A/N this is after the rally Jen has. It is from Jen's fathers POV.

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Jen is gone. She is dead. My only daughter I will ever have. She was a third child, an illegal. Jen died at the rally she had planned, she was tired of hiding and she wanted to tell the world that she was. Being like everyone else was her dream. When Jen died at the rally I had a plague made is secrecy, with all the names of the kids that had died at the rally. They are always with me they haunt my mind. The names going around and around, never going away. All forty of them, including Jen.

Anna Smith, Carlos Kinnon, Maria Bell, Patrick McClose, Sean McClose, Michael Evans, Amanda Walker, Alexandra Wood, Karrie Black, Yolanda Gooden, Marietta Criss, Tyler Crombie, Liam Flynn, Gabrielle Kisen, Christina Lee, Ginger Willis, Karina Madell, Katherine Young, Ian Lu, Mary Fisher, Laura White, Peter Finn, Chad Williams, Alison Cook, Bill Tookins, Max Wilder, Emily Queen, Laurie Norren, Matthew Jackson, Jason Capet, Andrew Dunk, Jonathan Brown, Joel Koss, Edward Cross, Olivian Cole, Jeffery Mann, Paul Tudor, Miranda Path, Cassandra Ali and Jennifer Talbot.

None of there efforts in vain, they were all heroic. What they did was rebellion of being treated like a rejected outcast. Anyone of those kids could have lived. I knew all of the kids, I knew their families and the way they lived. If I had known about the rally I would have tried to stop it. Like Jen's friend Luke once said, "trying to stop Jen is like trying to stop the sun". Jen would never have cared if I tried to stop the rally, me attempting to stop the rally would just have been more encouraging to Jen.

Jen's mother and I never really understood what went on inside Jen's mind until i found her diary. There I found a side of Jen I never knew, one that maybe couldn't have existed to anyone. Along with that I found answers to thing like; why Jen had such a problem with hiding, what she had done, why she had the idea of the rally and what caused her to take control of the idea. It caused me so much pain to read her diary. Jen was not careless in life she had everything she wanted to happen planned. What she had planned hadn't happened.

Today is one month to the day that Jen died. It is May 1, Jen's birthday she would be fourteen. She isn't fourteen and never will be. It seems so unrealistic that Jen is gone, she always was there and she had her opinion on everything, from the government to which sports teams won. I will miss that. No one in my mind could ever take Jen's place for all eternity.

The End