I Do NOT own Digimon, or anything of it. This is a Taichi x Hikari Romance Fiction. If you don't like it, don't read it. This fiction will never have any sort of hentai (a.k.a. Lemon/Lemonry). Hope that is clear with everyone before continuing.

Updated June 23, 2005.

To start it all off, I have revised and edited Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4. I felt they needed it…BAD. So hopefully this runs the story smoother and gives a better impression.

Timeline: I have tuned the ages slightly better…here is a list of everyone's current age.

Taichi, Yamato, Sora - 13

Jyou - 14

Mimi, Koushiro - 12

Hikari, Takeru – 10

Ok, from here all I can say is read and see what kinds of new stuff has been added….

The thunder rumbled shook the glass of water on the desk and lightning beamed through the window with a bright flash. Hikari laid curled in a ball, covering her ears and with blankets and pillows over her. Tears rolled down her cheek as she flinched every time lightning would strike.

The lightning stopped for a moment, she looked around her room, and could hear the calm breathing of her brother.

''T-Taichi'' Hikari said while she whimpered.

She could hear her brothers voice, even from the top bunk, as he moved around, shifting his body left and right.

''What's…wrong Hikari?''

''I'm scared Taichi''

Taichi unearthed his head from the blankets, looking down to the lower bunk. He greeted with a smile, and said a few comforting words. She nodded and dried her tears with the arms of her pajamas. Hikari continued up the ladder, sing her sibling sitting up, rubbing his eyes.

''You'll be alright"

He reached for the blanket and threw it over him and her, covering the both. He faced the wall, as Hikari faced the open ended side of the bed. She could see the clock down below on their dresser. It read 1:00am in big, red flickering numbers. She closed her eyes, and let herself fall asleep.

The Next Morning….

Hikari opened her eyes slowly, only to see her brother wasn't by her side The storm seemed to have calmed, but was still very dark and cloudy. It had begun snowing, filling the sky with white, powdery, snow. Hikari rubbed her eyes, and noticed Taichi wasn't there. She climbed down the ladder, walking to the door.


She looked to the kitchen, seeing him cooking. She sat down on one of the chairs that were on the table next to it.

''Good Morning!''

''Where's mom and dad?''

Taichi looked back and attended to the cooking, still giving Hikari most of his attention.

''Dad had an emergency call this morning, and mom went to work. They will be back later this evening.''

Taichi opened a nearby cabinet to get a plate for Hikari and his food. Hikari watched as he cooked them to perfection, dashing them with seasonings before taking them and placing them on the plates.


Taichi sighed in relief, putting a plate in front of Hikari.He then sat to the seat next to her, facing the window.

"The weather is pretty bad…that storm still isn't over. Dad had to fly out of town."

Hikari stared at him as he ate, and glanced a smile. She always thought of her brother when she was alone. She as sick often, due to her weak immune system. It never seemed to bother her, only Taichi. She smiled at him, thinking of his compassion he always showed.

"Something wrong Hikari? You haven't touched your food"

"I'm just thinking, that's all."

Hikari's face was full of innocence that she always had. Taichi smiled himself, cleaning up and washing his dish off before putting it in the dish washing machine.

"I guess we stay while mom and dad are gone."

Taichi had a real calm, confident look on his face as he talked, keeping his courageous stature that he always had. Hikari watched him as he walked out of the room and heard the click of the heater turning on, and then took the plate to the sink.

Hikari continued to eat as her brother continued to talk. She always had that Light of hers, shining within her. After she finished her food, she took hers and washed it off, just as Taichi did. She walked back into their room, seeing Taichi rummaging to find something.

"What are you looking for Oniichan?"

"An old Bushido movie I had. I have wanted to watch it for awhile now."

Taichi was slightly disappointed, leaning his arm on his knee, with his head on the palm of his hand. Hikari walked over to him, sitting on her knees, spying through the pile of junk.

"Lots of old stuff'

Taichi smiled and looked at her from the corner of his eye. She looked to the side and gave a relieving smile.

"I don't like fighting anyway"

Taichi looked a bit more moving a few objects, then putting them back in the drawer he got them from.

"Guess we do something else"

Taichi looked to his other side, looking outside their balcony window. It was snowing. Taichi stood up, slightly mesmerized by the snow. Hikari followed him, close behind.

"Wow, the snow looks…nice today"

Hikari giggled from Taichi's comment.

"And that's because you hate snow, Taichi"

He laughed himself, walking outside of the room.

She didn't follow him, instead she stopped herself while glancing at the snow. She walked closer to the window, placing her hands against it. She breathed lightly, yet it still managed to reach the window, and fogged it. She wiped it away with the sleeve of her pajamas.

Hikari stared at a ferris wheel that was off into the distance. It wasn't on, but it still stood from the fair that they had the previous month. Taichi looked back inside the room, seeing Hikari looking at the city again from their window. He didn't walk any closer, he stopped at the doorway, commenting the snow once more.

"They still haven't taken that old thing down?"

He gazed in amazement, shaking himself free of it soon after, continuing what he was doing. Hikari, however, was thinking of the fair. She smiled as she could still hear the badly made music, and Taichi trying to win something for her.

I could still smell the cotton candy and funnel cake. Taichi always bought me what I wanted.

Well, I know the remake isn't that good, but it's a bit better than the previous one. I suppose as long as it makes the readers happy.