Disclaimer: All of this is based upon the lovely J.K. Rowling's work.

Warnings: Character Death, Spoilers

He glares at me, emerald eyes spitting an icy fire.

"For the innocents, who you slaughtered by the hundreds." He shakes his head and corrects himself, "Thousands."

He clenches his fists so tightly around his wand that I believe it will surely break.

"For my parents, who you murdered. Who died when they never needed to."

He begins to give into his rage, taking Gryffindor's sword firmly in his free hand. He gently, almost like a lover's caress, slices my cheek.

"For Sirius, who rotted in Hell because of you. Who died because of your actions, your choices."

He drops the sword and lashes out with his fist, smashing my nose.

"And lastly--"

He pauses, tears now streaming down his face.

"--for Tom, who needed someone so badly, who you just ignored. Who you made into a monster. And when you realized what had happened, who you sent me to kill."

He shudders then, too full of emotion to do anything else. His wand glows in his hand, pale green light casting shadows all around us.

"You molded me into a weapon. You wanted me to destroy the beast, to slay the fiend."

Emerald eyes burn themselves into my mind as he mocks me. He smirks then, a hollow and broken smile.

"So I shall."

I hear two final words and a sweeping rush of death.

Ever Hopeful,