The escort team came to us. There were a few girls being helped along, and one being carried, but most looked to be in good spirits. Janice was in good spirits as well, at least until Brittney showed up with a couple of wounds on her. Suddenly Janice was in front of her, bristling with wrath and calling her and idiot for risking herself like that. The young slayer was shocked and tongue-tied; so I came to her rescue.

Putting my hand on Janice's shoulder, I gently said "a slayer can no more avoid a fight than the sun can avoid rising, sister. You should honor your friend for fighting to help in her defense and be thankful that she is well."

Brittney looked thankful and Janice looked abashed. She then hugged the junior slayer and apologized, explaining that she did not have that many friends, and didn't want to loose any.

I then took Janice's hand and asked her to help with the wounded from the escort team. She did, and as we wee helping heal a nasty hole in one girls gut, I mentally told Dawn to talk to her sister about the dead slayer. Dawn noticed the dead girl for the first time and immediately went over to Buffy, and began whispering forcefully in her ear. Buffy looked shell shocked, but as Dawn spoke, I could see the lines in her face relax, as she realized the truth of what Dawn was saying. I looked around and saw Riley and Amanda speaking to Faith, who was still prone on the ground, finding out what had happened and what threat still existed. I was pleasantly surprised to see Amanda attached to Riley like she was tied there. Possibilities, possibilities. Once everyone was healed up enough to walk, the lot of us, except for Buffy and Faith went to a diner for breakfast. The chosen two would take the body of the dead slayer back to the jet, and wait for everyone there. Goodbyes were said and tears were shed and the groups went their separate ways.

We had a huge amount of food, the H & H after a fight, and a lot of stories were exchanged as well as thanks for timely saves. Brittney told Janice about their fight, and Janice reciprocated. It looked like a good friendship was under way. Slowly, we made our way to the airport, where the three local slayers said goodbye and thank you. I knew that Amanda wanted to say more to Riley, but she just thanked him for all his help and shook his hand. Janice and Brittney had a rather teary goodbye, and Janice gave the young slayer one of her daggers, 'just what a schoolgirl needs' I thought. We got to the plane and Buffy and Faith were waiting for us outside. They waved the trainees on board and then faced Riley.

"We need a watcher on the Hellmouth" Buffy said.

"One that knows his shit and wont panic over every little thing" Faith added.

"Someone who knows how to train and how to manage resources" said Buffy.

"The school where Amanda teaches needs a librarian" said Faith.

"It's yours if you want it" Buffy finished.

Riley looked incredulous. "You want me to watch over the only remaining Hellmouth on Earth? You trust me with that, and the lives of these girls?"

The slayers just nodded.

His spine stiffened, as though he were snapping to attention "you'll get my very best" he said.

"We know, that's why we asked you."

Buffy told him to find a place and then contact the council; they would handle all the financial arrangements. He walked back to the terminal with a sense of purpose again. A worthy life had been saved.

Faith turned to Janice "time for someone else to get back to work" she said. "Remember, no ass kicking unless absolutely necessary, or if you want to, or if they need it, or if it just feels right, or if. . . ."

"Faith" the three of us yelled.

"Alright, alright, just be careful you, I don't want to have to break in another one of your kind. I mean just putting up with Ian is bad enough."

I was saved from making a response by Dawn giving Faith a swift kick in the shin. Faith yelped and while hopping on one leg, shot a thumb at me and said "see what I mean."

Janice laughed, and hugged Faith tight, thanking her for everything that she had done.

"Hey, thanks for watching my back, 'Little J'" she said. See ya around, and write once in a while."

Janice promised, and with a flare of her angelic essence, disappeared.

Buffy thanked Dawn and me for everything, and the sisters embraced. I thanked both the slayers for all their work, and promising to take care and swearing that we would find a suitable bass player for the 'Remnants' began to fade.

"Wait" Buffy yelled. So we did. "You better be there for Christmas" she said. We laughed, and like Janice, went back to work.


Yellowknife, The Northwest Territories, Canada.

The bar was called the 'Drunken Moose' and that was a pretty good description of the vocalists sound. They actually had a live band, but only because it was cheaper than fixing the jukebox all the time. They finished their set, and came down off the stage. Dawn and I walked up to the bass player, who didn't seem to associate with his band mates and asked "Daniel Osbourne?"

He nodded, but said nothing.

"How would you like to play bass for a group called the 'Faithful Remnants'? They are aware of your special condition, and don't consider it a problem. They're gonna be touring Europe soon, and probably cutting a disc in the summer, you in?"

He looked from Dawn to me and back to dawn; "cool".

Finished for now