"Twisted" – prequel to Touched

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Chapter 1: Intro

It was another day for him, the same as usual. But today he was sent to do something he wasn't suppose to do. He was sent to the pub to get "him" to go home. He, Uchiha Sasuke, doesn't like to go to a pub, if ever people that knows him sees him there, they might get the wrong idea. He was there to pick up his older brother, Itachi. Itachi had come to grow a habit of going to the pub and sulk because of the probation given to him for riding motorcycles again.

He was a motorcycle racer, even though his parents denied his access to ride that kind of thing. Sasuke and his parents talked this over with him; told him that this was a gamble of his life. But still he doesn't care, he continued to ride and race. There was this championship in racing among several towns and he joined. Everyone looked up to him, admired him for being the fastest racer there was in town.

During the race something went wrong with his motorcycle. Someone rearranged the bearings and did something with his gear and engine. It was, of course done by those competitors afraid of him to win. He was speeding so fast, he obviously would win the race but he heard his engine produce a soft exploding. A fire was conjured in his engine as he continued racing on, he decided to stop and take a look but the breaks are out of order. Without noticing, he came in crash with the brick wall of a building.

A loud explosion was heard from afar, the audience as well as his friends went to check. They found him in the ground near the burning motorcycle, bleeding very badly and unconscious. His recovery percentage was only 50-50; the doctor informed Sasuke and his parents as well as those who brought him to the hospital. Itachi nearly died that time; he was lucky he survived. From then on, Itachi was banned from riding a motorcycle again. He mused about it from time to time in the pub, and Sasuke really hated his work.

"Damn Itachi, why do you always come here and I always get ordered by mom to come and fetch you!" Sasuke cursed under his breath. "I hate this place."

He neared Itachi and sat down beside him at the bar counter.

"Hm? Mom told you again to fetch me?" Itachi spoke as he noticed his brother sat beside him.

"Why else would I be here?"

"What's wrong with this place? Don't hold grudge against this place."

"Too many flirts. And too many DRUNKEN men." Sasuke said in a monotonous tone. Obviously he disliked the atmosphere of that place.

"Are you referring to me?"

"Whom else am I referring to? Come on, before you get worse."

"Don't be such a kill joy. Come and join me for a drink."


"Hey, bartender! Can you get me a glass of gin please?" Itachi called out to the female bartender, ignoring Sasuke's refusal.

"Here's your drink." Said a feminine voice as she handed the glass of gin to Itachi. Itachi passed the glass to Sasuke, and he just stared at it.

"Well, why don't you take a sip?" Sasuke glared at his brother first before proceeding in drinking his glass. He made a sour face after that and coughed a little.

A sound of soft giggles was heard in front of them.

"Another glass please. My stupid brother doesn't even know how to drink stuff like this." Itachi motioned for another glass towards the female bartender.

Sasuke looked up for the first time to the bartender. She was pretty he could admit it; a sweet smile plastered on her face and bubblegum pink hair framed her face which makes her more captivating. Her beauty was seducing and Sasuke was slowly getting seduced.

He shook his head, that's why he doesn't want to be in a pub.

She's just a flirt, a hooker.

"Can we get going now?" Sasuke demanded at Itachi.

"Just until I finish my last drink." Itachi said with a dreamy tone.

"Here." The bartender handed him his glass. Sasuke looked at her again; once again he was… captivated.

"Something wrong, my dear sir?" she smiled politely at him. But he continued staring at her.

"Don't worry about him. He's just like that when he likes someone." Itachi stated with a tiny sigh escaped his lips and smiled. Sasuke immediately reacted from his brother's statement and his brow ceased together with a scowl.

"Come on. I don't want to be beheaded by mom for taking such long time just to fetch you." Sasuke rose from his seat and headed for the door waiting for Itachi as he paid and bid goodbye to the pink haired, beautiful bartender.

They walked home together carrying a deep silence within them.

"Something bothering you, Sasuke?" Itachi's deep voice startled him. It seems like his thoughts drifted somewhere else, somewhere to female bartender.


"I've known you for so long. You expect me to believe that there's nothing bothering you?"

"It's really nothing." Sasuke sighed and put his hands in his pockets.

"Interested in that bartender?"

Speaking of the devil. Sasuke thought.

"No, not really." Sasuke huffed.

"Really? Back there you seem pretty interested in her." Itachi shot back trying to get something from his younger brother.


"I'm right, right?"


"It seems like you have good taste in women Sasuke."

"I do not."

"She's pretty, y'know. She's a new comer in that pub, I just saw her just a couple of days ago. I think she's still available, you can date her." Itachi teased him.

"Ok, you're obviously drunk and I really don't like what you're talking about."


"…yeah…. So shut up."

"Ok fine, if you say so." Itachi grinned at his brother as Sasuke glared in return.

The walk did not take too long until they find themselves in front of their front door.

Sasuke was relieved that he was able to get out of that pub. What would his friends think of him if they had spotted him there?

"Tch" Sasuke stepped in the shower. Something flashed in his mind, that pink-haired bartender girl. Her sweet face kept flashing in his mind. Her voice rang in his head. Then, he smiled at himself and shook his thoughts away.

While at a few blocks before Sasuke's house, the pink-haired girl entered her apartment. She was leaving alone, away from her busy parents.

"This was a weird day." She mused. "I never thought I would see Uchiha Sasuke at a pub like that, well except his brother.." She laughed at the mere coincidence at meeting her schoolmate at an unexpected place like that.

"That would be a nice entry for my diary today." She said to herself.

She plopped down her on her bed and lay on flat on her stomach. She got a leather bound book out of her bag and it has a quite unique design on it with her name imprinted below stating "Haruno Sakura".

She opened it and wrote:

Haruno Sakura's here again!

Well, today was not that incredible to tell but this night was uncalled for. After my shift is over at the Italian restaurant, I went to the pub I newly applied for. Of course, I was still not used that place's ambience yet; I was just there for 4 days. I happen to meet Uchiha Itachi again. I think he's always there, but that's just my hunch! Anyways, he's the gorgeous brother of my gorgeous schoolmate, Sasuke! Well, I'm not trying to sound like a fan girl or something; I just admire him for being…handsome! After all, I have a crush on him since kinder garden.

Itachi looks just like Sasuke, they're like twins but of course Itachi looks older. Sasuke also arrived in the pub, it seems like they have some private problems that I can't help hearing.

Unfortunately, Sasuke-kun doesn't know me. But I'm glad I got this opportunity to get up close to see his handsome face! I'm so overwhelmed by today's events! But I think, there won't be an opportunity like this in store for me anymore. That's why I really envy Ino and Hinata, they're in the same class as him. Speaking of classes, I got informed by our teacher that our class would be disbanded, so it means, the upcoming 4th year high school I would be in different class again. Hmmm? Which class would I be? I think only guessing helps me right now, I just have to wait for the enrolment day to know which class would I be!

Oh, I can't wait!

Ok, I'll write more tomorrow. I'm deadpan right now; I want to hit the sack as early as possible!

Finished writing, Sakura went towards her bathtub and took a quiet hot bath, relaxing her tense muscles. After the bath, she dried her bubblegum pink hair and immediately hit the sack with a content smile on her face.

Meanwhile, the handsome enigma has also taken his day to an end, ready to start off to a new tomorrow.

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