Hello everyone. I told you that it would take awhile to get the second chapter up, but I finally got it. This chapter is about what my class is doing while Ms. Couch is out trying to catch first period. May or may not be as funny as first chapter.

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Second Period Advanced Band

초를 분류하십시요

By: Cait Simonton

:Second period band is now in the class and behaving 10x as bad as first period, considering that the ceiling's gone, and trouble makers such as DJ, Mike E., Prinche, Ilya, and others I can't think of are in our class. Kyle H. and Cait are in the back row, discussing a fanfic they just read.:

Kyle – Dude... "THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!" :Cait smacks him on the head with said story, which happens to be about as thick as every Harry Potter book, squeezed together into one huge book.: OOW!

Adreka- :walks over from low brass section: Hi, lovebirds. :This enrages Cait and Kyle. Both trumpeters attack the trombonist very violently. Cathleen H. breaks up the fight:

Cathleen- Can you guys not?

Cait- :sitting on the floor.: Hi, Cathleen!

Cathleen- What's up?

Cait- :glancing up at what was once the ceiling: Um... the clarinets:points up. Everyone else looks up and sees the clarinets orbiting the earth. Cathleen begins to hyperventilate. Everyone is quiet. Then . . . :

Jemisa - :Imitating Mr. Parks.: Deeeaar my . . . Someone's gonna be in a woooorld of twubble, my friends.

Cathleen – I wonder who did it. :Everyone eventually looks at DJ.:

DJ – What? Not guilty!

Jemisa - : Still imitating Mr. Parks.: That's what they said at the Alamo, dear my. : At that exact moment, Ms. Couch walks in, out of breath, red in the face, and looking rather fatigued. :

Ms. Couch - YES! We finally caught them all, and they all are suspended. (Even Candy.) Now let's get our instruments out. : Everyone snaps into action except the clarinets. : Clarinets, why aren't you setting up? Where are your instruments?

Arian – Um . . .: Points up... In orbit . . ?

Ms. Couch – Like I'm going to believe that. : Someone hands her a telescope, which she uses to peer into the sky and see the clarinets. : Well, I'll be darned . . .

Wesley – Maybe we should call NASA.

Ms. Couch- Oh, right. Like someone's got Mission Control programmed into their cell phone, or something. :Vestavia pulls out her cell:

Vestavia- As a matter of fact, Ms. Couch, I do have that. : Everyone blinks.: What?

Ms. Couch- GIMME THAT PHONE: Snatches phone. : That number could save us hundreds of dollars on car insurance: Everyone blinks. :

Cait - Car insurance?

Ms. Couch- I-I mean clarinets! Yeah...: dials number:

Cathleen- Heh. How much do you think Geico paid for that bit of advertising: A Geico dude walks in.:

Geico Dude- Here yah go, Ms. Couch. Thank you for your help in promoting Geico. : hands Ms. Couch an amazingly large sum of money, which the band director snatches greedily. :

Band students- Wooooah. : Ms. Couch is now counting the money, hunched over; afraid someone will steel her fortune.

Keyanah- Uh, Ms. Couch...exactly how much money do you have: Ms. Couch looks at her suspiciously and hunches even further over her money. :

Ms. Couch- More than all of you combined make in allowance in a year.

Cait- What if we don't get an allowance?

Ms. Couch- HAHA :begins laughing manically. Cait sighs:

Cait- DJ: DJ nods, walks over to Ms. Couch and hits her over the head with the bass drum mallet, rendering her unconscious. The bell rings. : Thus ends class two.

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