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dream sequences

Warning: Characters may be out-of-character at anytime in the story. Do not blame me. Blame…err…I have no clue who you should blame. Someone other than me?

Latin words may mean something. But they are mostly jumbles.

The cave was collapsing. The walls were falling down and the ceiling was crumbling above him.

But he couldn't move. He just stared up at the ceiling, memorizing the pictures there. He must not forget it. For if he did, he would die.

Leo shot up in his bed, breathing hard. He had been having those same dreams for days now.

Leo shook his head to clear it from the images, before looking around, confused. For a second, he had no clue where he was, but then suddenly he remembered. He was in his 'room' in a city called 'Concordia'. But where this 'Concordia' was, he didn't know. They had told him that it was light years away from 'Earth'. Of course, what this 'Earth' was, he didn't know either.

Of course, the people who claimed he was their brother, was a nice family of a rat, three turtles, and two humans. They had explained to him how they came to be, but he still couldn't see how he fit into all of this. No matter what they did, he just couldn't remember. Sometimes, however, he thought that he could remember, but something was just blocking him. Like a brick wall in his mind that kept him from remembering. But why, he had no clue.

When he finally decided to get out of bed and go have something to eat, it was well past eleven.

Quietly, he walked out of his room and down the hallway. He didn't want the others to know he was awake. They were nice and all, but they fussed over him a little too much.

Luckily, no one was in the kitchen when he got there. Leo let out a soft sigh in relief as he quickly set out to discover what there was to eat, and most importantly where the stuff were to eat.

He found it easily though, and he settled for an apple and some strange sweat little cakes called Karh made from nuts.

He quickly finished his little snack just as Don stepped in.

Don blinked in surprise as he saw Leo, but then smiled. "Hey! I was just coming to wake you…" He said. "Caurus is going to show us a tour of Concordia. It has just been completed, and we're all interested in how it turned out. Do you want to come?"

Leo shrugged. "Sure…" Then he paused before eyeing the turtle's headband. Purple…so that was… "Sure, erm…Don?"

'Please be right, please be right…' Leo silently prayed. But luckily Don didn't notice him forgetting his name. Instead, Don nodded and dragged him outside.

Outside, the sky was a soft sea-green. Leo blinked as he observed it. No matter how many times he saw it, he still was amazed by it. Somehow, he felt as though that this was a strange color for the sky to be. But what other color must the sky be? Blue? Leo almost chuckled at that thought. That would be completely ridiculous!

"Hey Leo!" A cheerful voice interrupted his thoughts. Leo blinked before looking around and seeing the others standing a bit farther from him, on his left. He could see the red-banded turtle, Raph…he supposed, with his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face. Leo may not remember everything, but he did know that something was definitely bothering this 'Raph' and that something had to do with him.

Next to this 'Raph', stood the rat, talking intently with Caurus. Two humans, April and Casey, Leo supposed, were standing listening to what Caurus was saying. And next to them, stood the orange-banded turtle, waving cheerfully at them.

Don nodded towards them, dragging Leo towards the group. Despite them supposedly being family and friends, he still didn't feel comfortable around them.


Leo sighed as he slowly trudged on after the group. Not that he meant to be rude, but he didn't really care to see the city of Concordia. It was nice and all, but he really didn't feel at home. There was also something deep inside him telling him to do something. But he had no clue what that something was.

He sighed again as he walked past a group of children playing soccer with a ball which looked to be made from some type of wood. Leo supposed that it was the wood the people referred to as hnoght wood, which was a light brown colored wood, used to make many sorts of objects ranging from furniture to kitchen appliances. It was so popular, because it had a tendency to be very hard and sturdy, but at the same time very light.


Leo had been so into his thoughts that he didn't notice one of the children had kicked the ball too hard. It flew up in the air and was now heading towards Leo.

Leo whirled around and saw the ball heading towards him.

Then, what happened next both perplexed everyone as well as scarred them.

Leo's eyes flashed an angry cerulean before he raised his hand and made a slashing motion. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cerulean bolt of light appeared and sliced the ball in half. The two halves of the ball fell down from the sky and landed, rolling a little, at Leo's feet. Leo's eyes immediately reverted back to normal and he staggered a bit, before blinking and looking down at the two halves of the ball.

Leo blinked, aware that everyone was staring at him. 'How? How did that happen? What happ—'

Suddenly, great pain exploded in his head. Leo groaned as he sank down onto the ground, feeling blood start to flow out of his nose.

Don immediately appeared beside him, followed closely by Mikey and Splinter. "Leo? LEO!" Don yelled, kneeling quickly down beside Leo.

Leo blinked, before shaking his head. Then, he looked up at Don. "Hi. Who are you? Who am I?" Leo asked, before he reached up and touched the blood flowing from his nose. "And…why is my nose bleeding?"

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