Hello, everyone! This is a story about the band in our school, which my friend who helped me write this and I are both in, yet we are in seperate classes. This first chapter was written by my friend, as the chapter is about her class. Therefore, I would have not been able to write it. Anyway, please read and review.

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First Period Advanced Band
첫번째 분류하십시요
(Class the First)

By: A.T. Profio

:It is a typical Monday morning so far. First period advance band is always a drag especially if the teacher is fifteen minutes late.:

Antonella – Admiring the chaos. This could get out of hand.

Nichelle – Could get?

Antonella – You obviously don't watch enough TV.

Nichelle – Fan girl.

Antonella – Anime junky.

Nichelle – Hoe bag.

Antonella – Over imaginative monkey brained stupid fat headed-

Tom – What the hell are you two up to now?

Nichelle – What's up, Tom?

Antonella – Don't ask him that.

Tom – The ceiling. :Antonella smacks him over the head with a "Comic Party" manga.:

Nichelle – The ceiling's gone, dumbass.

Antonella – What?

Brittany H. – Tight.

Kiki – Ooh Candy, you blew up the ceiling.

Candy – What? I did not . . .

Antonella – Candy, you're such a bad person.

Candy – I didn't do anything. You're crazy.

Kiki – Candy, you hurt my feelings calling me crazy like that. :Looks sad.:

Antonella – Why are you so mean, Candy?

Candy – But I didn't do anything.

Nichelle – We all saw you call Kiki crazy. :At this time Ms. Couch, the tardy band director, steps in through the front doors of the band room. Everyone is quiet.:

Ms. Couch – All right, sorry I'm late. Let's get our instru- :Sees the gaping hole that was the ceiling.:

Courtney – Busted.

All Drummers – EVASIVE ACTION!

All – Oro? (Huh?)

Nichelle - :Rolls her eyes.: RUN!

:There is a sudden rush for the back doors as the ill behaving band students flee for their lives that they try so hard to live. The office is called and until the bell rings for the end of first period Mr. Hunter, Ms. Norman, Officer Bob, and various teachers and staff are attempting to round up all 52 first period advance band students.:

Antonella - :Narrating to audience.: Thusly ends period the first. But with a crowd including a student like DJ, what will become of . . . :Dramatic music.: Second Period Advanced Band!

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