Summary: When someone was abused as much as she was, it's only in their right mind to take revenge, right? Perfectly willingly, a 15-year-old girl follows a demon into the Makai. But things aren't going as planned, and now she's a wanted criminal…Hiei/OC

Black Shadow

Figure in Black

She walked home from school, afraid. She was late again because she needed to stay at school and finish a project. Her mother would not be happy. And she hoped she'd get to live here for a while, too.

She looked up at the clear sky, the moon just beginning to peek through. Why couldn't she have been born normally? Her life was always just so difficult. She had once read a book about a normal teenager who was dying to be different, that she would be one of the unordinary people of the world.

She remembered scoffing at the idea.

Her name is Kira. She is the main character for this fiction, even though her only desire is to be left alone. Kira is very pretty, although she denies it all the time. Her hair is an ebony black, silky to the touch. Her eyes an ocean blue, deep and dark. Although she was short, because of her parents not giving her enough nutrients so that she could grow. It wasn't that short, really. She was about 5'5 or 5'6.

They constantly abused her. She'd already tried to tell once, but that just ended up giving her more pain. Kira knew she couldn't risk it again.

So she just went with the flow, as much as that hurt.

She opened the door quietly and cautiously. All the lights were out, and with any luck, her parents would either be out drunk, or fast asleep. Either way she was safe. Her parents never woke up in sleep, and when they were drunk they took it out on each other—not her. She took off her shoes and put them on the wooden rack beside the door. Kira crept to the staircase, but a movement in the living room caught her attention.

"And just where have you been?"

It was no exaggeration, Kira froze. She looked over to the living room when a lamp came on, showing her father in an armchair and her mother in his lap. Both were glowering viciously in her direction.

"I needed to finish a project," she told them shakily "at school."

"Lie." Her father stated. "Now get over here, so we can teach you not to worry your parents." It was icy, and she knew what they'd do. Out of self-defense, she bolted for her room. Although she knew she wouldn't make it, she had to try. Almost immediately she heard her father's heavy footfalls rushing after her. He grabbed the back of her school uniform tightly and threw her mercilessly down the stairs.

She hit the ground solidly, where something metal collided with her back. Kira looked over just in time to see her mother put down a standing lamp. And so began the torture. Her parents were clever, and only hurt her in spots they knew would be covered by clothing. Kira was numb, she no longer knew what pain felt like, she no longer knew how to trust an adult.

And she really hoped she could stay here for a while.

She knew it was safe to get up, about thirty minutes after her parents went to bed. They'd be asleep, and wouldn't hear a sound. Kira opened the door to her room and stepped inside. Her cat, Autumn, looked up at her, but fell back asleep on the bed.


It was then she proceeded into the adjoining bathroom to wash the blood and asses the damage. She looked at her bare form in the mirror, it was nothing that couldn't be covered by her uniform. Except for the forming bruise on her upper arm. Someone might see that since they were required to wear the short-sleeved uniform for this time of year.

As soon as she showered and brushed her teeth, she headed straight to bed, and fell fast asleep.

She walked to school, managing to sneak out of the house during one of her parent's fights. They really needed counseling. The sky promised of rain, and so matched Kira's mood. She was sore all over. Literally. A nice big bruise was forming on her arm—one that she couldn't really hide with all the cover-up in the world.

She hoped everyone would just be blind that day, and not notice. Or else she'd be in pretty deep. Especially if a teacher found out. Her parents would kill her!

She stepped into homeroom at Meiou High School, took her seat quietly, and waited for the bell to ring. Kira stared out of the window. School was her escape. Her parents had no control over her while she was here. It was her sanctuary. People who griped about school had never lived her life. They'd never gone hungry four nights a week because their parents refuse to feed them and send them to bed. They had never moved from place to place because the police suspect abuse from all the bruises and scars.

A movement to her right startled her out of her thoughts. Kira looked over, but realized it was just another classmate. Luckily, the desks were separated, so no one would be able to see the bruise on her upper right arm just yet.

The bell rang and in rushed the late students. None other than the two punks, renowned for their reputation. Yusuke Urameshi, and Kazuma Kuwabara. Of course, Yusuke was better known than Kuwabara for his—shall we say?—violent nature. Kira never really got to know either of them, she'd had enough.

Of course escaping violence was never good when you had Yusuke as your lab partner.

Thanks to the teacher, they were paired up together.

Not that she wanted Yusuke as a chem. partner, and she was sure he'd have picked Keiko if they got to choose. Now the brunette was with some boy who kept sweet-talking her and "checking her out". Yusuke was glaring holes into the back of the boy's head, but it didn't work. And Kira was only getting a bad grade because of it. She'd have to remember to ask the teacher if she could switch partners with Keiko.

After all, why shoot down someone else's grades?

The day went by surprisingly quick. No one noticed Kira's bruise, and she had minimal homework. But when chemistry rolled around, Kira's luck fell rapidly. Yusuke was doing his continual staring at the boy to notice her bruise, and she hoped it would stay that way.

However, Keiko turned around sharply and threatened to slap him if he didn't get back to work.

Which opened up a whole new chain of events. Yusuke turned towards her, looking more scared than she had ever seen him. However, his expression quickly turned serious as he caught sight of something purple underneath her sleeve.

Before Kira could even blink, he pulled up her sleeve to her shoulder. "What's this?" His tone was serious, not laced with humor like it normally was. Kira made up an excuse.

"I fell down the stairs. I'm a klutz, really."

"How'd you fall?"

"My cat." Kira lied.





"Date of B—"

"Look, I assure you I have a cat." Yusuke gave her a skeptical look. "I'll bring in pictures tomorrow if you want." Kira sighed heavily.

"How do I know it's your cat?" Yusuke raised an eyebrow in question.

Kira gave a frustrated groan, just as the bell rang. She stayed behind while everyone else was rushing out of class to get home. Kira went up to the teacher as the last student was filing out.

"Mr. Akeda?"

"Yes?" He looked her straight in the eye.

"I was wondering if I could switch lab partners with Keiko."

"If this is some silly crush…"

"No, I assure you, it isn't." Mr. Akeda raised his eyebrows. Kira took that as a gesture to go on. "See, Yusuke keeps staring at Keiko, and only getting me a bad grade because of it. So, I was thinking if we traded lab partners, Yusuke might get a better grade and—" A small chuckle from her chem. teacher interrupted her babbling.

"Miss Sasake, it's nice that you are concerned about that punk's grade, but I put him with you for a reason."

Kira blinked. "Come again?"

"Iwamoto suggested it. Something to do with expelled or whatever."

She grit her teeth. They were only pairing them up because Iwamoto wanted to expel Yusuke! The nerve…

"Thanks…" Kira ground out. She turned and began walking home.

On the way, she passed the Elementary School. The kids hadn't gotten out yet, and they were at recess, playing on the blacktop. She absentmindedly wished she could go back there, but it was only a passing thought.

Her blue skirt waved in the wind. The school decided you could pick the length of your skirt short, medium, or long. Of course Kira picked short. It was about six inches before it touched her knees. How foolish she was. A short skirt could never hide bruises.

A flicker to the left.

She turned towards the park, her scenery changing fast. Kira came to a stop. She could have sworn there was just a flicker of black, jumping in a tree. She couldn't be sure…perhaps she should go see? No. Her parents would…scold…her for being late again. She took another step when she distinctly heard heavy footsteps behind her. Whoever it was, was matching her footsteps. She purposely dropped a pencil, turned and picked it up. Getting a good look of a man in a black cloak, before he disappeared into thin air.

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