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She stood to the side and watched him as the police van was loaded with the singed, defeated foe. He was so proud at this moment, so triumphant. They had done it again, beaten the odds, defeated the villains, saved the world. But to him, what mattered the most was something else.

Drakken had said his name.

So she watched him as Drakken cried out his usual whiny complaints, thrilling with him as he slammed the van doors closed.

So closes another adventure, but now, another door opens she thought. He started it in the storeroom. He started it, not me. My God, what kind of courage did that take? He's amazing. Then her mind sobered. But—we never got the chance to finish it. I don't even know how he really feels because he never got his say. But I saw it in his face, his eyes; I heard it in his tone. I know I did. So I guess he really did have his say in a way and I think I have a pretty good idea about how he feels about it. Well, after all this time, and after everything we've been through, I know exactly how I feel about it. The problem is, do I have the strength and courage to go through with it?

That thought went through her mind in the time it took for him to pat the back of the transport then turn to face her with his trademark goofy smile.

It was all she needed.

Yes! I can do this. I can do anything. And this, more than anything else at any time in my life needs to be done and done now!

With her eyes half closed and a teasing smile, she turned her head and said slyly. "You know Ron, we'd better hurry."

He looked down at Rufus who was sitting on his shoulder (and just shrugged), before looking back to her and saying, "Hurry where?"

She reached out and grabbed his hand, "You'll see—"

She had faced ravenous animals and poisonous beasts, deranged robots and death machines, mad scientists and would be world conquerors, cranky kids she had baby sat and her own tweeb brothers, but nothing in her entire life was scaring her like this moment.

I can do anything! I can do this! I will not fail!

But despite it all, her mouth was desert dry, her knees were knocking and weak, her stomach was knotted and shivering. Only one thing was keeping her sane, keeping her going—

It was the sweaty, trembling hand clenched in hers.

Closing her eyes and taking a final, choked swallow against a bone dry mouth/throat, she felt them step through the doors, the change in the light registering on her closed eyelids.

She heard the hush come over the entire hall. The effect was startling, eerie, scary.

I can do this! And she forced her eyes open.

The whole school stood before her as if formed in stone. Stares she couldn't identify at this distance, looks arching at them from every angle. It felt as if she, he, they, were the focal point, the focus of every single being on the planet at that moment.

Then that hated voice blared out, "it's finally happened. She's dating that loser. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating!"

I CAN DO THIS! And she, with a firm squeeze of her hand holding his, stood tall and proud next to him, wearing her charred and battered dress like a shield of honor, letting the defiance show in her face, daring anyone to challenge her choice, challenge her h—

The entire hall exploded into spontaneous cheers and applause.

It was all she could do not to let her jaw drop. She could hear, she could see, she could feel the approval from the entire assembly. She felt awkward, she felt humble, she felt small.

Both of them actual took a half step back in reaction, their eyes and mouths open in surprise before closing in embarrassment.

She gave a sideways look to Ron, found him looking at her at the same time in the same manner, saw the same emotions in his eyes, in his face and searched for her comfort there.

She found it, when he broke out that big goofy smile of his. She was afraid that she could give him only a cringing half-smile back in return.

Their eyes contact broke. She could only look back to the crowd with scared eyes wondering just how she was going to get through this.

The next thing she knew, something was pushing her hard against her ankles and she stumbled right up against Ron. She looked at him, wide-eyed and trembling, startled beyond all measure by the sudden unexpected closeness.

She saw him close his eyes for just a brief moment. Then he opened them and gazed upon her. She had to close her eyes with fright, swallowing against it, having to frown and duck her head as she did so. When she opened her eyes, she saw his hand, right there before her, offered to her, waiting for her.

I can do this. I know I can. He's trusting me to do this!

She looked back up into his eyes, a smile coming back to her lips, her sudden emotions causing her to have to dip her head very low as she held him with her gaze which only deepened the power of her eyes and she reached for his hand as she sees his face brighten with a warm, loving smile.

Suddenly the lighting changed and the music started, and it was a slow dance! His hand was properly on her waist, their outside hands in the proper upraised position, they were slowly turning in time to the music. But somehow, as if in a dream, they found themselves in more than just the center of the dance floor under the mirror ball. It was as if they were in the center of the universe.

They were. And he was her universe and she was rotating around him. Their eyes were locked together, seeing only each other. Nothing else existed.

We've been friends forever, she thought, After all this time I've opened up my eyes, now I see that you were always with me. You were right here beside me and I never knew. It's you!

And so much, over so many years became crystal clear to her. Feelings, impressions, moods, thoughts, all raced through her taking her breath, making her knees weaker than they had been, creating an ache that was both terrible and wonderful inside her as the truth hit home.

And I thought that crushing on Josh and Eric was bad, she had to say to herself as the sensations whirled through. This is it! This is what Mom has always described about how she felt when she found Dad. This is. . . lov—lo—

She found that the emotions were just too strong at the moment to express—even to herself. But she was desperate for some kind of release. She had to do something.

I can do this. I can do anything.

And with a deep breath and a small squeak to herself, she suddenly pulled herself back, snatching her hands from the dance grip, seeing his eyes still locked on hers but a startled frown coming to his features as if saying to her 'what are you doing?' Her eyes closed tightly, her head dipped way down and then came immediately back up, her eyes reopening, her feet moving as she reversed the direction of their dance rotation, her hands as if poised for action which she was as she then threw herself forward, dropping her chin over his left shoulder, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him tightly to her, leaning the side of her head in against his cheek.

Oh. . . . oh dear, she felt the electric thrills race through her from head to heels as she clutched him to her; I think I just found heaven.

They were still dancing, still doing slow circles to the music. Her eyes were closed in rapture as she drank in the feel of his body, absorbed the sensation of his embrace, found peace and rest in the closeness of their hearts.

With Ron's head just touching the side of hers, she could feel him look about. She knew that he might be nervous about her sudden action but she didn't care. If they could save the world on a regular basis, then Bonnie Rockwaller, the Food Chain and High School gossip would be no big!

When she had embraced him, his arms had gone around her waist with his hands gripping her tightly at the small of her back. She could also hear his strained breathing and feel his heart beating within his chest even through the thickness of his tux.

It feels likes it's threatening to break out its going so fast. Just like mine is. But this feels so good, so right. He's still looking around. He must be worried about what everybody else is thinking. Don't Ron. This is the first step, and we have a long way to go. But you're mine now, as in a sense, you always were, as I was yours. As I am yours, and always will be. And I need right now, to let you know that in no uncertain terms.

And with that, she stopped them. She started to lift her head from his shoulder, her eyes slowly coming open. She pulled her head back so that she might look into his face but she kept her hands on his shoulders, not wanting to loose any of the physical contact she had with him. She felt that he was still keeping her waist tightly to him and that pleased her to no end.

As his face came into view, she saw his eyes come open and he too drew his head back. For a moment that seemed to last for several turns of the universe, she stared at him, seeing wonder, and disbelief running rampant across his features, thinking back over the feeling, sensations and thoughts of the last several minutes and knowing that he was doing the same and wondering—

Oh please! What is he thinking? How does he feel?

Then he cocked his head to the side and gave her the most wonderful goofy smile she had ever seen in her entire life.

She felt her throat choke up and her nose start to go and it was all she could do to give him a completely utterly happily miserable trembling smile.

They slowly came forward, dipping their faces until their foreheads came together. She saw that his eyes were half closed as she hers closed completely. In her minds eye, she saw the image that had been there. That long face with its freckles, the wide, generous mouth, those big brown eyes.

Those eyes—she could lose herself in those eyes.

She felt herself choke as she thought about those eyes, the feeling, the fire inside her suddenly threatening to burst right out for all to see

I can do anything. B—but can I do this?

A moment's hesitation that lasted forever. His eyes, even in her mind were beckoning her.

He's as scared as I am. But now things will have to change. It's not that I can do anything. It's now that we can do anything. And we have, for years we have been a team, doing anything. This is just the next step. And we can do it!

She brought her head up and slightly back before moving it forward, down with a sideways cock as she gently, lightly, lovingly, rubbed her forehead against his.

She felt him pull back a little and she knew it was time.

Her eyes came half open. Together their faces started to come up, their heads pulling back. She turned herself to face him squarely, her mouth already coming open, her eyes heavy in anticipation. Still moving together now, their heads come forward, their faces come up, his mouth comes open, their eyes closed—

Initially he was pressing into her and she felt herself melt. It was unlike any kiss she had ever experience. It was everything and yet nothing like all the books and movies and magazines had ever described.

And it still wasn't enough, she still needed more. She had to let him know just how much she wanted him so after several moments; she pushed her face slightly farther into his, opening her mouth further to him. It was not intended to be erotic or sensual. That would come in its proper time and place (and she had no doubt whatsoever that it would). But she wanted, she needed, to open herself to him completely, show him all the tenderness, intimacy, and love, yes . . . love. Even if she couldn't say it, not even to herself yet, let alone be able to say it to him for the foreseeable future, she could tell him, show him, how she felt

And she could feel, in his hands holding her, in his lips caressing her, that he felt the same way right back.

And that this was something that they would always be able to do together.