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Kagome lay silent as her friends slept. A warm glow washed over her as the last embers of their fire slowly burned out. She stared up at the crescent moon, admiring the sliver of grey and silver…

She sighed as her thoughts turned back to InuYasha. How could she be expected to sleep? Deciding to herself that it would be nearly impossible, she slowly crept away from her sleeping companions and tip-toed over to the nearby hill.

InuYasha sat still at the bottom of the hill. Kagome stood silently behind him, suddenly unsure of what to do. She tilted her head, then smiled when his right ear made a small twitch.

"It's rude to stare, ya' know," he said without turning around.

"Have you been sitting here all night?" she asked, taking a seat beside him. When he didn't answer she assumed it meant that he had.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" he asked quietly, his gaze still facing forward. Kagome smiled slightly, touched by his concern.

"I couldn't sleep," she explained. "I never thanked you before," she whispered, following his gaze to the horizon. "For saving me."

"Don't bother," he grumbled. "It's my fault you needed saving in the first place."

"That's not true!" she said sternly. "It wasn't your fault!" InuYasha seemed to ignore her as his claws tore up patches of the grass before him. "Quit sulking, already!" Kagome screamed, suddenly furious.

"I let you die, Kagome!" he screamed back at her, finally looking her in the eye. "I said I would protect you, but instead I let you die!"

"You didn't let me die," Kagome assured, placing her hand on his. He stared at it blankly, his fingers instinctively intertwining with hers. "I wanted to protect you," she whispered, leaning on his shoulder. InuYasha sighed, leaning into her as well.

"I'm the one who's supposed to protect you," he protested.

"Oh, quit being so stubborn," she laughed. "We're both ok now, that's all that matters, right?"

"I guess so," he grumbled.

"What do you mean, 'you guess so'!" Kagome glared at him. InuYasha smiled at the look in her eye; the look that only he could put there. He could not imagine a world without that look…

"I guess I'm stuck with you for a while longer," he joked. She pulled away from him angrily, but somewhere in her eyes, past the scowl on her face, InuYasha could swear he saw a smile.

"That's not funny!" she yelled, and InuYasha smiled back at her.

"Who said I was joking?" he continued, his grin growing even wider.

"InuYasha!" she warned, but he didn't care. Suddenly he didn't feel so guilty anymore. Kagome was right, after all. They were both ok, and they were together. What else really mattered? As long as she was by his side, InuYasha couldn't help but be happy.

"SIT BOY!" Kagome yelled, the rosary forcing him to the ground.

And even as his face landed roughly in the dirt, InuYasha could not remove the smile from his face.

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