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Vegeta Muyo! 2: The Final Round

Before we begin a summary to let you know what is going on here (much of this is based on some of my other Fanfictions, which will go back up one day once I get everything rewritten properly)

There was a time when I had some DBZ stories online, currently they are down (I need to rework the details on many of them, thus they have been removed). But just to let you know, This story takes place five years after Ryoko's Wedding (where Ryoko gets married to Tenchi [one of my stories]), and one year after the story (which is down currently) entitled Broli Strikes (Broli escapes from Hell, and It's up to Vegeta and the others to try and stop him... only problem Broli can now reach SSJ4, thanks to some help from the denizens of Hell.) In Broli Strikes, Vegeta regrows his tail, a tale in and of itself, thus he can become Super Vegeta 4, without the use of The Brute Ray. That said, I think I have set the stage. It has been about 11 and a half years since Vegeta Muyo! ended. If I calculated it all right.

Part 1: Old Enemies and Friends

Dawn: The beginning of a beautiful summer's day

Drifting just on the other side of Earth's Moon rests a gigantic black star ship, hiding itself from detection using state of the art stealth technology. But it is not just any ship, it is the Ebon Shard, and inside dwell three of the most vile creatures the universe has ever known. The ship itself resembles a Galaxy Police space craft, except it has gun turrets everywhere, and is completely black.

In the Control Room:

"It is time!" an unusual man screamed with joy from the shadows, looking at the Earth on the view screen. "The day I have waited for has finally come. It has been too long since I last looked at this wretched planet."

"Just how long has it been," Blackshire asked mockingly as he entered the control room. His black metal boots clicking against the ebon steel of the ship. Standing close to seven feet tall, Blackshire was an armored giant, with a cruel cunning that made him even more deadly than he looked. His dark armor gave him the appearance of a black knight from a tale out of King Arthur's day.

"Blackshire. I didn't hear you coming, that's...surprising," the figure Blackshire called Master hissed appearing startled, "and I hate surprises."

"So do we begin the operation now?" yet another figure said entering the room.

"Fruitia... once agin, I didn't hear you coming. Interesting..." the Master proclaimed. "Yes, I think it is time to start."

"Excellent, then am I to get Vegeta and his friends, and Blackshire to invite Ryoko and her brood?" Fruitia asked ready for battle.

"No. I will take care of the invitations personally. Just remember to be waiting at the rendevous point," The master shouted pointing at the two vile warriors who stood before him, seconds before he vanished.

"Oh we'll be there, after all I have waited so long for revenge" Blackshire said pressing a few keys on his control board, studying the data displayed. "It won't be long now, and vengeance will be mine."

Capsule Corps. [8 am]

Vegeta sensed a ki, it was very familiar, something he couldn't quite place. He rushed out of the gravity chamber, back into the house. Quickly he ran to the door, it was an intense feeling, whoever it was had tremendous power. Throwing open the door, with enough force to nearly rip it from it's hinges, Vegeta scanned the horizon. There was no one there, not only that he no longer sensed the chi. "Who was that?" Vegeta asked the air while snarling, "and why did it seem so familiar?" Vegeta was about to slam the door, and get back to his training, when he noticed something, a note taped to the door.

"What is this?" Vegeta asked annoyed as he tore the note from the door. He promptly scanned over the note, expecting it to be some kind of request from one of the scientists at Capsule Corps.

However it was nothing like that. It was a challenge. As Vegeta read, his blood began to boil, only one man would pick a fight with him like this. "Fruitia...," Vegeta hissed. There were few enemies Vegeta had ever met who he hated more than Fruitia, even Kakarot. Fruitia, the man who killed Bulma, claimed to be Vegeta's brother, thus the true heir to the Saiyajin throne, and made a mockery of Vegeta. The only good thing that came of Fruitia was that he made Vegeta mad enough to ascend to SSJ3. "You stole my wife from me Fruitia, and now you have the gall to come back for more! It appears killing you wasn't enough, well this time you won't be coming back." Vegeta's aura began to flare violently. As he powered up, his Saiyajin nose noted something it hadn't before, this note, like the last from Fruitia, was written in blood, Bulma's Blood. "I don't know how you were able to duplicate my wife's blood Fruitia, and I don't care. You should have stayed dead, because now no force in the universe will spare you of MY WRATH." Vegeta's roar filled the air as his aura exploded vaporizing the note, seconds before the mighty Saiyajin blasted off into the air.

"Daddy?" Bra said running to the front door, having heard her father scream. "Where did he go?" Bra sighed, her father was becoming more and more reckless, and prone to taking off for no reason. "I'm sure he'll be back after he gets what ever is bothering him now out of his system." Bra shut the door. She had a bad feeling, as if the last time she spoke to her father would have been the last time she would see him. "I must be hanging out with Trunks too much," she joked. "He's the one who is always focused on the gloom and doom stuff." Bra brushed a few stray hairs out of her face. "I mean what am I worrying about. After all, no one can kill dad. He's way too stubborn to die. I'm sure he'll be back before I know it."

Soaring to the Rendevous Point:

Vegeta rocketed in the air flying as fast as he could, and not be in Super Saiyajin mode. "So, once again you've picked the time, and the place. I'm sure you have a lot of surprises planned for me, Fruitia. This time I have one for you." Vegeta smirked thinking of the look on Fruitia will have on his face when Vegeta became Super Vegeta 4. "You should have given me your note a little later, because this time I will be waiting for you, not the other way around." Vegeta knew he was walking into a trap, but he did not care. If Fruitia had somehow come back from the dead, he would soon see why it was a mistake to anger the true prince of all Saiyajin's, and why he should have stayed dead.


"I'll be right there," Tenchi yelled into the phone, barely managing to hang up the phone. He had almost reached the door, when he stopped dead in his tracks. "Oh man, Why do things like this always happen to me? Before I go, I better leave Ryoko a note, or she'll have my neck for sure. If only she would wake up at a decent hour, instead of sleeping the entire day away...," Tenchi ran to the dinner table, sketching out a note quickly for his wife. Then as fast as his legs could carry him, Tenchi was out the door.

8:30 am

"What is this," the man calling himself the Master said as he slipped into the Masaki house. Quickly he read Tenchi's note to his wife. "With all my Love, Tenchi," the figure sneered, "my god man, could he be any sappier? We'll just have to fix this situation." The figure laughed, throwing Tenchi's note into a nearby trash can, as he placed a note of his own design on the table. "Yes, I think that will be much better, and to think I won't even have to kill or kidnap anyone." As he was about to leave, the mysterious figure stopped, "something about that just doesn't feel right." The figure laughed maniacally shaking his head as if he had just heard the funniest thing ever, and in a flash, disappeared.

One hour later

Ryoko awoke. The house was unusually quiet, of course she was used to getting up about noon everyday, so it seemed possible to her that this might be how a house sounds at 9:30 am. "Tenchi!" Ryoko called, wondering where her husband had went. "The old place sure has been quiet ever since all the others left," she commented to herself.

"Now then, where is he?" Ryoko vanished, leaving her room, teleporting herself from room to room, in search of her husband. Finally, a depressed Ryoko decided to stop looking, and have breakfast. Of course she really had no need to eat, but it was something she did out of habit. "That Tenchi... he's going to get it when he get's home! Imagine leaving a beautiful young woman like me, home all alone in this..." Ryoko stopped, noticing a note on the table. "What's this?" she asked snatching up the note. "Hmm, it's Tenchi's handwriting but...," Ryoko gasped, "Blackshire..." She could still remember that monster. He had came on a day just like today, claiming to be Kagato, the man Ryoko hated above all others, heir. He kidnaped Sasami while she was getting a watermelon for everyone to enjoy. During the battle with Blackshire Tenchi wished the other two gems back to Ryoko, so she could finish him off. "But I beheaded him!" Ryoko told herself, "how can he be back from the dead?" Ryoko shook her head, there would be time to think about that after she killed Blackshire, this time for good, and found out where Tenchi was. It seemed too much of a coincidence that Blackshire would leave a note for her to meet him, and Tenchi would disappear, all at the same time. "Only one good thing ever came from you Blackshire," Ryoko said as if he could hear her. She took a deep cleansing breath, remembering the night after her battle with that black armored monster. "Tenchi and I were married shortly afterwards. Tenchi told me that he realized how much he truly loved me that night. If you hadn't shown up, it's possible Tenchi would have never proposed to me." Ryoko reached around her neck, undoing the locket she wore, a present from Tenchi [given to Ryoko in Ryoko's Birthday], and laid it on the dining room table. In a flash, her clothes glowed, transforming into her red and black battle outfit. [same outfit she wore when she took on Kagato in the OVA]

A few moments later

Ryoko flew threw the house, until she finally located Ryo-Ohki. "Come on Ryo-Ohki, we have to go, Tenchi might be in danger!" The tiny cabbit meowed confused, still sleepy. "No time to explain, we might need chase Blackshire back to his ship, so you're coming too!" Clutching the tiny cabbit by the scruff of her neck, Ryoko flew upwards, phasing through the roof, as she flew off towards the place where Blackshire promised he would be waiting. Ryo-Ohki had no clue what was going on, but when she heard about Blackshire, she was sure the situation was bad.

Noon: an arid desert region

Vegeta was furious, he hated waiting, but Fruitia was to be here at noon. He had spent the last few hours scouring, this rocky desert, looking for anything Fruitia might use to his advantage. "This must have been part of his plan, to try and make me lose my patience. Well I'll show him, I can wait as long as he can." Vegeta told himself as he walked between two large pillars of rock. Suddenly, the rock beside the Saiyajin prince exploded, hit by a powerful energy blast. Vegeta spun expecting to see Fruitia, instead he was shocked to see Ryoko, her hand pointing toward him. Ryo-Ohki resting on her shoulder. "What are you doing her wench? Is this all your idea of a joke? Where's Fruitia?"

"Do I look like I'm laughing Vegeta?" Ryoko snarled back, "I thought you were Blackshire, only now I can see you are much too short to be him. Where is he?" Before Vegeta could continue to argue with the beautiful space pirate, another voice intervened.

"Yes well I suppose we've stayed hidden long enough, wouldn't you say brother?" an ominous voice blared behind them. The two warriors, Ryoko and Vegeta, turned. There they stood, the objects of their hatred, Fruitia and Blackshire. Fruitia wore his usual Saiyajin Armor, which looked identical to Vegeta's except it was completely a mint green color, with his forest green cloak, which was supposed to give him a regal look. Except for their clothes, Fruitia appeared to be the exact physical duplicate of Vegeta, even sporting the same hair style as the Saiyajin prince. Standing a foot taller than Fruitia was Blackshire, who was completely encased in black metal. The only spots on his body that was not covered by the black casing was his eyes, and three slots which covered his mouth. From those spaces a vile red light irradiated forth, giving the impression that inside the armor was a furnace, and knowing Blackshire, it would be a furnace straight from Hell itself.

"Where's Tenchi, Blackshire!" Ryoko demanded shouting in rage. "If you've harmed him in any way, I swear I'll make you pay!" Energy crackled along Ryoko's arms, she was prepared to back up her threat.

"I can honestly say I have no clue what you are talking about Ryoko," Blackshire said flatly examining his nails as if they were the most interesting thing in the universe, "However, the master might know his whereabouts. IF you want to ask him, then simply follow us." Blackshire's tone changed at the end, mocking Ryoko and Vegeta, almost daring them to try something.

"No more games," Vegeta declared with a sweeping motion of his hand, "We end this now! I don't know who your master is, or even how you survived my attack Fruitia, but this is it!" Vegeta roared charging at the evil pair. So engrossed in their own fury were Ryoko and Vegeta, that neither hd noticed that neither Blackshire nor Fruitia were casting a shadow, and that Blackshire's armor reflected no light, even thought the noon sun shined brightly overhead. Vegeta realized why just as he passed right through them, instead of slamming into them as he intended. "What the?"

"Oh Vegeta," Fruitia laughed, slapping his knee. "There is still so much you don't understand. This battle isn't to take place here, but I have no time to tell you everything now. Besides the master has special plans. Although we were hoping for a bigger crowd, still I guess we'll have to take what we can get. Now then, as my dear brother said, if you want to end this, follow us." With that the two figures disappeared.

"A hologram...," Vegeta fumed shaking his head angrily. "I can't believe they tricked me with such a cheap trick," he cursed mentally looking at the ground where the two villains had just been standing.

"I know where they are Vegeta. You do know it's a trap, right. We will be fighting them on their own turf. Do you still want to go after them," Ryoko asked giving Vegeta a chance to decline her offer. Vegeta looked at her, with a confused look on his face. "Ryo-Ohki can take us after them. You may not remember, but she can turn into a space ship. So are you coming?"

"I will make Fruitia pay, for what he has done to me! He can run all he likes, hide in the deepest reaches of space, but I will still follow." Vegeta declared nodding his acceptance of Ryoko's offer.

"Ryo-Ohki!" The tiny cabbit responded to her master's cry by leaping off Ryoko's shoulder into the air, transforming into a giant space ship. "They went to Blackshire's ship, The Ebon Shard. Let's go." Ryoko steeled her voice, hiding her fear of what the evil Blackshire could have done to Tenchi, "Don't worry Tenchi, I'm on my way..."

Ryo-Ohki meowed loudly, blasting the two figures with a beam of light, in a flash, they stood in the control room. With a mighty push, the star ship known as Ryo-Ohki soared into the atmosphere, entering the cold vacuum of space.

"There it is," Ryoko said pointing to the large black ship which appeared on her view screen. "The Ebon Shard. It looks bigger than last time I seen it, in better repair as well. We'll have to be careful getting onto that ship. It was once a Galaxy Police battleship, which Blackshire stole from an antiques collector, and modified."

Suddenly, a monitor appeared, on it was Blackshire, who leaned towards them, giving himself an even more menacing appearance. "Well Ryoko, what do you think? The Ebon Shard has been totally renovated since last we met. This time you will not find it so easy to board her, but now is not the time or the place to speak of that. I'll have my revenge for that day over six years ago..." Blackshire paused as if lost in some dark thought for a moment. Finally he regained his composure, holding up a clenched fist threateningly in front of his metal covered face. "Are you ready to follow me? Meet us at these coordinates, and we shall end this once and for all."

"You cowards," Vegeta shouted pointing at the monitor. "I have no time for such games, face me now, if you dare."

"Vegeta, I have no quarrel with you. Fruitia might, what with the fact that you killed him and all, but the master was very specific that in seven days, the final battle would begin. We will see you at the previously stated coordinates. Tell me Vegeta, do you recognize them?"

"Of course I do, any true Saiyajin warrior would!" Vegeta vowed glaring at the armored man on the monitor, "It's the place where Planet Vegeta should be, but it was destroyed by Freiza."

"We have found a suitable replacement for it. I assure you," Fruitia said stepping in front of Blackshire. It was unnerving for Vegeta to look at Fruitia, it was like looking into a mirror. "From what I have heard, it should be no problem for you and Ryoko to make it there in the time given, especially with Ryo-Ohki at your disposal." The evil Saiyajin, who claimed to be Vegeta's brother, smiled sadistically looking at Vegeta like a shark about to feed. "See you there," Fruitia hissed. Then the screen went blank.

"Well you know where we're going Ryo-Ohki, let's get moving." Ryoko said taking a deep breath, as she did, the Ebon Shard disappeared. A short time later, Ryo-Ohki, herself followed. "Planet Vegeta?!" Ryoko sighed as she thought. "Now there's a place I never wanted to go back to."

"Did he say your fight with him was about six years ago?" Vegeta asked. Ryoko didn't hear him, since she was glaring at the monitor, her eyes full of hate. "WENCH, I am talking to you?"

"What do you want?!" Ryoko roared in reply looking at Vegeta impatiently, clearly annoyed at being shaken from her angry state.

"I asked you how long ago you fought Blackshire!" Vegeta shouted back, "was it six years ago?"

Ryoko looked at the floor shaking her head frantically, trying to figure out what the time she fought Blackshire had to do with anything. "Yeah I guess so. Let's see I fought him one year before I was married, and Tenchi and I just celebrated our Fifth Wedding Anniversary... So yeah I guess it was about six years ago. Why do ask?"

"Don't you see it Wench?" Vegeta barked in reply, "Six years ago I faced Fruitia, and he killed my wife, Bulma. If I were a betting man, I would bet that your fight with Blackshire happened at the exact time my fight with Fruitia took place."

"So!" Ryoko said leaning toward him, holding her arms out as if some divine offering was to be placed in them. She was clearly not following the Saiyajin Prince, and was still too distraught from everything that had been going on up until then to think clearly.

"SO! Do you think it is coincidence that these two foes appeared at the same time 6 years ago, and that now they have returned." Vegeta stared at Ryo-Ohki's main view screen, scowling as he clenched a fist in rage. "Who ever this master is, he must have some power to control men like Fruitia and Blackshire, and I would imagine he will be the biggest problem of the three of them. But as to who he is, that is a mystery." Vegeta looked over his shoulder menacingly, "and I hate mysteries!"

"Oh, I get it now." Ryoko said looking up, and placing a finger to her mouth. "Hmm, I wonder who this master could be?" Ryoko continued staring at the ceiling, as if looking for answers. Suddenly she gasped, leaping up from her seat.

"What is it now Wench?" Vegeta growled, "this had better not be some stupid woman problem."

"I think I know who that Master is?" Ryoko said. "When we first met Blackshire all those years ago, he was after revenge for us killing his master. The very same man who had enslaved me for over a thousand years, Kagato!"

"I've heard of Kagato,"Vegeta declared, "he was supposed to be the best pirate in the universe..."

Ryoko appeared behind Vegeta, wrapping her arms around his neck, "Now, now Vegeta, remember I'm the best pirate in the universe." Ryoko giggled, not paying any attention to what Vegeta was saying. Where Vegeta was focused, and ready for action continuously, Ryoko seemed much more flippant, and playful. "Wouldn't you say so?"

"Can't you stay focused for even a moment Wench!" Vegeta exclaimed grabbing her arm to throw her off him. Ryoko flipped while in the air, landing with grace a few feet in front of Vegeta. "It can't be Kagato, I've never felt his power before, and this power seems familiar. Too familiar for my liking. Normally I could tell instantly who, or what it is, but it's like somehow this power is changing constantly."

"Don't worry about it Vegeta," Ryoko said glaring at him. "We still have a week before we get there, and we don't want to stress ourselves out trying to figure out who this Master is." Ryoko tried her best to sound upbeat and happy, but inside she felt scared. "Tenchi...where are you?" She thought looking away from Vegeta suddenly to regain her composure. "By the way, did you hear Fruitia call Blackshire 'brother', while we were on Earth?"

"Yes." Vegeta hissed, that thought did not sit well with Vegeta. It was bad enough Fruitia claimed to be his brother, but now the thought that there was someone else claiming his lineage was too much. Vegeta walked away from his companion, to think things over. "It was probably merely a comment meant to confuse us." Vegeta stated, he did not want to think about the possibility of having two brothers, who were enslaved to someone else. The thought that Fruitia could be related to him was bad enough, still he sensed a familiar ki from Fruitia...

"Could it be Baby?" Vegeta thought darkly. That was one foe he never wanted to see again. Any other foe he could fight, but Baby had taken control of Vegeta's mind and body, and he would never allow that to happen again. Baby was cunning and manipulative, but then again he was also dead. Killed by Goku years ago. "Of course it seems everyone has to be killed at least twice to stay dead," Vegeta growled to himself. The only good thing about the battle with Baby was Vegeta learned about the power he could attain if he became Super Vegeta 4, and since his tail had regrown, that power was his.

Vegeta walked over to a corner to sit down while he thought, once he had figured out this riddle, he would train. Although it looked like that would be difficult inside this ship. As he sat down, Vegeta smiled. "Oh and one more thing wench, I don't know about you being the greatest pirate in the universe, but you are certainly are the most annoying." Vegeta laughed obnoxiously leaning his head back.

The panel besides Vegeta's head shook, and when the Saiyajin prince opened his eyes, the panel was glowing red hot. Ryoko stood with one hand pointed at Vegeta's head. "Oh I'm so sorry Vegeta," Ryoko said in a friendly tone, the sarcasm in her apology was obvious. "Next time I won't miss," Ryoko corrected herself as she walked back to the control seat.

Once Ryoko sat in the seat she stroked the chair arms, "I'm sorry Ryo-Ohki. I didn't mean to hurt you," she told her spaceship in a motherly tone.

Ryo-Ohki meowed in reply, sounding like she had just finished crying, like a child who gets a minor injury.

Vegeta chuckled, this time to himself, as he looked at Ryoko apologizing to her space ship. It had been a while since anyone had threatened him, and not wanted to start a fight. "She's just like Bulma," he thought as he tried to drift off to sleep. "How interesting...."

Ryoko watched Vegeta out of the corner of her eyes, "He definitely has a lot spirit. In a way he reminds me of Tenchi..."

And so the adventure begins, Vegeta and Ryoko are on their way to face their sworn enemies Blackshire and Fruitia. Two friends, although neither will ever admit that they like the other, against evils the universe had thought long dead. Not to mention the evil mastermind who seems to be in charge of Fruitia and Blackshire.

Next Time: Where is Tenchi? Who is the Master? For those of you who read Ryoko's Wedding, chapter 2 explains why Vegeta was even invited, and also tells about some of his adventures while on Jurai. A more reflective chapter. If you don't care about that stuff (which seems weird to me) then just wait until chapter 3, for the rest of you, be here next time for: Our Time Together