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A Different Kind of Side Effect

Part 9


The sky was dark and it had only been several hours since everyone sat down to a lovely dinner of pizza and ice-cream. Dianna had left many hours before dinner so that she could get her husband ready for the biggest surprise he will encountered in his entire life. Dianna thought that it would be best if she slowly told him what happened to Victoria over a long period of time, and with Nani agreeing to the plan decided that it would be best if Victoria stay the night with Lilo. This made the girls very happy indeed. But now that the sun has gone down beyond the horizon things began to change, Victoria's attitude changed from one of fun and happiness to one that was of worry and fear. She was sitting on Lilo's bed just staring out of the window just looking at something that no one was really able to see. Lilo and Stitch where sitting in the living room and they had both noticed this change in Victoria and so they decided to give her a little time alone…that was over an hour ago. Stitch was beginning to think that something was wrong, but Lilo knew what Victoria was going through and knew that all Victoria needed was to accept what has happened to her really did happen. Lilo thought that it was strange that the mind only begins to think that it could possibly be a dream when the sun goes down. Maybe because darkness surrounds your dreams just like the darkness surrounds you when the night comes. Maybe it was something else entirely, but the fact remains that Lilo had went through this exact same thing on the first night that she became an experiment.

'maybe I should ask Jumba about it now that I think about it'

Lilo thought as she looked back at the door that led to her elevator to her bedroom where Victoria was sitting. After another ten minuets past Lilo began to think that it was a little strange that Victoria was taking so long to get her mind thinking in reality once again, though she could not remember how long it took her to get over it. Deciding to try and help she got up and went into the kitchen to get a bole of ice-cream for Victoria,

'ice-cream always seems to help when things like this happen…well it always seems to help me anyway',

After coming back into the living room Stitch noticed the bole of ice-cream in Lilo's hands and when she quietly nodded her head in the direction of the elevator, Stitch knew instantly what Lilo was getting at and so he got up and went with Lilo towards the elevator. Sitting in the same room watching the same television channel that Lilo and Stitch where watching was both Nani and Pleakly. Seeing this Pleakly was about to say something when Nani placed her hand on his shoulder, spinning his head to meet her eyes Pleakly had a face that asked her what she was doing but she just slowly shook her head giving the impression that they both should just stay out of it sighed in defeat he got himself comfortable on the couch once again.

Victoria did not look over to when she heard the elevator activate and come up the shaft with its cargo of ice cream, Lilo and Stitch.

"Victoria I brought ice cream. Look I know what you are going through"


"well actually it has…twice."

"oh…yeah that's right. First you got Stitch, Jumba and Pleakly. Then you became an experiment"

Victoria said as she turned around and saw the experiment Lilo standing there with a bole of ice cream.

"now Victoria like I said before you interrupted me I know what you are going through. Your mind is being…overloaded I suppose is the best word for it. You are taking in so many new sensations, feeling and other things that your mind can't take it"

Lilo said as she and Stitch walked over to the bed that she was sitting on and handed her the bole of ice cream. Victoria accepted the ice cream and slowly began to eat it,

"you know, when I became an experiment I sat in the exact same place and stared out of the exact same window. The only difference is when I was sitting there I just stared at the moon but you, when we came up here I saw that your head seemed to be constantly moving. Can you tell us what you where looking at"

Lilo asked Victoria. Victoria thought for a moment before giving Lilo an answer,

"to be truthful I was not actually looking at anything, but I was following voices",

"voices. Wow that's weird. Do you know what are causing these voices"

Lilo asked beginning to get a little worries that something really bad happened to Victoria.

"I think I do Lilo. Could you turn out the lights for me"

Victoria said as she placed the empty bole of ice cream down on the floor. Confused by the request, but wanting to get an answer Lilo did as Victoria requested and turned out the lights. With the lights out the room was pitch back so they all had to turn on their night vision, however Victoria asked that they instead turn on their inferred. Still following her request Lilo and Stitch both turned on their inferred, then they just stared out of the window. As they stared out of the window they, every so often, saw small objects pass by the window and as these objects went past they could hear very high pitched squeaks that seemed to be in a rhythm. Both Lilo and Stitch realised at the same time what the little bodies of heat flying about the place where,

"bats. Victoria are you telling us that you can understand those echoes that the bats use for sight?"

Lilo asked her friend, with Stitch beside her nodding his head with the question. Victoria just seemed to smile a little before nodding her head,

"yes I believe I can hear what they are saying, but the majority of them are all very primal"

Victoria said as she changed her vision to normal and went to go and turn on the lights once again. With the light back on Lilo and Stitch returned their vision to normal as well.

"wow that's cool Victoria, but do you always hear them or can you block them out?"

Lilo asked out of curiosity

"if I concentrate hard enough I can, but the effort is tiring."

"that's no problem all you need it practice and you will be able to do it without you even knowing it"

Lilo said sounding cheerful once again. The fog that clouded Victoria's mind seemed to be fading fast and that she was beginning to return to her normal self once again. With the conversation beginning to slow down and become more normal, they all heard someone from downstairs yelling at them,

"Lilo, Stitch, Victoria. That's your bed time so you all get to sleep. I suspect we all have a busy day ahead of us"

Nani called from the base of the elevator before going back into the living room. With this news they all went to their designated beds, but before Victoria get comfortable she went down stairs and put the bole back, then went to re-due her teeth. When she got back up to the bedroom she saw that the lights where out and that the room was quiet, so slipping to the bed that was set up for her she began to snuggle up in the covers. Just as she was about to close her eyes she noticed that she could no longer hear the bats talking out side of the window,

'wow I guess Lilo was right and all I had to do was practise it enough and then I would not even realise it when I was stopping myself hearing the bats. But I did not think it would be so quick or easy. I guess I will have to ask Jumba why it was so hard at first but now it is so easy'

Victoria thought to herself before she closed her eyes and fell asleep with a head that was empty of worries and unwanted voices.

With the rise of the morning sun and the fall of the evening moon they removed a whole mess of problems, but the brought a whole new set of problems for Victoria to deal with today…the biggest one being her father, but for the moment life was right once again. Victoria felt a lot better than what she was felling the night before the second she woke up thanks to the light and warmth of the sun as it stretched out its comfort through the window of the room where she had been staring out of the night before. With a stretch and a yawn, both Victoria and Lilo woke up at more or less the same time,

"morning Victoria how are you feeling this morning?"

"a lot better than last night thanks. I guess you where right all my fear and confusion was due to my head not being able to take in all of these new sensations, but now I feel like my normal self once again"

Victoria replied. Lilo just giggled at that statement,

"what? What are you giggling at Lilo?"

"well you may feel like your normal self right now, but just you wait and see what me and Stitch have planned for you"

Lilo said with a big smile on her face. This made Victoria a little nervous but she did trust her friend so she knew that it would not be dangerous.

'But then again I am now an experiment so it might actually be dangerous'

Victoria thought to herself as she looked at Lilo. But looking at Lilo's happy face brought about a load of guilt as she remembered exactly what happened last night,

"umm Lilo. I'm really sorry I yelled at you last night"

"that's ok Victoria. I did the same thing when Nani tried to calm me down the way I tried to calm you down. You where just scared like I was you don't need to apologies for that"

"no your wrong. I needed to apologies for it or else I would have killed myself with guilt"

Victoria said as she stared directly in Lilo eyes with a face that told Lilo she was quite serious. Then out of the blue both girls just started laughing. With that laughing gone the room fell silent once again…with the exception of the snoring coming from Stitch. Looking over at Stitch they both saw a trickle of drool coming out of his mouth as he slept happily on his bed. Thinking up a good idea to get Stitch up Lilo moved over to sit next to Victoria and the quietly whispered her plan into her ear. Victoria giggled a little bit before nodding her head in agreement,

"well Victoria do you think it is about time to go down stairs and get some breakfast"

Lilo said very exaggerated. Victoria was smiling the entire time Lilo was speaking, but somehow she managed to calm down enough so that she could get her lines in,

"sure lets go get breakfast Lilo. But what will we have",

"I'm sure Nani will let us have coconut cake for breakfast since you have became an experiment"

Lilo said while constantly looking over at Stitch with a massive smile on her face, Victoria was also smiling as she watched Stitch stir in bed. They kept quiet a little longer as they watch Stitch, slowly come too. Within a blink of an eye Stitch was up and eating his pillow as if it was a marshmallow. Both girls laughed their heads off and tears began to fall from their eyes with joy. Eventually Stitch stopped eating his pillow and noticed the two girls rolling around the floor with laughter. Thinking it would be fun for himself he decided to spit his pillow at the two girls. However as soon as it got within a meter of hitting them the pillow just seemed to float in mid air,

"Stitch I fell for that once. I won't fall for it again. I thought ahead and put up a shield to protect me and Victoria just in case you decided to give us a slobber bath"

Lilo said in between giggles. Stitch watched the pillow float in the air for a short period of time, but eventually it did fall onto the floor,

'hehehe this is my chance',

Stitch jumped from his bed and onto the two laughing girls. Then out of nowhere Stitch seemed to have a limitless supply of saliva as he slobbered over the girls. The girls could do nothing to resist since Stitch had them pinned to the ground but they really did not try they where too busy giggling along with Stitch.

With the entertainment of Stitch eating his pillow and the slobber baths gone, they all decided that it was indeed time to get some breakfast just not the coconut cake that Lilo had said to get Stitch up. Arriving in the kitchen Lilo got Victoria a bole of cereal while Stitch helped himself to the rest of the box once Lilo poured a bole for herself and Victoria. As they ate their breakfast Jumba came into the room,

"ah little girl, 626 and other little girl it is good to see you up. Umm did you girls have bath this morning?"

"well you could say that Jumba"

Victoria said,

"yeah we sort of done a joke of Stitch so Stitch slobbered all over us"

Lilo finished. Jumba just stared at the group not knowing what to say,

"right whatever. Other little, your mother phoned earlier and said that she would like you to go over to your house some time before 5. She says that your father had to go to work and will be back by then and she would like you home before that"

Jumba said as he remembered the message that Nani gave him before she went off to work,

"perfect that gives us the entire afternoon to play."

Lilo said with joy before finishing off her breakfast along with Victoria.

With breakfast over with Lilo and Stitch decide that the best thing that they could do today was to allow Victoria, though they did not tell her. Instead they told that they where going to go and show Stitch's cousins the new Victoria,

"now Victoria there is something that you should know. Stitch's cousins will now think you are now apart of their big family, which is technically true since you now posses their DNA and abilities. Last time I gave them a party to show them the new me, but I think it will just be easier if we show them one by one"

Lilo said as they started to walk down the road leading to the main road, with their holograms on of course. As they walked down the road towards the beach they all saw a group of people that they would have been happy not to see. They all saw Myrtle and her posse. Lilo wanted to take a linger route and go around them but Victoria thought of another idea that she believed would be a lot more entertaining. She pulled Lilo behind a building before Myrtle or any of her posse saw them and told Lilo her plan. Lilo was not too sure about the plan but as she heard more of it she began to agree with it thinking that it might actually be fun after all. So getting into character Lilo disabled her hologram and then went on all fours to finish her character. She was now Victoria's new dog.

"so tell me Victoria. Why are you not removing your hologram and pretending to be a dog?"

"well I have had no experience at walking on all fours but I know you have. Though I have not seen you walk on all fours recently but I do remember the party that you gave me when I fist came to the island. I noticed that Stitch seemed to act differently at the party than when I saw him at your lemonade stand. I also noticed that you seemed to act differently at your party than you did when I saw you at your lemonade stand. Then when I actually saw Stitch talk it sounded like you. Up until when I saw you as an experiment I thought nothing of it. But now I think I can put two and two together and come up with the fact that you where Stitch at that party and Stitch was you at the party. Am I correct?"

"yeah your right Victoria, but I thought you went home when I started to fight Gantu"

"but not right away. I stayed until that two headed cousin of Stitch's started to use some weird beam on you and your family."

Victoria said as she began to look around the corner of the building to see what was happening with Myrtle and her gang. They where walking towards them.

"right now Lilo remember you are a dog not a person. So you can't talk"

Victoria said just before she walked out from behind the building and into Myrtle and her group.

"Oh Victoria its you. You know you should really stop hanging around with Weirdlo and start hanging around with us. We will be willing to forget about your time with her if you agree to join us"

Myrtle said along with the usual chorus of "yeah" from her posse.

"well I'm not sure let me think about it for a little while"

"well ok but you better make it quick. So what are you up too? We where just going off to my house to play dolls want to join us?"

"sorry I can't I am walking my new dog. You want to see her?"

"well ok lets see your new dog. But I bet it wont be as beautiful as my dog Gigi"

"come on out"

Victoria said giving Lilo the signal to come out. As soon as Lilo came out from behind the building she was hiding from, Myrtle changed her mind entirely about allowing Victoria to join her posse.

"that dog. It looks very similar to the one that Weirdlo has!"

"yeah I know isn't it cool"

"COOL! COOL! IT'S A FREAK! THAT'S IT, you will never become our friend and join our group. Come on girls"

And with that said Myrtle and her posse continued on their way to Myrtles house to play dolls. With myrtle out of ear shot both girls and Stitch, who just walked out from behind the building they where originally hiding from, started to laugh their guts into submission.

With the entertainment over with, the group finally managed to get to the beach. However upon looking at their watches they saw that it was half past 2,

"so if we decided to go to my house at 4…that gives about an hour and a half to play here before we need to get going"

Victoria stated as she looked at her watch. Lolo and Stitch agreed with her,

"so what shall we do first then"

"well Victoria first of all we shall go and see Cannonball so that he can meet his new cousin"
Lilo said with a bit of a smile

"really. Wait Lilo who is Cannonball's new cousin?"


Lilo and Stitch said at the exact same time before laughing together. Victoria blushed a little before giggling along with her friends,

"I suppose your right. So lets get going, we do have time limit after all"

Victoria said before she started to run off in the direction that Cannonball created his waves. With her head start and her running at full speed she thought that she would get to Cannonball first but what she did not take into account was the fact that her running speed was not affected by her transformation and Lilo's was, and Stitch was just always much faster than her so when she saw Stitch pass her she did not think much of it but when she saw Lilo running beside Stitch keeping up with him, she was indeed quiet surprised. But not wanting to be defeated so easily, Victoria turned off her hologram and then brought out her wings and started to glide catching up to Lilo and Stitch. Their unofficial race came to an end on the cliffs that Cannonball jumped off and the winner was…well all of them. The race was a draw or a triple draw or something like that. All that matters is the fact that they all got to the cliffs at the same time and that they all won. But when they got there they could not see Cannonball anywhere,

"so where is Cannonball"

"we probably just missed him. I suppose if we wait here we will catch him eventually. But I suggest you put your hologram back on so that you give him a surprise"

Lilo suggested looking at the experiment version of Victoria. Agreeing with her Victoria put her hologram back on, and just in time too because as soon as it was online once again Cannonball climbed up the cliff preparing to create more waves for the tourist.

"hey Cannonball, me and Stitch have someone to introduce you to. Meet Victoria she is my best human friend and she has something in common"

Lilo said to Cannonball in English,

"well its good to see you have a genuine human friend Lilo. But are you sure it is a good idea to show her Stitch and all of her cousins, and what is it that you both have in common?"

Cannonball said in his native language (since Lilo, Stitch and Victoria can understand Stitch's native language I am writing it as if we can understand it just to make things easier).

"simple one thing that me and Victoria have in common is that we both can understand you, another thing is that we both have had the same virus and we both have had the same antidote to get rid of the virus"

This information confused Cannonball a little bit, but remembering recent events he began to suspect that something bad had happened to Victoria,

"so dose this mean that Victoria is now an experiment?"

Cannonball asked. This was the signal that Victoria had been waiting for. She pushed the special button on her remote and this caused her alien form to be shown to Cannonball. Cannonball was not surprised…well actually he was but he did not show it. Instead he circled Victoria seeing every single bit of her. Then, when he was back in front of her, he simply said,

"welcome to the family cousin!"

Unfortunately for the trio, time just flew by at the beach and this caused them to be later than they wanted to be when they arrived at Victoria's house. As they entered the house and went into the living room they saw that Jumba and Nani where sitting on a red sofa chatting away with Dianna,

"Ah little girls and 626 we where expecting you to arrive a little while ago"

Jumba said when the small group walked into the room. The room was surprisingly very similar to the living room of Lilo's house, with only a few minor differences here and their.

"sorry about that we where playing at the beach and forgot about the time"

Victoria said when they sat down on the floor in front of the sofa that Jumba and Nani where sitting.

"that's ok girls. At least you got here before your father arrived home from work. You know it surprised me that he went to work. I thought that he would want to see you as soon as he could. But he told me that he somehow knew you where ok. I suppose its just fatherly instincts"

Dianna said as she took a sip from a cup that she held in her hands. The group chatted idly for some time while they waited for Victoria's dad to get home. Looking at the clock on the wall it was no more than 5 past 5 when everyone in the room heard the front door open. Upon hearing this Victoria jumped up from her position on the floor and ran out of the door, then all that could be heard was one simple word,


This produced a weird feeling in Lilo. Sure she was happy for Victoria that she was able to do something as simple as say that word. But she also felt a combination of jealousy and worry. She was jealous that Victoria was able to say such words to someone that really was her father, and she was also worried about the fact that there could be a small possibility that it could also be the last time she would be able to say something like that. Though she did very well to hide the bad feelings from the people in the room, Stitch saw right through to them and he wondered if their was anything he could do to help her, but at that moment he could not think of anything so he decided to leave it for now. It was the second time within half an hour that Victoria entered the room, but this time she was being carried in by her father,

"wow this is a bit of a crowd"

He said as he placed Victoria down on the floor. Victoria's father was a well built man. Not too fat, yet not too skinny ether he had brown hair and his he had the look of a local because of his tanned body. He had blue eyes that showed genuine kindness in them as well as his hair being quite messy told people that he was quite laid back and it seemed to increase the kindness in his eyes. He was wearing a dirty plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue combat shorts also a little bit dirty.

"so dear are you doing to introduce everyone or am I going to start"

"oh sorry about that dear. This is Nani and the man there is her uncle Jumba. The little girl is called Lilo and is Nani's sister"

Dianna said as she pointed to each individual person in turn.

"please to meet you all. I am of course Victoria's father, Dianna's husband, John Smith"

He said as he shook hand with each person in the room that he did not already know and then patted Stitch on the head.

"right now my wife told me everything that has happened to my little girl but she seems fine now and dose not look any different. Can someone explain what is going on please?"

John said changing the tone in his voice to a very serious one. It was Jumba who took it upon himself to tell John the fine details,

"Mr. Smith I am a scientist and since your wife has told you everything that I told her, I will skip right to the part about your daughter. You see I have created a hologram that is hiding your little girls true self now with an image of older self. Now little girl if you would be so kind as to turn off your hologram and allow your father to see the new you"

And with that Victoria turned off her hologram to reveal her new body to her father. Saying that he was surprised would be an understatement and quite a bad one at that,

"now Mr. Smith you still have your daughter, she has just changed into one of my experiments"

"Wait. You mean to tell me that there are more creatures that look like my Victoria"

John said when he heard this.

"yes there is being 6 hundred and thert...I mean 629 in total. But I have placed two them in a different group since they where made differently. Your daughter is the second one to go in that group"

Jumba lectured to John who amazed everyone by actually looking like he understood what Jumba was saying.

"so if Victoria is the second one to go in this second group of experiments I take it that that blue dog was the first one to go in it"

"eh no. actually he is called experiment 626 also known as Stitch. He belongs to the first group of experiments since he was made by my hands. But your little girls DNA has been dramatically altered, so the second group of experiments that I have created is called Multiple Genetic Series or M.G.S for short. The first person to go into this group is little girl over there"

Jumba said pointing to Lilo. John looked a little sceptical but when Lilo saw this she also turned off her own hologram to show him the new her. She got the same reaction that Victoria got. Jumba looked at the two girls and then noticed that they are not showing everything about themselves

"girls please. Your father is needing to see all of you. Please show him, 626 you might as well do the same"

Both girls and Stitch did as requested and revelled their extra appendages. Victoria with her bat wings, Lilo with her extra arms and antennas, and Stitch with his extra arms, antennas and spikes on his back. This was just too much for John, he left the room to regain his composure. Victoria saw this and went after him, Lilo wanted to follow but Jumba held her back and shook his head slowly,

"the only one that can do anything to him now is her"

Jumba said knowing that it was the only thing that needed to be said. Thinking that it would be the best thin to do Nani told everyone that it is time to leave, Dianna agreed and showed them to the door.

John was up in his bedroom trying to think things through,

'get a hold of yourself. There are no such things at aliens. But the proof is in this very town. There are six hundred and twenty nine experiments that are so technically advanced that they spit all over the governments most black projects…and my daughter is now one of them as well as her friend. Also her pet bat must belong to that group as well. That would explain why I have never been able to find what type of species it is and why it likes to eat her snot'

His trail of thoughts where cut short by a knocking on the door being followed by Victoria…who still had her hologram off and her wings out,

"daddy are you ok, you are taking this worse than mum did. I know I look different and can do different things but it is still me in this body"

"sure I'm taking this worse than your mother Victoria. I am the engineer that keeps the space telescopes on this island working. I am a scientist who has been searching his whole life in search of aliens and now I have found it…in the one place I thought I would never see it"

Victoria pondered for a moment trying to find a way to tell her father just how much of a life or death situation her life was once in.

"dad would you rather I had died?"


"would you rather that I died when I got that virus?"

"no. no sweetie I would rather that where changed into my most horrible of nightmares than have you die. Its just that all of this information is really difficult for me to take in at once. I would have survived the event of that Jumba person had not got your friend Lilo or her dog in the puzzle. But with all of it revealed to me at once. Its just a lot to take in especially for a scientist like me. I needed to get my head straight that's all"

And with that said Victoria leapt into her fathers arms and the two of them just sat there in each others arms with tears creeping out of their eyes. On the other side of the door Dianna smiled when she heard the end of the conversation, before going back down stairs to tell Nani that everything was ok, then she needed to start making dinner.

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