Yuki x Kyou 10 – The Sad Ending

Author's Note: I've always made Akito the bad guy, but reading the recent chapters of the manga has made me understand her completely. I made her the bad guy in this, though she's really not the bad guy. She's really just trying to keep the cursed family members together. She does learn her lesson, though, so I've learned to love her. Just so you know, if you haven't read the manga, Akito really is a girl, but I have based this fanfiction off the anime not the manga. Therefore, Akito is a guy in my story. I know you don't meet Kureno in the anime, but I thought it would be a good idea to bring him in. No one else really does Akito's dirty work after meet Tohru except for Kureno. Anyway, I think I got Akito's character down before he realizes his mistakes. Just remember that this fanfiction is based on the anime, not the manga.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Fruits Basket characters.


Yuki was having trouble getting to the bank. When he did, they wouldn't let him withdraw money. He would have to use his card to buy airplane tickets. He did that and went home. The whole time, he felt highly paranoid that someone was following him. However, whenever he looked back, he saw no one.

He had gotten the plane tickets for the following week. That would give him plenty of time to pack Kyou's things, or so he thought. Shigure was suddenly demanding much of his time and every night Yuki was exhausted. He would to go his room and sleep.

The day came and Yuki had no packing done. He decided that they would just buy clothes in America.

He went to the Sohma main house, feeling paranoid the whole way. He got to Kyou's room and tapped 3 times. However, the door opened and Akito was standing there.

"Hello, Yuki," he said. "Looking for someone?" Behind Akito there was a glass wall. Behind the glass wall was Kyou, unconscious.

Yuki growled. "Akito… what did you do to him?" he demanded.

"Do you really think you can run away from me, Yuki?" he asked, moving towards him. He put a hand on his cheek. "Did you really think you could escape?" He suddenly got angry and slapped Yuki, knocking him to the ground. "You can't leave me! Ever! Neither you nor that monster!"

Yuki had fallen inside the room. Akito left and locked the door.

The rat went to where his cat was. "Kyou!" he called through the glass, but Kyou didn't move…