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Vegeta Muyo! 2

Part 5 End Game

In deep space, on Planet 'Vegeta'

Where once sat a world that bore a mighty warrior race, now exists a planet covered in icy mountains, one that is unable to encourage life. The atmosphere of this frigid sphere is thin, due to it's long journey through the cosmos, never the less it is the site for a battle that will determine the fate of the entire universe. It is here that Cell Zero, a twisted android bent on universal obliteration, and Vegeta, the last Prince of the Saiyajin race, intend to make this decision.

The time for talk was over for these two titans long ago, now the only thing that mattered was the fight. They raced at each other as fast as they could, the hunger for battle apparent on their faces. Vegeta was the first to land a blow, a swift devastating punch to Cell Zero's torso, causing the monstrous android to double over in pain, for a split second, before responding with a kick to Vegeta's head. Each warrior matched the other blow for blow, it appeared this was a battle that would not be easily won by either man.

"You HAVE gotten stronger," Cell hissed as he blocked a fierce punch by Vegeta. "However I'm afraid it won't be enough, you see I'm not even fighting at half my true power."

"So what," the Saiyajin prince replied, "neither am I. Why don't we both drop the facade, and just battle at our best. I am sick of you and your stupid games. Let's end this the way it should be. NO more hiding."

"I would show you the full power that is Cell Zero, Vegeta, but then you would stand no chance," the wretched android hissed, smiling darkly. "But if you are in such a hurry to die..." Vegeta grinned, and replied to Cell Zero's taunts by closing the minuscule gap between them in seconds, nearly taking Cell Zero's head off with his punch. Cell's eye's glowed angrily as he quickly brought his knee up into the mighty Saiyajin's stomach full force. It was apparent now that Vegeta and his large adversary were facing off at maximum power, holding back nothing. Once more Vegeta pulled his fist back, and swung at the menacing figure who's attacks Vegeta was narrowly able to avoid. As his fist flew forward, Cell dodged by barely a micrometer, behind the dueling pair an icy mountain exploded sending shards of ice and snow into the air.

Cell leapt back from his foe, chuckling to himself. "Vegeta I know you fight by sensing where my chi is, so I want to show you an attack I learned from one of the many races I've been absorbing." As he spoke, the vile green monster's aura began to grow, and swirl about him, causing the snow and ice in the air to spin about like a hurricane. In a few moment's Cell's aura had expanded to a phenomenal circumference, and began approaching Vegeta. The black ichor covered creature's voice was barely audible over his power, but Vegeta's keen ears were able to detect it. "Do you like it Vegeta? I call it a Ki Nado. Come get me, if you aren't scared."

Vegeta grinned as he thought about the situation. "Interesting attack Cell, since I would be entering into a field of your ki I couldn't sense you, and the snow would make it impossible to see you. I'd be fighting completely blind. But if you think I'll back down from your challenge, you are sadly mistaken. Here I come." In a flash of power the fur covered warrior rocked into the Ki Nado.

Inside the Ki Nado:

Vegeta's mind felt like it was going to erupt, he could sense Cell Zero everywhere around him, yet he couldn't see him anywhere due to the snow. Using all his will power, the Saiyajin prince suppressed the pain, trying to focus. However his opponent was not giving him any time to adjust. Twin eye beams collided with Vegeta's chest causing him searing pain. Before he could try and locate the source of the attack, another pair of beams struck him from behind.

"Come out and face me Cell," Vegeta demanded angrily. "I told you I am in no mood for your games. It's time to end this once and for all!" The Saiyajin prince waited, weighing his options mentally. "I could use a scatter shot, but that would waist too much power, and I need to conserve as much as I can for what I have planned." Vegeta closed his feral eyes, his fists clenched as he tried to lock onto Cell's ki, however inside this place it was impossible. Once again energy beams struck him, this time from above. Vegeta was starting to become furious, "How do I fight someone if I can't see them, or sense them?" Suddenly a memory returned to him, one from his childhood.


It was a special day for the young prince, his father was taking him to be trained. "Here. Use this my son," the king said handing Vegeta a piece of cloth.

"I am no weakling Father," the small boy in Saiyajin armor replied, "I will not be harmed by these poor excuse for soldiers."

King Vegeta merely chuckled as he took back the cloth, and tied it around his son's eyes. "You misunderstand, today's lesson will be done with a blindfold. It will help you train your hearing. After all you may one day be blinded in battle, but always remember as a Saiyajin you are blessed with many incredible abilities. One of which is superior hearing." The young prince smirked sarcastically at his father, as he walked into the training arena. To this day Vegeta could still feel the pain of those warrior's attacks. Although they hadn't been powerful blows, the small child was unable to defend himself, and was overtaken. Since that humiliation Vegeta had always made sure to rely on his keen hearing, at least until he learned about sensing ki....

End Flashback

Vegeta smiled, he now had a plan. Instead of trying to lock onto Cell's ki, he began to listen. It was difficult, but eventually he was able to filter out the blowing snow, as he tried to hear Cell's movements. "I'm surprised Cell, don't you have anything to say," Vegeta declared as two small ki blasts appeared in his hands. "After all it appears you have me beaten." Cell Zero laughed, just before firing two more blasts at his previously helpless foe. However his laughter would prove to be his undoing as Vegeta sidestepped the crimson beams with ease. "I've got you now," the Saiyajin prince thought. Slowly he drifted upward, having been able to lock onto Cell's position when he fired made it easy for Vegeta figure out where Cell was. "Right... THERE," Vegeta mentally screamed spinning about unleashing both his ki blasts, which rocketed away from him with unbelievable speed. Instants later the Ki Nado died away, and the snow began to settle to the ground below. As the pounding in his head disappeared, Vegeta slowly opened his eyes, laying on the ground below him was Cell Zero, minus his head. Looking down triumphantly Vegeta dropped from the sky to stand before his fallen foe. "It's not over yet Cell Zero...," Quickly the mighty Saiyajin picked up Cell Zero's body, holding it in a bear hug, as he began to focus all the power he had for his attack. "I know you'll regenerate from my last attack, but I promise you one thing, this fight is OVER!"

Cell Zero's head erupted from his shoulder's covered in the black ichor that always coated his new growths. "What is going on!" The evil android's eyes began to glow as he prepared to blast the Saiyajin Prince.

Vegeta grinned, looking almost identical to Fruitia in insanity. The Saiyajin warrior's eyes were glowing white with pure power. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Cell. I told you I had no time for games, I have someone waiting to see me, and you are making me late. So I'm sending you back to Hell for good. If you blast me now, you'll set off the eruption early, and you may not be able to attempt a regeneration at this range." Once again laughter filled the air. This time it was Vegeta's, not Cell Zero's.

On Board Ryo-Ohki

Ryoko watched as the device Washu had told her to use came to life. In the blink of an eye, a tiny holographic figure appeared in front of her. "Wench, if you are hearing this message then it means my worst fears have come true, and Cell has returned. It also means that I have dubbed the situation grim enough that I was willing to initiate the Vegeta Protocol. You see I had no intention of returning home after this fight. One way or another I planned on making this my last battle. Since Cell is involved, I will do the honorable thing, and obliterate his once and for all. However, I made a promise to that mother of yours that I would save your life, and thus the Vegeta Protocol was created. The other two messages on this device are to be delivered to my children. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE, are you to listen to them, are you understanding me. It is none of your business, if you do... Then so help me, I will find some way to come back from my grave, and make sure you pay!" Vegeta said all this with his usual smirk, the kind that broadcasted his superior Saiyajin attitude. "Farewell Ryoko, my friend, you fought well...." With that the tiny image disappeared.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, the cyan haired space pirate looked out the window into deep space. She wished more than anything to be fighting along side Vegeta, but she could understand why this had to be HIS battle. "Cell Zero had been toying with us for far too long, sending men like Blackshire and Fruitia to sow the seeds of sorrow. I thank you Vegeta, for sending me home, to be with the man I love, and I promise you that your messages will be delivered." A single tear rolled down her cheek, "like every other Saiyajin I ever met you were rude, violent, self centered, and egotistical. But in the end, you were the best friend a space pirate could ever have, and I think I know why this battle had to be your last. Now you can die killing your wives true killer. I hope the two of you have a wonderful eternity together. Farewell...Vegeta." Slowly Ryoko turned from the window, making her way to the control seat, even though she couldn't control her cabbit ship, due to the Vegeta Protocol, she could at least call home and talk to her husband. The silver haired space pirate knew that she was going to need his help, at least emotionally, when she went and told Trunks and Bra what had become of their father.

Back on Planet Vegeta

"You really have gone soft in the head Vegeta if you think blowing yourself up will kill me!" the abomination called Cell Zero proclaimed. "I've survived worlds blowing up before!"

"You misunderstand me Cell," Vegeta replied, tightening his vice like grip on his foe. "This explosion isn't going to be some weak burst that YOU might generate. Far from it. This explosion will obliterate this entire galaxy. I know you need at least one cell to regenerate, well you won't even have that left!"

Cell Zero's face became a mask of terror. He was trapped. He couldn't attack Vegeta or he might burst, and from the power Cell could sense Vegeta was already powered up enough to make good on his claim. However the crafty android had one more trick up his sleeves. Throwing his head back, Cell Zero laughed. "Goodbye Vegeta, it seems once again you have forgotten an important detail. I know the instantaneous transmission. Farewell. " The giant green monster began to concentrate, trying to lock onto a chi to move towards, however the result was not what he had expected. Instead of moving at the speed of light towards a destination, Cell Zero's brain burned as if it was one fire. "No! Not again, how can this be happening," he asked himself mentally. Then the answer came to him in crystal clarity "Blackshire... that damn fool! His blasts must still be affecting me, even after I regenerated! They prevent me from using the Instantaneous Transmission."

"What's the matter Cell? Has your warranty, like your time, ran out?" Vegeta laughed triumphantly, and a few seconds later unleashed all his power. It was a blast of power the universe had never seen before, and would never see again. A wave of pure ki spread out from Vegeta, obliterating everything in it's path. Cell Zero and Vegeta were atomized instantly, as was Planet Namek. Vegeta's prediction rang true, and the entire galaxy around Planet Namek was destroyed, only dust left in his power's wake. It was a fitting end for the prince of all Saiyajin's, to die in battle facing a mighty foe.

One Week Later Capsule Corps:

Ryoko stood before the small wooden door, Tenchi standing just behind her. This was going to be the most difficult thing she ever had to do. In her hands rested a small device, the reason she was here. Taking a deep breath she rose one hand, and tapped gently on the door. Fear coursed through her body as she waited for the door to open. Shaking her head, the silver haired space pirate tried her best to think of some way to avoid going through with this. "Maybe we could just leave this thing here, and let them figure it out," she frantically reasoned mentally. Spinning around she faced her husband. "Tenchi. It doesn't look like anyone's home. I guess we can go then..."

"Ryoko...," the brown haired young man said calmly. "I don't like this anymore than you do. Vegeta wasn't the nicest guy I ever met, but his children deserve to know what happened to him, and he did ask that you be the one to tell them. So let's just be patient, someone will be out soon." As if in response, the door to the Capsule house swung open, revealing a young woman with greenish blue hair. She stood blinking at the couple, confused as to why they were here.

"Oh hello Ryoko, Tenchi," Bra replied with a slight head nod. "Where's dad? Shouldn't he be with you? Or did he stop somewhere to train again?" The young half Saiyajin looked at the dismal expression on her visitor's faces. "What's going on here?"

"Bra," Ryoko said steeling her voice to hide the pain, "is your brother home? I need to talk to both of you...." Vegeta's daughter nodded, somehow knowing Ryoko was not bearing her good news.

A few moments later

Everyone had gathered in the living room, Trunks and Bra say directly across from Ryoko, while Tenchi stood behind her, his hand on his wife's shoulder for support. Sitting on the table between them all was the device Ryoko had brought with her. The young purple haired youth glared at Ryoko, "Let me guess," Trunks began, his voice icy and without emotion, "It was Cell Zero wasn't it. He killed father, that's why you're here."

With a bitter smile Ryoko met Trunks' glaring eyes. "It was Cell Zero, yes, but he did not kill your father." The former space pirate took a long deep breath. "Your father and I met Fruitia and Blackshire on Planet Namek, which had been moved to where Planet Vegeta once was. It was all part of Cell Zero's Damn game!" Ryoko clenched one hand into a fist, slamming it on the arm rest. "Once there Vegeta and I made quick work of those two. When we started to fight Cell Zero, your father initiated something he called the Vegeta Protocol. It forced Ryo-Ohki to beam me aboard, and head straight here. From what Washu has told me, Vegeta self destructed, knowing that it was the only way to kill Cell Zero."

"But why? I mean if dad knew he could kill Cell, then why not come home? Why did he have to kill himself too?" Bra asked sobbing as tears trailed down her face.

"It's simple sis," Trunks declared still looking at Ryoko. "Dad knew it was his time. Since mom and Goku died, Father had been acting weird. I think when he figured out it was Cell Zero, he knew what he had to do. Father has always hated Cell, in whatever form he takes. Dad died to kill Cell Zero, just like Goku did to try and kill Cell." The purple haired half Saiyajin looked at the ceiling centering his thoughts, "this was how he wanted it. I know Vegeta, and he would not have wanted to die of old age. This was the last chance he would ever have to die in a battle worthy of what he was, a true Saiyajin warrior." Bra nodded understanding what Trunks said was true, but it did not make the pain any easier to deal with.

Tenchi cleared his throat, and Ryoko shook her head remembering what else she had to say. "There is one other thing. This device." Reaching forward the golden eyed woman, centered it in from of the grief stricken youths. "It was Vegeta's will that I deliver this to you both. It's his farewell to you both." Ryoko rose suddenly appearing very militaristic, "He was also very strict when he said I wasn't to be here when you heard it." Trunks merely looked at Ryoko and Tenchi, not sure of what to say.

"We probably should be going," Tenchi muttered behind Ryoko. Turning he looked at the two people who had just lost so much, "if you need anything, anything at all, just give us a call, and we'll be right back."

"Thank you Tenchi," Trunks stated rising to his feet. He extended one hand out, and Tenchi clasped it firmly, "and thank you Ryoko. Not only for delivering our father's final words, but for being his friend." The former space pirate smiled, wiping a tear from her eye. "I know he would never admit it, but he only ever had two friends, Goku, and you."

A few minutes later:

Having said their goodbyes, Tenchi and Ryoko floated into the rosy sunset. "That Trunks is one strong young man," Tenchi told his wife as he glanced back at the vanishing bubble shaped house. "I know when I lost mom, I cried for days"

"It affected him more than it did Bra," she flatly replied. "He was just acting the way his father would have wanted him to, as a warrior. Trust me. Bra loved her father, but between the two of them, only Trunks understood him."

Back inside the house

Trunks looked out the window, watching the cyan haired woman, and her husband ascend into the sky. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he thought of his father, after taking a sharp breath he turned to his sister. It was time to hear their father's words.

Bra pressed a button on the side of the device, and a small holographic image of Vegeta appeared. After a few seconds, the figure began to speak. "First of all, if you are still listening to this Wench, you'd best leave now or so help me..." The miniature Vegeta shook his fist in a threatening manner, then paused. "I am Vegeta, the last true Saiyajin in the universe. I am the Prince of all Saiyajin's, and this is my final words to my children."

"Trunks, pay attention boy! You now hold my title, and are rightful heir to the throne, as I was. You are my son, and have always made me proud with your strength, and perseverance. As my son, you must continue to protect the world that I had called home, and watch over your sister."

"Bar, my darling princess," Vegeta's voice changed becoming softer, and gentler. "You are the very mirror image of your mother at your age. The most beautiful, strong willed woman I have ever known. In your care I entrust Capsule Corps, since you have been running it anyway ever since Fruitia killed your mother."

"These are not the final requests of a dying old man. These are the last commands of your father, Vegeta, the strongest Saiyajin ever. I go now to face Cell, I don't know how he came back, nor do I care. But know this, I will triumph, and then I will meet Kakarot in the afterlife, and show him once and for all what true power is! Farewell, and remember you will always have your father's love." As he finished speaking the tiny figure disappeared.

Trunks held his sister close to him, letting her sob in his arms. "Don't cry sis," he tried to order her, his own voice cracking, "just think now mom and dad are together again."


"I demand to know what is taking so long!" Vegeta roared at the large red figure behind the massive desk.

"Your case is not an easy one to go over Vegeta," King Yama declared as he reviewed Vegeta's life. "You were a merciless killer after all, and you died blowing up a galaxy. Of course you did help save the entire universe countless times..."

"I would like to speak on Vegeta's behalf," a child like voice announced. King Yama and Vegeta each looked toward the speakers direction. To their shock, a small boy draped in blue clothes approached, it was none other than Goku. "King Yama, Vegeta may have been a bad guy to start, but I think the fact that he has twice now sacrificed his life to save the universe should be more than enough reason to let him into Heaven. Besides, if you don't let him in, who will I face off against in the afterlife tournaments? Unless you want to enter?" The large red man shook his head, he had no desire to fight Goku, there was something about him that scared even King Yama.

"Very well," the horned king replied. "Since Goku vouched for you, I will let you into heaven Vegeta. Just be on your best behavior..."

Vegeta snorted in laughter, "You don't expect me to thank you, do you Kakarot?"

Goku merely smiled at the Saiyajin prince. "No Vegeta, of course not. Well try not to get kicked out until I get here, okay?" With that Goku disappeared, back to wherever he had came from.

King Yama nodded, and two guards escorted Vegeta toward Heaven's gate. "Now let's see, who's next...," the large man asked himself sorting through his papers. "Ah here it is," he proclaimed holding up a book containing the next person's life. "Cell Zero. Well this one will be easy." Before King Yama now stood, bound in heavy chains, Cell Zero, who eyes burned with intense hate and fury. "Cell Zero, because of your horrible crimes, the least of which is breaking out of Hell, after I sent you there. I banish you to Hell." Instantly, a hole opened under the green monster's feet, as he dropped straight to Hell.


Cell Zero snapped the chains that bound him with ease. "Fool, thinking I'll be here forever. I've escaped once before, and I can do it again. "

"Oh I don't think that will be the case this time," a sadistic voice proclaimed behind Cell Zero, "father..." Spinning about Cell Zero saw two men, one in green Saiyajin armor, the other clad completely in black metal. "Welcome to Hell. We've been waiting for you."

"Fruitia! Blackshire! If not for you fools I would still be alive." Taking a step forward Cell Zero prepared to attack his rebellious creations. Blackshire laughed, the sound echoing in his helmet, as he held up a large iron rod, and pressed a button on it. Pain shot through Cell Zero's body.

"Oh did they not tell you," Blackshire began, "since we contributed to your demise, we've been given a special reward. Fruitia and I are your personal tormentors, for all eternity. Of course we'll still be tortured as well, but then again everyone in Hell already knows that not only were you the first resident down here to be killed by as spirit bomb, but you are also the first to die when someone blew themselves up."

"So your torment will never end," Fruitia stated his shark like smiled proclaim how pleased he was. Cell Zero's eyes glowed crimson, as he looked at his tormentors.

All the evil android could think was "One day I will be free, and I will never return here!"


Vegeta walked inside the gate's of Heaven, looking at the peaceful white surroundings with disdain. "This might be nice for someone like Kakarot, but I am a warrior. Where are these legends I have heard so much about?"

"Can't you think about anything else other than fighting?" A woman asked him.

Vegeta turned, looking at the woman who had spoken to him. "Bulma...," the sight of his wife had stunned him, it had been so long since he had last seen her. Now she appeared young, and full of life.

She smiled at him, as she threw her arms around her husbands neck, knowing that now the two of them would be together for all eternity.