"Guess what I saw?" Nick said as he entered the building and ran into Warrick.

"What is it this time?" Warrick said with a smile. "A man who fell into dogshit?" Warrick laughed about his own joke.

"No..." Nick said. "I better say: guess who I saw making out?"

"When?" Warrick wondered.

"This afternoon, after Grissom had dropped us off and we all walked to our own cars."

"Well?" Warrick said. "Who?"

"You are not going to believe it!" Nick said. "It was...Catherine and Sara!"

Warrick laughed. "You must have been mistaken."

"No, I swear. They both got into Catherine's car, not before making out several times on the way to the car..."

"Well, if this is true, I'm sure they don't want us to know." Warrick said. "Otherwise, one or both of them would have told us, right?"

"Do you think we should tell Grissom?" Nick wondered.
"No..it's none of his business, what we do in our personal life is not his problem. Only when it gets in the way at work. I don't see why their relationship, if there is one, would get in the way." The guys entered the dressing room and saw Sara taking off her coat. Nick looked at Warrick. "Hey Sara, guess who I saw you making out with?" Sara turned around and looked at Nick.

"Mmmm, I don't know." She said and she wanted to leave the room.

"Are you sure you didn't kiss anyone this afternoon, after lunch, when you walked to...someones car?" Sara turned around again and Warrick could see her face started to turn red. On the moment Sara and Nick both wanted to say something Catherine stumbled into the room.

"Hello!" she said and she took of her coat.

"Catherine!" Nick said. "We were just talking about you!" Sara's face was a red as a tomato and Catherine could only guess what was going on.

"Oh, and what was it that you were talking about?"

"Your adventure this afternoon, after lunch, when you were walking to your car...with Sara." Nick laughed. Catherine knew he was teasing and she could take it, but she wasn't sure whether Sara could. Sara had never been open about her personal life and now the guys knew about their relationship.

"So, what if we were?" Catherine said and Nick didn't see that one coming.

"Yeah, what if we were?" Sara said and Catherine was relieved. Sara didn't seem to mind either about the guys knowing about their relationship.

Nick and Warrick both laughed. "Mmm, I guess I don't mind." Nick said. "It kinda turns me on...two ladies kissing..." He stuck out his tongue.

"Nick, cut it out!" Warrick said. "Let's just..stop. Okay?"
Nick and Warrick wanted to leave the room, but this time Sara and Catherine looked at eachother. Catherine walked toward the door. "It turns you on, does it?" Catherine teased and she draw Sara closer. Catherine made sure she got the guys attention. She looked Sara in the eyes and stuck out her tongue. Sara stuck out hers and while drawing closer until their tongues met, the girls looked at Nick. Nick looked away, felt kind of embarrased and he left the room. Catherine and Sara saw him leave and they finished their kiss. Catherine still had her coat in her hand, because she didn't find the time to hang it in her locker. Sara followed her and gave her one more kiss after Catherine had closed her locker.

"Girls, cut it out!" Warrick laughed and he too left the room.

The girls laughed and followed Warrick to Grissoms office. "Does Grissom know?" Sara whispered to Catherine.

"I don't think so." Catherine whispered back. "I don't think the guys will tell him..at least not today." They laughed when they entered Grissoms office.

"What's so funny?" Grissom asked and he smiled.

"Nothing. It's personal." Catherine said and she looked from Sara to Nick to Warrick. "We'll tell you someday."

"Fine. Let's get to business. The guys will team up, and the girls will team up." Grissom said. "Nick and Warrick, I've got a homicide for you in a casino." Grissom passed them some paperwork and told them to get on their way. Nick and Warrick took off.

"Girls, you'll be doing a hit and run." Grissom passed Catherine the paperwork and told them to get on their way as well. "Oh, before you go..." Grissom took his glasses of the table and he raised one of the legs to his mouth. "Try to limit the kisses, please?" Grissom smiled and put on his glasses. Catherine smiled back and she pushed Sara out of the room. "I guess Nick likes to gossip." She whispered into Sara's ear.