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Sora looked up; from the way he had just come there was only darkness to be seen. He could hardly believe the world around him was Wonderland. Every corner pulsed with darkness; every creature seemed to breathe it. It seemed to be the planet's life source, the only thing keeping it from shattering, but at the same time it was the very thing that would cause the planet to shatter, if Sora didn't do something about it. The Keyblade felt warm under his touch but even the light of the Keyblade could do little to brighten this desolate landscape. What had he done? This was all his fault, every creature that now fed only on Darkness to stay alive had him to blame. If he had just been there- Sora shook his head, he could feel guilty all he wanted later, and right now he had to bring this world back to the light it had once known. He looked behind him at the two members of his party he had chosen to take along, the others had to stay in the Gummi Ship and avoid Heartless Ships because the new Wonderland had no safe place to land. Every inch of this world was crawling with darkness so thick it just seemed to suffocate the light right out of it. It was dangerous for just three people to take on, but he had faith in the two he had picked out. He chose Jade because he was in dire need of another Keyblade Master if he had any hopes of lifting the suffocating blanket of darkness that was wrapped tightly around the world on which he was standing. And he had chosen Rikku, mostly because Donald, Goofy, and Quistis were the only three who knew how to actually operate the ship, not that Rikku wasn't a good fighter, because she was extremely skilled, but he would rather have had Donald or Goofy with him, that way he knew the strengths and weaknesses of at least one person in the party. But he really had little choice about who he chose to go with him on this mission. He hoped three would be enough to fight off whatever evils now inhabited Wonderland… and for some reason he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. Whenever he turned around he could feel the eyes of his secret stalker on his back, but when he turned to look there was nothing there behind him. This was a feeling most got in Wonderland, and normally they were right, this was exactly why Sora hated it so much. He was probably right. He would have preferred being wrong in this case, because being right meant someone or something was observing him, and he couldn't tell if it was on his side not. He walked forward through the halls toward the Bizarre Room, and almost as if it were automatic Jade and Rikku followed. He really didn't blame them for not wanting to be lost within the twisted world of Wonderland. But no matter how far he moved the feeling of being watched from within the shadows would not leave him. He turned around quickly Keyblade in hand showing whoever it was that he was armed and ready, and he did get a reaction, just not the one he was expecting. "Key Wielder you have returned." a low voice hissed from the darkness around him.

"Wha-Ahhh!" Sora cried as something sprung from the shadows and knocked him over standing triumphantly on top of him. Sora saw a flash of metal as Jade's Keyblade came uncomfortably close to hitting him, but missed and threw the creature off of him; sending it sliding across the floor of the hall.

"I have seen some sick and disturbing things in my lifetime but this is defiantly the worst." Jade's voice said from somewhere to Sora's left. The Keyblade Master brought himself to his feel and looked at the creature that had attacked him. Jade had a point, it was a cat like creature with its eyelids drawn back and its eyes were dirty yellow. If it had fur it was hard to see; all that Sora could see was its skin clinging to its bones and strange markings covering the body from the tip of its bloody foot to the top of his tattered ears. The cat had two golden earrings in one ear and a smile that seemed all too familiar to Sora. Its smile stretched across its face, its lips were drawn back to reveal blood stained fangs. At once Sora knew what this creature was, he had met it once before.

"Cheshire cat, what happened to you?" Sora asked looking at the deformed cat before him. The cat's horrific smile only widened at Sora's words. His yellow eyes watched Sora's every move, as if ready to pounce once again.

"What happened to me? It is what happened to all in Wonderland. Madness has become our greatest ally, so we embrace all it stands for. I need not know who you three be. Key Holder, Dual Wielder, Gun Holder, you come to Wonderland to help? Or too harm further? Be you here to help, then spend time not on me but on Alice who needs you three." The cat sang its voice not cheerful any longer but more of a low raspy chant that seemed to make the entire party shudder.

"Ok I'm with Jade on this one." Rikku said as the cat began to vanish. Fist its bloody paws, worn down from all the running, then its thin legs, followed by its starving torso, then its bony neck. Soon it was just a head floating above the ground, but the head too began to vanish leavening nothing but the blood stained grin looming menacingly before them. "That is just sick and wrong!" Rikku pointed out. The grin hovered a bit longer as if mocking Sora's two female companions before it too vanished along with the rest of its owner. Sora shook his head, this was worse than he though if the cheerful cat had been turned into that… that… monster.

"Hurry, let's go find Alice, if the Cheshire Cat speaks the truth I bet you anything she'll be in the Queen's court again." Sora instructed. The two girls nodded following him into the Bizarre Room. The cat had said Alice was still alive and if Sora had the chance to save the Princess of Heart he would take it. The Bizarre Room was dark; its colorful walls were rotting away as the world seemed to collapse into Darkness. He spotted the "Drink Me" potion on the table and picked it up. "Drink up girls." he ordered. His two companions stared at him as if he were crazy. But he took a drink of it himself showing them he meant it. He tossed it to Jade.

"This is wrong on so many different levels." Jade muttered before taking a drink of the potion herself. She tossed it to Rikku who looked at both of them as if they were crazy and then drank the potion as well. At once all three began to shrink. "Ok you might want to warn us next time what a potion is going to do to us before we drink it." Jade said looking around her at the now giant furniture.

"It didn't kill you did it?" Sora asked taking out his Keyblade. Jade looked as if she was about to respond but was interrupted when a red dragon like Heartless swooped down almost colliding with her. Sora quickly pushed her out of the Heartless's path and sliced at the Heartless with his Keyblade.

"Thanks." Jade said looking as if she could hardly believe Sora had helped her. What did she think he was going to do, let it hit her, she was on his team after all he wasn't just going to let a Heartless kill her. A Blizzard spell hit the Heartless and he looked seeing Rikku with her gun out. The Heartless lunged for Sora this time who blocked and sliced it again delivering the final blow. With a final cry the Heartless fell to the ground vanishing. Sora looked to see Jade fighting off a rather fat Heartless and Rikku fighting off multiple small red Heartless that kept blasting fire at her. Sora heard something else that grabbed his attention.

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" Sora knew at once who was speaking even before the white rabbit, or the creature that had formally been the white rabbit, came into view. The rabbit wore tattered bloodstained clothes. A top hat sat on its head its two very tattered ears poked out from it. It carried a pocket watch, checking it every so often with abnormally large slanted eyes. And hopped past Sora without a glance. "The Queen she'll have my head for this for sure!"

"Follow the white rabbit!" Sora ordered chasing after the rabbit. The white rabbit was far from white its fur was filthy and more gray than white now. But it was the same rabbit, and it sounded like he was headed to the Queen's court again. Sora followed him through the hole and out into the once luscious gardens of the Queen of Hearts.

"Order! Order!" the Queen's voice called, but it did not sound at all like the Queen Sora remembered. Her voice was smooth and feminine, calming, almost like Cinderella's. "Where is the defendant?" The Queen asked. Sora walked over to the edge hiding behind the dieing brush his cool blue eyes seeing the Queen for the first time. She was slim with cold dark eyes and soft raven hair. Her skin was as pale as moonlight but her lips were as red as roses, at least one person in Wonderland had not turned into a monster. Cards walked past Sora dragging something behind them which they deposited before the Queen. "Someone wake her up." The Queen muttered her voice and face showing obvious boredom. A card hit the hostage who shot awake.

"Here's a piece of advice: Wait until I actually do something before putting me on trial." the figure said mockingly. Her voice was harsh, obviously she was a girl around Sora's age, could this be Alice? He moved closer up, seeing the girl for the first time. Dark brown hair fell straight down her back she wore a tattered blue dress and an even more tattered white apron but Sora could make out no more about her, he could only see the back of her from the angle he was at.

"Alice McGee, you are under arrest for the attempted theft of my Heart." The Queen said calmly leaning over her stand to get a better look at the girl she was accusing. Her cold black eyes gleamed triumphantly the pleasure of catching the girl shone clearly on her face. "I find you guilty as charged. Why? Well because I say so that's why." Her pale white hand released the Heat shaped ceptor briefly and clutched the wooden gavel banging it lightly on the desk before her.

"Oh come on," the girl, Alice, muttered angrily. Sora had trouble believing this girl was Alice, first of all Alice was blonde second of all she would never have spoken in such a sarcastic manner to anyone nevertheless the Queen of Hearts. "As much as I would love to rip your still beating heart out of your chest, it's rather hard to steal something you don't have." Sora couldn't believe any of the words that came out of Alice's mouth. What had happened to the innocent little girl he had saved. "You know what? This is stupid. I'm wasting my time." Alice said hopping off the stand and kicking a near by card to the ground. She dodged the blows of the card's spears with ease and stepped on the foot of one of the guards closest to the Queen. The card yelled and Alice punched it in the jaw with considerable force making it drop a rather large sword that, Sora assumed, had previously belonged to her. Picking the sword up; she fought off any of the cards that came near her without a single hesitation and ran off into the Lotus Forest, Sora at her heals and Jade and Rikku close behind. Sora stopped; reaching the other side of the dieing forest without seeing Alice. It was almost like she had just vanished into thin air.

"Sora! Look out!" Jade called from a few yards away, she and Rikku were not as fast as he was and they had a bit of trouble keeping up. Sora had no time to react because at once Alice was on him. One second he's looking for her the next she's on top of him blade pointed at his throat. The silver metal was already splashed with blood so Sora had little doubt that Alice would kill him.

"Why were you following me?" Alice asked angrily. Sora looked up and found himself staring into two dark emerald eyes. Her eyes were so cold, so dark that Sora felt he would have been better off giving himself to the Heartless than with her. Her eyes had no pupils at all only green, cold, dark green. "And remember," Alice said so angrily her voice was almost a hiss. "I don't like liars."

"Give him a break Alice." said a calm male voice from behind Alice. That voice! It sounded so familiar! Was it possible? Sora felt his heart speed up even more, not from terror this time but from hope, was it possible. "He's been a bit out of it for about three thousand years. Isn't that right Sora?" Sora recognized the voice at once. There was no mistaking the speaker before he even laid eyes on him.

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