Catherine decided it was time for some action. She'd been watching Sara work all night and she'd fell in love with her. Well, she didn't fall in love with her tonight, she was in love before, but tonight she'd noticed how beautiful Sara actually was. The only thing that was keeping her from kissing Sara was fear. She was afraid that Sara would hate it. Though she'd wondered sometimes whether Sara wasn't gay. Catherine never saw Sara with a man, but a few seconds later she decided that it wasn't a good argument. She hadn't been with anyone for a while and isn't gay either, but bisexual at times. Catherine stopped thinking about it, because it would only confuse her. Action, that's what it takes.

"Sara?" Catherine said as she walked into the Lab. "Want to get a drink?"

"Catherine, I'd love to, but I'm swamped with work!" Sara smiled. "Maybe some other time?"

Catherine turned around walked away. She stopped at the doorstep and turned around again. "Actually, no." Catherine said. Sara raised her eyebrows.

"I really want us to get a drink tonight. I'm..I..I think I'm in love with you." Catherine said and she walked away. Before she reached the doorstep, Sara had reached for Catherine's arm and grabbed her wrist.

"Okay." Sara said. "Okay. Just give me a few minutes." And she let go of Catherine's wrist.

Nervously Catherine walked through the building and she walked past her coat, not noticing it. Grissom came out of his office. "Catherine?" She turned around.

"Hey, Gil." Catherine nervously said.

"Are you okay? I believe your shift has ended." Gil said. "You look nervous."

"I am." Catherine said. "I am nervous. I'm going out on a date tonight. I was looking for my coat..."

Gil pointed towards her coat and Catherine said thanks. "Enjoy!" Gil said and Catherine grabbed her coat and went outside.

It took Sara more than a few minutes to get outside. Catherine had been waiting for 15 minutes, before Sara finally stepped outside. "Finally!" Catherine said. "Are you ready?"

"Gil told me you were nervous."

"Did he?" Catherine said. "I guess I am."

"No need to be nervous about anything. I never go home with a date on the first night." Sara said. "I'm always scared it get their hopes up too much and I'm not such a 'relationship'-type of girl."

"That's okay." Catherine said. "I'm not either, but I'm always looking for a sexlife." She smiled and grabbed Sara by her arm. "Let's go. I want to show you something, something I can't stop doing in my spare time."

Catherine and Sara entered a nightclub. Sara was amazed by all the beautiful girls who were dancing on serveral stages in the club. One even more beautiful than the other. "What are you drinking?" Catherine asked.

"Uhm, I'll have what you're having." Sara said and she turned around to have a look at all the dancing girls and all horny grown-up men, stuffing the girls panties with money.

"There you go." Catherine said as she gave Sara her drink.

"Do you come here often?" Sara asked Catherine.

"Mmm, atleast twice a week. Not to watch the horny guys, but to make them horny."

"What do you mean?" Sara said, but she thought she knew what Catherine meant. She could see her sitting on a guy his lap, asking whether he enjoys the show. But appearantly that wasn't the deal.

"Want me to show you?" Catherine asked and she walked towards the dressingroom of the girls. "Hang on, I'll be right back, " Catherine said as she walked. "Ask Thomas where to meet me."

"Who's Thomas?" Sara yelled back, but Catherine was not present anymore.

Sara walked towards the bar and asked where she could find Thomas. The guy told her he was Thomas. "Oh, okay." Sara said. "Uhm, Catherine told me to ask you, where I could find her?"

"Ah," Thomas said. "I'll show you."

Sara was lead to a different room, which was next to the toilet in the back off the club. She entered the room and she noticed she wasn't alone. On the stage was a beautiful, skinny, dark-haired girl, she was dancing for 2 men. When the girl was done, she had the panties and bra full of money and the men left satisfied. "Enjoy the show, girl." One of the guys said. Sara stopped him. "Is this a private show?"

"Yeah, and you are one lucky lady, Ms. Cath doesn't preform private that often." The guys walked out and Sara looked for a chair in the room. She sat down and a new song was played. Catherine entered the room, on the stage. She started dancing and before Sara knew it, Catherine was only wearing her lingerie. A moment later, a girl joined Catherine. The two of them were dancing and Catherine was undressing the girl to her lingerie. They danced beautifully for 15 minutes, the girl left the stage and Catherine jumped off, moving towards Sara. "Well, I like doing this in my spare time. It earns and I love turning the guys on. It usually doesn't work with the ladies. Or did it?" Catherine walked around Sara's chair and from behind Sara moved her hand into the jeans Sara was wairing. Sara stopped her before Catherine could reach down below.

"It did work." Sara said as she turned the chair around and looked into Catherine's eyes.. "I loved it, you look really great, but I must get home." Sara stood up and took her coat from the chair. Catherine, however, didn't give her a change to leave. "Please, don't go. We didn't even have a drink."

"I had my drink and you had yours." Sara said. "I'm sorry, Cath. I'm not really good at this, I always like to take it slow."

"Okay, it's fine. I like to take it slow too, sometimes. " Catherine said. "Before you leave, I just need to know one thing."

"Okay." Sara said and she moved towards Catherine who was sitting on the stage again.

"How far do you go on a first date?" Catherine asked.

"Mmm, a kiss, maybe. Depends on whether I like the date."

"So, do you like me?"Catherine asked.

"Yeah, I like you."

"So before I get dressed and before you leave, do I get a kiss?" Catherine wondered.

Sara slowly moved forward. "Okay, you'll get a kiss." she said and she sat down next to Catherine on the stage. Sara leaned forward and their lips gently met. "Nothing like a real kiss." Catherine replied and she pulled Sara's head towards hers, and she brushed her tongue against Sara's lips. A few seconds later Sara opened her mouth and their tongues met inside eachothers mouth. "Thank you." Catherine replied, as their long passionate kiss had ended.

"I'm gonna get dressed." Catherine walked towards the dressingroom and Sara towards the exit. "Oh, Catherine for the record. I'm in love with you too." And Sara almost reached the doorstep. "Sara. For the record, I'm going straight home, if you feel like company, I'd love to see you at my place."

Sara smiled and both of them left the room. Catherine into the dressingroom and Sara into the club. She had another beer, making up her mind. Was she going home with Catherine or not?