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Jackie: Welcome to our first Bionicle fan fiction.

Jessie: Yeah! And please note that the songs we play in band are our Spring Concert pieces. And Blair is a witch!

Lindsay: Really! I agree!

Tahu: And where are we in this chapter?

Lindsay: Cool it Tahu, go play Kohlii with Takanuva and Pohatu! It's the intro and Makuta is going to take over Earth...!

Jackie: Yep! Planned out by me!

Jessie: Ok... Let's get on with the intro before the readers get bored of us talking...



"Finally geez…. I was wondering when this class was going to end!" A tall blonde-haired girl muttered picking up her binder from underneath the desk and walked out of the Mrs. Nance's classroom. A few moments later she met up with two almost identical twins outside of Mrs. Nance's room. The blonde haired girl smiled down at the other two girls.

"How was class Lindsay?" one of them piped up as they made their way out of Building 2 to Band, the last period of the day, in Building 4.

"Not too bad, but Mrs. Nance is making us do a project though again..." Lindsay replied to Jessie, the one who asked. They walked out of the building and walked over to Building 4. Lindsay looked up at the sky.

"Looks like there is going to be a bad storm tonight, but we won't cancel the sleepover. Looks like we're going to have a hell of a night!" Lindsay said.

"Yeah... Come on you two we need to get to band class before the bell rings again." Jackie growled as they hurried into the building in front of then. They opened the blue door and filed into a hallway, passed Mr. Zalanak's room, who taught Chorus and walked into the Band room. Not even one second had passed when a strict-looking woman in her mid 60ies walked out of the band office.

"Everyone get out your instrument NOW! We need to play Fort Smith Celebration, Phantom of The Opera, and Classics on Parade today! And No talking when I stop you!" Mrs. Blair, the band instructor yelled. The band members groaned and went to get their instruments that were in the locker room. Lindsay and Jackie placed their binders underneath their chairs in the Clarinet section while Jessie stored hers underneath her chair in the Flute/piccolo section. They went into the locker room and opened the lockers 114 (Jackie, 1st Clarinet), 63 (Jessie, 1st Flute/Piccolo), and 88 (Lindsay, 2nd Clarinet). They walked back out of the locker room and picket up their black music folder (not including Jessie) and walked back to their seats, placed the folders on the stands and took out their instruments.

"Take out Phantom of the Opera first! We need to get to the end today! We need to get all the way through without stopping!" Mrs. Blair ordered after the late bell had rung. Groans escaped the students lips as then did as they were told, well most of them but not all. (A/N And no, our band is not disciplined!) She tuned the band which took 10 minutes out of the period. Jackie snuck a glance back at Lindsay and smiled. She smiled back before Jackie turned back around. They started to play Phantom of the Opera but they kept messing up. A little while latter they played Forth Smith Celebration and finally got the tempo right and were now playing it a little faster. Ten minutes before the last bell before everyone went home they played another song just for fun. But the three girls were not enjoying the last period. They all had a bad feeling when thunder shook the building.

Skips to that night

The storm had grown worse over the past hours that the girls were out of school. They were listening to 'American Idiot' by Green Day American Idiot CD when the winds picked up suddenly.

"This bites! A storm comes up out of no where and the weather people didn't even predict it!" Jessie growled, looking out of Lindsay's bedroom window. Lindsay and Jackie both agreed. It was now 10:30 PM at night and they were snacking on candy and junk food. (A/N And yes we do eat a lot of sugar and junk food at sleepovers)

"Good thing tomorrows Saturday! We can sleep in! God, I hate Blair and Band!" Lindsay spat. The others agreed.

"Wanna go take a peak outside?" Jessie asked. The other two shook their heads.

"Naw…. I don't want to get caught by my mom." Lindsay muttered. But a few minutes later.

"Can we go now?" Jessie repeated once again, turning the CD player off.

"Sure why not!" Lindsay and Jackie grinned. They trudged out of the darkened room and walked down the narrow hallway towards the living room. Once there, they unlocked the front door and slipped out into the cold, damp, air. Jessie closed the door carefully and picked up a spare key under the welcome mat and locked it again. As Jessie placed it back under the mat, a huge gust of wind slammed into them. They almost stumbled over and fell on top of each other.

"God this wind is strong!" Jackie muttered. They battled the wind while walking to the driveway just about 10 feet away from the front door. A train-like sound could be heard faintly over the sound of the wind. They looked up above them and froze because they saw a huge funnel cloud bearing down on them.

"RUN!" Jessie managed to yell. They began to run down the block with tail of the tornado followed them. (A/N Yeah Makuta sent a tornado after us... He's taking over the world! I'd like to see that in real life!) Suddenly they stopped running and were lifted into the air, the wind clawing at their pjs. They quickly grabbed hands as they heard a sinister voice laugh.

"Who's there?" Lindsay and Jackie yelled.

"You three shall not escape my clutches!" The sinister voice whispered. They felt their holds slipping on each other.

"Dont let go!" Lindsay shouted over the roar of the wind.

"We're trying not to!" The twins yelled. But sadly the wind tore them apart, knocking them out. When the three girls awoke, they weren't in Dunedin, Florida anymore, but Mata Nui.


Jackie: Wow... That was longer then I expected. I added a lot to the chapter.

Jessie: Well yeah! You worked on it for three days typing it up!

Lindsay: Cool... We got sucked up into a tornado!

Makuta: Now you three won't escape me now! (Chases them)

Lindsay, Jessie and Jackie: Please R&R (runs away from Makuta)

Spoiler: She started to swim towards shore, but stopped when she saw a blue figure watching her every move. Jessie stared at the figure and yelped, then swam back the way she came, trying to distance herself from the Toa of Water.