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When they reached the village after saying good bye to the other three Toa they found Nuju waiting for them outside the ice village, with a little white matoran standing next to him. Nuju took one look at them then made a few gestures towards the three girls. The white matoran looked at Nuju and sighed.

"The Turaga wants to know the girls names." Matoro said. The twins smiled and looked up at Lindsay and she nodded.

"Jessie." Jackie said.

"Lindsay!" Jessie muttered.

"Jackie." Lindsay said. Kopaka sent them a cold glare that sent shivers up their spine.

"Ok… Fine… I'm Jackie." Jackie hissed.

"Lindsay…." Lindsay growled.

"Jessie…." Jessie snapped. Nuju looked at the girls clicking and whistling rapidly. The girls slapped their hands to the head and growled.

"Speak English! God we don't talk squirrel!" Jessie yelled, blinking dumbly.

"Ummm…. He said why Mata Nui sent three weak-looking beings like you all to help us." Matoro translated for the Turaga.

"Okay, so we have someone who can talk squirrel and someone who can understand it. Okay, we've finally gone insane." Lindsay muttered nodding slowly.

"Don't speak to the turaga like that!" Kopaka growled, glaring down at them. The girls pulled their winter coats closer to them.

"And who the FUCKING HELL is Mata whoever his name is?" Jessie barked.

"And who are those short people?" Lindsay asked, blue eyes flashing as she looked at the Turaga of Ice and the Ko-Matoran.

Kopaka sent another cold glare that made them shut up.

"Everything will be explained soon enough." He snapped at them. The girls nodded slightly. A minute later Lindsay yawned. Then Jessie yawned. Soon it because a chain reaction between the girls. One would yawn then the rest followed by yawns of their own. Nuju clicked something and made a few hand gestures towards the girls. Matoro looked from the Toa Nuva of Ice to the Turaga of Ice.

"It's alright Matoro they can have one of the unoccupied huts for tonight." Kopaka said.

"Tired…. Legs feel frozen…. Arms feel like their going to …. Fall off….." Lindsay muttered, yawning once again. The Twins were leaning on both sides of Lindsay, eyes half closed. Kopaka gripped the shoulders of the Twins and their friend. He guided them to a hut that was overlooking a frozen river and was near the Turaga's hut. Amazingly enough the semi-large hut held three queen size beds on three corners of the room. The three girls went to the three beds and collapsed onto them and were out like a light. Kopaka looked at each of them in turn and sighed, shaking his head. He turned and made his way towards the Turaga's hut to talk to him and Matoro.

Jackie: Ok…. That was a little too short……

Lindsay: You should have put the funny part about the match thing!

Jessie: No…… I don't thing that a little box of matches can melt a whole ice hut.

Spoiler: "Man….. We're nocturnal but we can't see in total pitch black darkness!" Jackie and her twin Jessie muttered to their friend.