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dream sequences

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:Don sighed as he walked down the hallway leading to Leo's room. Leo was still not awake, and no matter what they did, he would not wake. They were starting to become worried that he may never wake up…

Just then, he heard something crash in Leo's room. Running over, he opened the door, to see a cup shattered on the floor, and Leo sitting up in bed looking at the cup confused.

"LEO!" Don cried, starting to rush to his brother. "You're awake!"

Leo looked up at him with a blank expression, before saying something that made Don freeze in his tracks.

"Who are you?":


Don winced as everyone yelled that into his ears. "Ow…" He whimpered, massaging his poor, ringing ears.

"Whadya mean Leo's got amnesia?" Raph snarled, glaring at Don as if it was all his fault.

Don frowned at the glare. "It isn't my fault! He must've hit his head, causing him to forget."

"Well than do somethin'!" Raph yelled, standing up.

Don jumped up as well. "DO WHAT? YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! AMNESIA JUST IS! The only way to beat it is to make Leo remember something!"

Just then, there was a crash from Leo's room. Don didn't hesitate, but rushed there. Opening the door, he sighed as he saw Leo on the floor, confused a bit.

"I told you not to get up! You're injured pretty badly…" Don started to lecture.

Leo looked up at him, his usually spirited eyes blank. "Hi." He said, looking behind Don.

Don blinked before looking behind him. The rest of the family was crowded behind him, watching in surprise.

Don heaved a sigh, before helping Leo up. Then, he pointed to Mikey. "That's Mikey. Remember whom I told you about?"

Leo nodded hesitantly, before looking at Raph.

"That's Raph." Don said, seeing who he was looking at. Then, he pointed to Splinter. "That's Master Splinter. And that's Casey, and she's April." He said, pointing to each of them.

Leo nodded, before blinking. "And I'm Leo, right?"

Don nodded. "Yeah."

Leo nodded before looking around the room. "And where am I? Why am I here? And why am I injured?"

Raph couldn't bear it any longer. He stormed off, leaving the others staring after him in pity, while Leo cocked his head. "What's wrong with him?"

Splinter sighed. "Come. We will tell you everything."

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