Chapter 12


"Mom!" Nightfire's cry rang through the tower, reaching it's destination. Her parents bedroom. Starfire quickly rolled off her husband, and off the bed, to land with a thump on the floor with an "oomph". A second later, the young fourteen year-old rushed in, she stumbled at the incriminating sight before her, but she shook it off. She was used to her two parents making out, and was just glad that, this time, they were fully dressed.

"Mom, I can't find my black halter top, and I need it for this party tonight!" she wailed. Starfire pulled herself to her feet, which wasn't as easy as it used to be, considering she was five months pregnant. She knew it was going to be a boy, because boy-pregnancies on Tamaran supposedly make the mother more…… amourous. Not that Nightwing was complaining, of course.

"Where have you looked?" Starfire asked with a sigh.

"Everywhere!" replied her distraught daughter.

"You can't have looked everywhere because then you would have found it." said Starfire. "What does it look like?"

"It's a black halter top, I wear that blue, tribal armband with it, remember?"

"Didn't I see Raven with it? She went out last night with Beastboy, go ask her."

"Okay….." Nightfire turned and wizzed out of the room, her long black ponytail narrowly missing getting trapped in the door. Starfire turned back to the gorgeous man on her bed.

"Where were we?" she said teasingly. Nightwing extended a hand and she took it. Nightwing pulled and she overbalanced on top of him. She laughed and leant down to resume their former activities, but just as their lips met, the Tower's alarm sounded.

"Everytime….." cursed Nightwing, as Starfire lifted herself off him. They stepped out into the corridor, and Nightfire came running up.

"Can I come this time? Pleeease? My flying has really gotten good, and my starbolts are more accurate. Please?" Their daughter gave them puppy-dog eyes, and Nightwing laughed,

"Starfire? What do you say?"

"Lets see who it is first." Hearing this, Nightfire took off down the stairs to the living room, leaving her parents alone.

"You know, Starfire? I'm not sure you should keep doing this. Five months is pretty far along…." said Nightwing.

"I know, but I like it, and I want to keep an eye on Nightfire." replied Starfire.

"I can do that, and she doesn't come everytime."

"I know, I'll stop soon, okay?" she bargained.

"Okay" he said. They had reached the main room, and a file photo of "Crystal Clear jewellers" was up on the big screen.

"There you are," said Raven.

"Who is it?" asked Nightwing, and you could already tell by his voice that he had slipped into his battle mode.

"Just some small time thief, decided to try his luck. Shouldn't take too long." said Cyborg.

"So can I go, Mom, please?" begged Nightfire at her mother's side.

"Oh alright" Starfire caved, "I never could say no to those eyes"