Oh boy, here goes another Royai fanfic. I should just warn you, though, this one is going to be long. Thanks for this whole idea go to az4ever! And thanks to everyone else who reads my stuff. Uh..This is probably going to have some spoilers in it..maybe…sorry, I can't think right now…(later) Okay, I'm better now. There's going to be some massive OOCness in here, too. I'm going to tell you again, this is not my idea, I got it from az4ever, and she just asked me to write it out in a fanfic for her… Anyway, here goes.

Roy Mustang didn't exactly expect this day to be any different than all the others. Sure, Ed had nearly gone and blown up the whole building, but he was fine now, off with that giant metal brother of his looking for the Philosopher's Stone. But other than that, it was a fine day, bright and sunny, and he didn't even have that much paperwork to do. Hearing the phone ring made him groan, and he took his time getting to answering it. He was rather annoyed that his day had gotten interrupted, but his annoyance disappeared as soon as he heard Hughes's voice on the other end. The usually crazily happy guy was actually worried.

"Roy! We've got a major situation here! Scar's running through the streets and he's killing everyone who gets near him!"

"What? Stay there and tell me where he is! I'll be there as soon as I can!"

Roy was in such a rush he almost ran into Riza as he was leaving.

"Colonel? What's the rush?"

"It's Scar. Hughes says that he's going on a killing rampage. I have to help him out."

"It's too dangerous for you to go alone." Her eyes were determined, and Roy knew that it was useless to argue with her when she looked like that.

"All right."

When they got there about ten minutes later, Roy could see that there was definetely a big problem. Half of the street had been literally blown up, and there were dead and injured people everywhere. Scanning the destruction, Roy saw Hughes hiding behind a building. Signalling for Riza to follow him, he ran over to him.

"Where is he? Did he leave already or-"

He never got a chance to finish the question. Riza had seen someone running over the rooftops and had started to chase after it.

"Lt. Hawkeye! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

She didn't answer, just continued to chase after the figure. Then Roy realized why she wasn't listening to him. The person, or thing, which was probably more accurate, was changing its form every ten seconds or so. Hearing Roy's shouts, the thing (which is Envy, in case I didn't make it clear enough) stopped and turned around, facing Riza.

"Lieutenant! Get out of the way!" Roy snapped his fingers and created a huge explosion with lots of smoke. Hopefully, Riza would be smart enough to hide in the smoke…

He vaguely saw the shape of a teenage girl in the smoke and called out to her, wondering what she was doing here, especially because he was sure that she wasn't there before. The girl turned, and seeing him, seemed to disappear. Mustang, who moved without thinking, racing after her. He made it through the smoke and found himself lost. Although he could have sworn that the knew the whole area, he didn't see anything that looked familiar. What's going on? Where am I? He wasn't panicking, exactly, but he was worried. I hope Hawkeye and Hughes are all right…Wait, is that Hawkeye?

"Roy!" Riza ran toward him. "Where did you go? You disappeared for a while there." She came to a stop a couple of feet in front of him. Roy, who had been immensely relieved to see her, was, on closer inspection, stunned. Riza was pregnant, and she most definetely had not been when he had seen her last. And she was wearing a wedding ring. This isn't right. She's not…I don't understand…

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