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Chapter 9: The Ball: Tetra and Link


Tetra sat on her bed nervously. She was thought where her entire reputation would go if the pirates found out she was dating Link. She shook the thought away as she heard a knock on the door.

She got up from her bed and answered the door. Behind was none other than the hero of winds, Link. Tetra smiled at him as Link struggled in his mind to find the right words.

"So... want to get going?" asked Link nervously

"Sure." said Tetra

Tetra wrapped her arm around Link's arm as they entered outside, to see everyone else waiting.

"Shall we go then?" asked Komali

"Course." said Tetra

Tetra and Link lingered behind everyone as they entered the dance, taking they were so nervous.

Link enjoyed the atmosphere of the dance, it was very romantic. Before they could find a table, a romantic song came on.

"Shall we dance?" asked Link

"Yes" said Tetra

Link walked out onto the floor with Tetra. He could Komali and Makar already dancing with their dates already. He could also see his friend Mila, dancing with her date. He was glad that everything seemed to be going well for his friends.

Once they reached the middle of the dance floor they began to slow dance. Link stared into her ocean blue eyes with love.

They suddenly stopped dancing just looking at each other. They leaned in and passionately kissed.


3 months later...

Tetra stood at the front of her ship looking at out sea. They were sailing towards Outset island so Link could visit his family.

Elena had now joined the crew and was a fine addition, as she knew quite a bit about medicine. Makar was happier now that Elena had joined because he could spend as much time with her as he wanted. It was to be a happy ending for them.

Medli and Komali were getting pretty serious in their relationship now, Tetra was sure Komali would propose marriage to Medli soon, thus being another happy ending.

But the besthappy endingis thatTetra ended up with the man of her dreams, Link. Heremy story ends, happily ever after.

Tetra sigheddreamily as she looked down at her engagement ring.

The End


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