before dashing off in the direction of home.

Stitch woke to find that he was back in his bed with Cannonball in Lilo's. He looked around the room to see if Lilo was there, but he did not see her in the room. As he looked at the clock he saw that it was after dinner, 'how long was I out?' he pondered to himself not remembering what had knocked him out earlire today or at what time. A stiring noise comming from Lilo's bed told him that Cannonball was waking up "Cannonball are you ok" he asked with concern and confusion in his voice. "I'm ok...I think, ugh I had the weardest dream ever I drempt that Lilo had turned into an experiment like us and liked being it over her old self" Cannonball said still groggy from his sleep. As he looked towards Stitch he was confused as to why Stitch was giving him a strange look "Cannonball I had a simmiler dream about Lilo". Both of them looked at each other nervusly and then looked at the elevtor that led down to the rest of the house. Quickly they both got out of their desegnated beds and went down the elevator hoping that Lilo was not really a cousin. As they got into the kitchen they saw Jumba sitting at the table reading the paper "aah 626 and 520, so glad to be seeing you up and bout. Was wondering when you two would be waking up, would you like something to eat I can be heating up some of the dinner if you like?" he asked the two experiment. Food was the last thing on their minds right now "where is Lilo" they asked in unison to their creator "little girl is being in bath by orders of bigger girl but you two must be hungry, so I heat up dinner for both of you while you wait for her to be getting out of tub" Jumba said as he made his way to the fridge to collect the left overs of the dinner for the two still confused experiments.

Lilo was taking a bath by the orders of Nani just before she went out on a 'not date' with David. She was having her usual fun in the bath as well as doing all the important stuff as well, like washing her FUR to make shure that it was clean and also to make shure that there was nothing in her fur to make her feel uncomfertable when she goes to sleep. "Man keeping you fur clean is tuff work" she complained to heself as she got out of the bath and started drying off with a towl, as she dried herself she kept thinking of the reaction both Stitch and Cannonball gave her as she showed them the new and improoved Lilo ' I still can't get over it, I showed them that I am still me except that now I look and have the abilities of them' she thought over giggling as the replay of how Stitch fainted as she turned off the hologram that Jumba gave her to hide herself from every one when she wanted to look human.

After she finnished drying herself off she wasled towards the kitchen to get a drink before going to see if Stitch and Cannonball were awake yet. As she got nearer to the kitchen she heard Stitch and Cannonball talking about something she could not hear, thinking it was about the surprise she gave them earlier she went into the kitchen without her hologram on thinking that they were use to see her like this or needed to become use to see her like this. As soon as she entered the kitchen both Stitch and Cannonball stopped talking and just stared at her rubbing their eyes several times to make shure that they were not seeing things. This again made Lilo giggle and even blush a little bit at their reaction. "I take it that you two are not use to seeing me like this, well you better get use to it for as far as I know there is no cure for what I have become right Jumba" she asked the evil geneouse of the house. "Well unless you are wanting virus to be comming back, no" he said before getting up and leaving them all to talk.When bed time fanally arrived, Stitch had finally accepted that this was how his best freind was going to look like from now on. Cannonball had left a couple of hours ago after he had accepted that this was the new Lilo and that their was nothing that would change her mind.

The next day Lilo was waiting for Stitch to come back from getting his shots with Nani. She wanted to go with them but Nani said that the lady at the shelter might get confused as to which pet needs the shots and that jumba wanted to see if he could figure out what powers she had. She had just finnished the tests that Jumba had given her and was inside going through the data and fileing it into the computer, when Lilo fet the ground shake. 'That can only be one person' she thought as she put her hologram on to hide the fact that she was now an experiment. At that moment Gantu came out of the forest looking quite angery "earth girl where are you hiding the new abbomination that Jumba created" was all that he said to Lilo. Lilo was getting annoyed at Gantu because she was not in the mood to see his fishy face "we don't have the experiment, you big dummy" "well then if you are not going to hand over the experiment willingly, then I will trade that experiment for you, you proto earthling" he said as a containment capsul surrounded Lilo. Gantu then ran off to his ship after leaving a letter saying what his demands where for the return of Lilo.

As Gantu was walking down a path to his ship he was mummbling about how great his plan was working out. Lilo was already working on a plan of her own to escape from the containment pod. She had tooken off her watch and set it so that the hologram looked like it was curled up into a ball crying, then she got one of her claws and make a small hole out of the top of the capsul and climbed out. Carfully defying gravity by laching herself onto the edge of the glass, she placed the piece of glass back into its original place before jumping into a tree. 'just like what happened when Stitch free'ed himself and Sample back at that aliens convention, only this time I remembered to close the container so it looks like I am still in there' she thought to herself as she watched Gantu continue down the path. When he was out of sight Lilo climbed down from the tree and started her own way back to her house, wondering what Gantu ment when he said that Jumba had made a new experiment ' I'il ask Jumba about it when I get back to the house' she thought as she pickened up her pace to shorten the time it would take her to get home.

By the time Lilo got back to the house,Jumba had just read the letter with the demands and was planning a rescue. "Jumba what did Gantu mean when he said you created a new experiment and that it has escaped?" Lilo asked when she saw him looking at the ransome note. "Aah little girl gad to be seeing that you escaped from that big dimmy. To answer question am thinking you are being that experiment, you see my containment computer can detect the DNA of newly activated experiments and generate what they look like from information. But since you are not being true experiment or being in the computers data, Gantu would only have that information he would not have information of your abilities or the fact that you where once human. Speaking of which I have finnished going through test data, you seem to have same abilities of 626 except you can still be swimmings, you can only be lifting 1000 times weight and you can be making defensive shields that can stop anything getting through even air, but the shields seem to be capible to convert oxygen from any compound that contains it so their is no chance of suffacation if you do use the shields like that" he said with a relieved voice now that Nani's wrath would not be directed at him today. "Cool I can now help Stitch catch the remainder of his cousins without getting into danger, I've wanted to be able to do this ever since swapper swapped our bodies" she said happily before remembering the main reason why she wanted to see him. "Jumba I need a new holographic generator, since I left it with Gantu as I made my escape."

As Gantu got to his ship he noticed that Lilo had been quiet throught the walk from her house, he looked at the container and saw the hologram balled over looking like it was crying 'fear is my best weapon' he thought as he looked at the container. "Hey Gantu did you get the bread like I asked or where you too buisy trying to find a computer glitch experiment to get some" 625 said through a comunicator as Gantu entered the ship's cargo bay. "I got your bread 625, now can you keep watch of the radar I'm expecting company" gantu said into the comunicator as he dumpped the hologram of Lilo into a bigger container, thinking that it was still the real Lilo, before going into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich and give 625 his bread.

Back at the house Lilo was waiting for Jumba to finnish the holigraphic generator so she could go to the beach and take more pictures of tourists for her before and after collection. "Lilo why are you happy about being cousin" Stitch asked as he quietly walked up to her. "Stitch the reason is that I cannot change back to being human without generating that horrible virus again so I make the best out of the situation, also I wanted to help you out more when we go and catch your cousins. Stitch, ever since swapper swapped our bodies, a part of me has always wanted to have all the abilities that you have to be able to have all the fun that comes into your life without risking my life" she said quite suprised at her truthfulness and embarrised about it at the same time. "Stitch I know it sounds silly but that is how I really feel about the matter, so that is why I am happy to be one of your cousins and to top it all off I have all the advantages of being a cousin and all the advantages of being human so I have not lost anything, well thanks to Jumba and his holograms anyway, I have just gained a whole lot more" she said sounding very logically. Stitch now understood fully why she was happy about being a cousin, 'she wanted to do more things together than just what we could when she was human and she wants to help out more with the catching of my cousins, she really is her old self and her personality has not changed in the slightest, so I really do have my Lilo back!' he thought now genually happy that his best freind is indeed back only with an upgrade that makes both of their lives much funner and easier when catching experiments.

Back at the ship 625 was delivering a sandwich to the prisoner by orders of Gantu. "Hey you in there I've brought you a sandwich so that you won't starve" he said to the prisoner. Still in the same position, the prisoner did not make a single movement "come now it is not that bad" he said as he opened the container to give her the sandwich. As he got closer to Lilo he noticed that there was something beside her it looked like a watch so he picked it up and noticed the words 'holo enable' under the time. He played around with the buttons until the words vannished, then he noticed Lilo becomming all static and fuzzy and then a flash made him to cover his eyes and as he pulled his hands away from his face he noticed that Lilo was nolonger there. 'I know Gantu is going to blame me for this' he thought as he went up to the bridge to tell him that what he cought was a hologram. Several minutets later Gantu could be heard from every corner of, as well as several miles around, his ship.

At the house Lilo had just recieved a new holo graphic generator watch from Jumba, when both hers and Stitches ears perked up. "Stitch did you just hear something?" she asked thinking she heard something, "Ih" replied Stitch thinking he heard something as well. "Lilo don't go out again without your hologram or I might just asked the shelter lady if she could give you some shot's as well!" Nani said threateningly cusing both Lilo and Stitch to redirect their attention to her. "You would'nt dare" Lilo replied to her big sister, "wanna bet" was the only reply that she got from her keeper before she went out to go surfing with David. "Why can't I come too" Lilo moaned changing the subject, "Because you are still a little girl who is too young to learn surfing" Nani said, "hey I am no longer a kid tecnically I'm an ilegal genetic experiment" Lilo replied thinking that it might work. "You may look like one of Jumbas evil creations, but you are still my little sister and I haft to make sure that you don't get into any danger, besides you might be like the blue recking ball and sink in water" she said to Lilo. Jumba took this opertunity to shead some new like on some new abilities he had descovered earlier in the day "little girl cannot be sinking in water, infact she can hold breath for appriximtly 30 minutets give or take deapth and preassure of water and also she dose not need to be wearing swinning goggles" He said smugly, but by this time Nani took Jumbas destraction and had left the house.

Lilo and Stitch decided to go to the beach after Nani sice their was nothing ealse to do. As usual the beach was packed solid with people of all ages, so Lilo, by orders of Nani, was not suppose to have her hologram on, but she did'nt. She wanted to show Stitch some of the fish that live around here and she was going to give Puge a special sandwich to say sorry for being late. When she got to the shore she could see Nani and david surfing away happily, but to her that was not as important as giving Puge his sandwich. Stitch was still not convinced that this was going to work but he did trust Lilo so he would at least give it a go, as he got closer to Lilo she noticed his hesitation and asured him that if it did not work she would help him in any way to fix it. She closed her eyes and concentrated, followed the instructions Jumba had given her earlier in the day and it created a glow around her and Stitch before fading. As she opened her eyes she saw Stitch is a type of bubble simmilar to the ones you blow using those bubble mixes that you can buy in shops, "wow I actully did it and it was'nt all that hard" she said to him. That sentence gave Stitch an uneasy feeling but that thought went out the window as he felt the bubble move, he looked behind him to see Lilo pushing the bubble he was in into the sea but he did not feel wet or see water entering the bubble, this made Stitch feel alot happier that the bubble was working exactly the way Jumba said it would work.

Lilo was surprised at how easy it was to move the bubble in the water and to controle the density of the bubble, since the force field was originally lighter than water, so she had to focuse and make it denser than water by making the force field bubble thicker. When they got to the spot where puge hangs around alot Stitch was stunned at all the differant fish that he saw as well as all the differant colours of the sea when he was making the decent with Lilo, then he saw Puge for the first time ever. Puge had retrieved his sandwich and swam around Stitch several times before swimming off into the blue of the sea.

As they got out of the sea and Lilo deactivated her force field that sourrounded Stitch she saw Gantu comming onto the beach looking quite angery. She quickly put her hologram on before Gantu saw them and Stitch begun to move up to Gantu to show him that he ment buisness. "Trog where is the new experiment that Jumba has made" Gantu said after seeing Stitch moving up to him. "Meega na la queista!" was all he got from Stitch as he got out all his alien accessories, "you asked for it then" gantu replied before sending a barrage of plasma fire at the direction of Stitch. While Stitch dodge all the shots easily as he moved closer to Gantu, a stray plasma shot went flying right at Lilo who attempted to protect herself with her arms, the blast cought her watch braking it instintally and that ment that her holograme shut down reveling her new self to Gantu. "What the, that little earth girl of yours trog is now an experiment" he said just before he was thrown off into the direction of his ship by Stitch. All this comotion got the attention of two people Lilo would rather they did not notice the comotion "Lilo, what are you doing out of the house without your hologram!" Nani shouted causing both Lilo and Stitch to cover their ears from the noice "Nani could you be more quiet my ears are now more sensitive, and I did have my hologram was destroyed by Gantu see" Lilo said as she showed her sister the now melted watch. "Lilo is that you, you shure have changed since the last time I saw you" David said a bit shocked at how Lilo looks now, but yet still calm seeing as how she was acting to her sister, he knew that it was only Lilo's out side that had changed and not her inside which to him where more important. "David you shure are taking my new look much better than anyother person I have shone it too" Lilo said very surprised that David has not fainted yet. "Lilo, i'm sorry that I shouted at you, I should have known that you would not have your hologram on without a reason" Nani said now sorry that she shouted at Lilo. They both got into an imbrace for several seconds before seperating and accomping each other home with David and Stitch following.

Back at his ship Gantu was tending to his wounds from crashing into a tree after being thrown all the way from the beach. "So I take it that you did not manage to catch the experiment" 625 said as he came in with a sandwich for Gantu. He said nothing still thinking over what he saw 'that little girl is now a trog and that she was the same one that activated the computer'. "Hey fish face are you in there" 625 asked knocking on Gantu's head. This startled Gantu out of his trail of thought and looked at 625, he took the sandwich from him and said before eating it "the little girl that hangs around 626 is now a trog". This confused 625 since he did not fully catch what Gantu said, but the look on Gantu's face told him that something indeed shocked the big whale ALOT and that he still could not get his head around it and that he should ask him about it after Gantu becomes closer to his normal self.

Well thats my story, please be gentil when revewing it and thanks for reading it. As I said before forgive me for any mistakes that I made, I tried to make as few as possible. One last thing, I have a few ideas to make a seriese of this story and if I get enough people saying that I should I will. Almost forgot, will not be able to really talk to people due to the fact that I live in Scotland and my time is about 7 hours (I think)ahead of the standard time of Fanfiction, but don't let that scare you please!