There's a place so dark you can't see the end

(Skies cock back) and shock that which can't defend

The rain then sends dripping acidic questions

Forcefully, the power of suggestion

Then with the eyes tightly shut looking thought the rust and rotten dust

A spot of light floods the floor

And pours over the rusted world of pretend

The eyes ease open and its dark again

In the memory you'll find me

Eyes burning up

The darkness holding me tightly

Until the sun rises up

Moving all around

Screaming of the ups and downs

Pollution manifested in perpetual sound

The wheels go round and the sunset creeps past

Street lamps, chain-link, and concrete

A little piece of paper with a picture drawn

Floats on down the street till the wind is gone

The memory now is like the picture was then

When the paper's crumpled up it can't be perfect again

...Linkin Park: "Forgotten"...

Endings taken from Silent Hill games:

Silent Hill 1: Good ending. Harry escapes with the child, but he later meets his fate in Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 2: Lake ending. James realizes that he kills his wife, Mary, and commits suicide.

Silent Hill 3: Cheryl ending. Heather claims to be Cheryl.

Silent Hill 4: Mother ending. Henry and Eileen die, and Walter successfully sees his mother. The apartment is overrun.

Conclusion: Dahlia Gillespie had two children: Alessa and Walter. She, with Walter, conceived a third child: Daniel. Dahlia's "husband" had a child with Maria, the twin sister of Mary, James' wife, and had Eileen, who is assumed as Walter's cousin, this being the reason for her fate. Alessa had a child to assume her new body: Heather, who, from the very beginning, was cursed to having "God," as she was assumed as the "Holy One." When she neared contact with Claudia Wolf, she felt nauseated in the presence of a demon. In hopes of killing the child, she ate a small, red pill that was concealed within a locket that her father gave to her, and she threw up the living fetus. Before Heather could crush the newborn, Claudia took the fetus into her hands and consumed it whole in hopes that the child would be reborn within her. Heather thought she was insane.

Heather also thought that she had killed Claudia afterwards.

Claudia's former body was found several days later by an officer who was patrolling the city, and reported her to the hospital. In her autopsy, the doctors found that she still carried a living baby within her, and the baby was removed, cared for by the hospital until she was old enough to be taken to Wish House.

That baby was Unique.

Because Unique was born of first a divinity, and then a mortal, she was assumed as unpure, but the ravaging sins within her to reproduce with someone similar would make a child of pure divinity, or so Dahlia assumed...

My story, as well as Unique's, ends here, but what of the future of Silent Hill?