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A young girl walked slowly through the dark green grass. Her arm throbbed slightly from an after school… incident. Her mismatched eyes were downcast as if regretting some big mistake. A backpack hung loosely on her shoulders the afternoon sun glinted pleasantly upon the scene below. The girl looked up her eyes, one a dark ocean blue and the other a deep forest green, gazed forlornly at the vast endless blue sky. Not a single cloud as far as the eye could see. A pleasant breeze whipped around the girl in a playful manner lifting up her short brown hair and dropping it again. The girl wore a black shirt with long crimson sleeves despite the warm weather. Her jeans were slightly dirty at the bottom, the tops almost covering her black boots. Around the girl's neck was a black necklace, and from the end hung a sparkling emerald. It glimmered softly in the light, her earrings as well were dark emerald green but besides that she wore very little color. Her forehead was hidden beneath a black headband, and a lock of her hair was wrapped in decorative crimson string. It seemed she was trying her best to stick out of he surroundings. And truly she did not seem to really belong. She continued plodding along through the grass dejectedly, her hands behind her back, her head hung. The surrounding were cheerful but like the girl they lacked a certain variety of color. Just blue and green as far as the eye could see. At first one might find this pleasant but after a while you just got tired of seeing the same things. The colors made the heart long for variety, to see new places and to discover new things. To any heart that longed for freedom this place was no better then the most drab of prisons. The girl looked up seeing a cluster of buildings up ahead. She had obviously walked long enough for she now seemed to pick up her pace slightly. She neared the cluster of buildings, a neighborhood placed out not too far from a city. She looked behind her, only the outline of the very top great city she had just departed from was still visible. She saw the buildings all of similar size, shape, color, everything about them was almost identical. It was the same monotony she had encountered outside of the neighborhood. The girl's pace slowed again, her oddly colored eyes scanned the neighborhood, a place filled with familiarity. Sure she had been here before, but it didn't matter, even if she hadn't she still would have felt as if she had. All the neighborhoods looked the same! It was a wonder that anyone could find their own when all of them were identical down to the very last tile on the roof. People claimed they were all unique but it was just another way to say that none of them were. There was no way to express individuality in this place anymore. Things had drastically changed for this small world. The girl finally walked up the perfectly aligned pathway, through one of the identical gardens, up to the sickeningly similar two story house. The girl reached into her backpack taking out a key. She slowly unlocked the door sticking her head inside before walking completely in. She closed the door behind her with a soft click before walking to the neat and orderly kitchen and placing her book bag against the wall near the table. "Mom! I'm home!" the girl called. Her voice sounded as if she were a girl on only fourteen years, and by the looks of her that was exactly how old she was. There was the soft sound of footsteps on the stairs and a woman with golden blonde hair and a rather plain blue dress walked down the stairs.

"Jade," she said upon seeing the girl. "You're home early." The woman did not sound either pleased but nor did she sound displeased. She looked at her daughter with a probing gaze. "You didn't get in trouble again did you?" When the girl, Jade, gave no response her mother let out a heavy sight. "Jayden! For what?" Her mother asked angrily.

"Fighting, ok, I was fighting!" Jade said angrily, wincing slightly at the use of her real name. Her voice had quavered slightly. Upon hearing this small break in her daughter's voice her mother looked up. Jade dared not raise her eyes to meet her mother's gaze though she could feel her eyes upon her. "I couldn't help it mom," Jade said softly, "I couldn't take it any longer they were making fun of you."

"Oh Jayden," her mom said softly. Again Jade winced not liking her mother's constant use of her real name. But her mom took no notice of that. Her mom walked over toward her putting her arms around her daughter. "Oh Jade, please don't do this." Her mom whispered softly.

"I can't help it!" Jade said pulling away. "Look what has happened! To the animals! To Oz! To you!" Jade's mother watched her, it was not this first time Jade had given this speech. "Oz used to be beautiful! The animals used to be intelligent! They used to be able to talk! Everything about Oz has changed, Mom! Everything used to be so different! No one place was like the other! We had so many different kinds of people! The Munchkins, the Flying Monkeys, the Witches!" Jade turned away looking out through a window. The yellow brick rode stuck out against the endless green grass making it the only break in the sea of monotony. "Mom, look at you used to be Glinda! The Good Witch! Don't you remember any of that? Look around you mom! Oz hasn't changed for the better! My friends Sean and Collin don't get sent home every time they do something wrong!" Jade paused for a second thinking the words she had just said over again more carefully. "Admittedly, Collin never gets in trouble…" Jade trailed off realizing she had used a bad example. "But Sean does! He gets in trouble more then I do!" Her mother, Glinda the Good Witch, was hardly recognizable. Her elaborate attire gone, and in it's place no more then drab work clothes. Glinda grabbed her daughter's arm not appreciative of Jade brining her mischievous black haired friend into this argument.

"Yes Jade, but Sean isn't half witch!" Glinda said. Her tone of voice said that the argument was over and to take this conversation no further. "Sean doesn't need to worry abut loosing control of his powers at any given moment. That is why he gets in less trouble then you do."

"Maybe if you'd train me I wouldn't need to worry about loosing control!" Jade yelled angrily, not knowing when to quit before she had gotten herself into deep trouble that she could not escape. Glinda could only stand so much of her daughter's attitude and Jade had just crossed the line.

"You know I can't train you Jade!" Glinda yelled angrily. "It is forbidden! All magic that is not the wizard's doing is forbidden! It is the law! And you are at a dangerous stage of your life in which your powers can often times go haywire, even in times when it is unprovoked! So getting angry like this will get you hurt! Or worse!" Glinda yelled tears in her eyes. She couldn't stand the thought of loosing her beloved daughter. Jade seemed to have calmed slightly a book fell to the ground, Glinda knew Jade had levitated it in her anger, it was natural for her powers to activate. But it could be so dangerous in an untrained witch, even is she was only half.

"He never would have stood for this." Jade said darkly finally meeting her mother's eyes. Glinda knew exactly who her daughter was speaking of, and she knew Jade was absolutely right. But there was nothing that could be done.

"Jade, Sora disappeared well over three thousand years ago." Glinda said softly. "You and I both know he would have never let this happen. He would have fought against the Heartless until his dieing day. But he's dead now. You can't keep saying he'll come back. Sora did all he could, Jade, but it just wasn't enough. At least be grateful the Heartless have not come to Oz. Be grateful the Wizard is taking all these precautions to insure our safety. After all Jade, Sora's gone, and he isn't coming back. All we have now is the wizard. I know it's hard but your old enough to be aware of the danger we're in."

"Look around us mom! I'd rather face the Heartless then live through this! There is nothing to be grateful for! Wizard or no Wizard the Heartless are coming! He is only delaying the inevitable. And making our lives worse in the process." Jade broke away from her mother's grip and walked slowly up the stairs. She stopped just before she was out of sight. Turning around she looked at her mother, an unreadable expression on her face. "And your wrong mom," Jade said softly, "Sora is coming back. He wouldn't leave the universe in shambles like this. He is coming back… I just know it." And with those words, Jade turned around and vanished up the stairs.

"Maybe your right," Glinda said to herself, for she knew Jade was far out of hearing range. " Not about Sora, but about the Heartless." Glinda walked over to the window looking out over the vast plain of grass. Her eyes followed the yellow brick road. It was a single crack in an endless green sea. Glinda had long ago seen signs of the Heartless approaching, even here in her safe haven of Oz. "Maybe we are just delaying the inevitable."

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