Monique stood and once again tried to get her heart to come out of her mouth and back into her chest where it belonged. The video on the Hall Managers handheld had clearly shown the fire and destruction at Bueno Nacho Headquarters and although the commentator had repeatedly raved on Kim's accomplishments in defeating Drakken's latest scheme, nothing was said about the fate or condition of her two friends.

Bonnie stood and fumed. Another night, another dance, another date ruined by that bitch Possible. It made her soooo mad. If Possible wasn't such a fighter; she would just love to tear her apart. It was soooo unfair that everything in life just seemed to fall like manna from heaven into that girls hands. It was just so much BS about all this 'saving the world' crap because in the end, none of it would matter anyway. That was soooo obvious and yet she seemed to be the only one who saw it.

Brick was just hyped! While he didn't like Stoppable, he had a lot of respect for him in as much as the skanky little dude was always charging off with Possible into situation that could land him is a serious world of hurt and he never seemed to hesitate. And Possible herself, not only was she a truly dangerous one but a certifiable hot piece as well. Add the fact that they were in places where major things like building got blown up just like in the movies and such and that just had to be a factor for awesome action. He wished that he could have some of that action.

The news flash had just finished with the commentator saying how 'Teen Hero Kim Possible' had once again saved the world. Brick was standing next to Bonnie, was all psyched up and just had to let it out by raising up for a 'High 5' shouting "Possible shoots! She scores!"

His 'date' flashed him a look, which should have melted steel, but he was so into the moment that he didn't even notice. However, Monique, who was Kim's best girlfriend was right there as well, reared up, and slapped it back to him with a "Straight up!"

What is that Brickhead doing? Bonnie flared. He's only making this worse for me. "Excuse me," she snapped at him with a sharp, shrewish voice.

"Oh, your excused," Brick responded, his voice indicating that he didn't have a clue as to why she was so upset. "Oh, while your gone, I'll just hang with Monique."

"I like," responded the Black girl with a tone like a cat eyeing a choice piece of steak.

Before Bonnie could completely explode—a sight greeted her eyes—

Monique's eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped because—

Just there, just inside the door was—

She was in the same gown as earlier but the entire thing was torn and ripped with signs of quick repair. The hem was scorched black at an angle from her left knee down toward her right ankle, obviously beyond repair. Her shoes were scuffed, her hair askew from hasty reconstruction.

He was even more a sight in a baby blue, badly fitting tux from at least a quarter of a century ago. She only knew this from the endless pictures from all her relatives weddings when God-awful crap like that had been the norm.

So she was a disaster and he was a freak. And they were here, at the prom, together, and it didn't end there because—

They were holding hands!

Bubbling delight erupted inside Bonnie's middle. Kim Possible had just made the fatal mistake, the final error, the death move! It was all over for her! The Cheerleaders, the Clubs, the Committees, all of the functions that lived and died by the Food Chain would take one look at this and she would be BANISHED! It was over! She had won! She would now take over and reign supreme! And she would make the most of every single delicious moment of it starting right now!

"It's finally happened," she exclaimed "She's dating that loser." She brought her hand to her mouth to trumpet it as loud as she could. "Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are DATING!" pointing her finger on that last word with awful emphasis. She started to laugh a loud, malicious laugh.

It took her several seconds to realize that no one was laughing with her. She stopped to suck in a breath, looking wildly around her and at that moment, the crowd broke into spontaneous applause and cheers, shouts of "Kim!" and "Ron". Monique was leaping into the air; Brick was pumping a fist and shrilly whistling with two fingers. In an instant blaze of fury, she crossed her arms as she refused to be cowered in front of those two. That was the only reason why she didn't turn and run screaming from the hall.

Monique stood cheering with the rest of them, joyous beyond all recognition with the twin facts that her friends had returned safely from another harrowing adventure and that they were here together. She had no idea what had happened to Eric and frankly she didn't care. Just the fact that they were holding hands that way in public spoke volumes to her. Something had happened on this mission, which must have changed everything and had finally opened Kim's eyes to what had been there all along.

And about time too. The question is, just how far did it go?

Brick had gone over to get something to eat. Bonnie was being the major bitch that was usually the norm for her. They had been together/apart so many times in the last several months that that he wondered why he bothered.

Oh, he knew the answer, and he knew it from both sides. She wanted him for the prestige of having the schools top athlete as her boyfriend, her Food Chain thing. Hey, he didn't have a problem with that. That's what school and pecking orders were all about. And he got what he wanted out of it. All he had to do was work up a little sweat and she would let him do to her whatever he wanted. And a jock like him had needs, and a guy's locker room Food Chain to support with stories as well. So they both got what they wanted.

So while she might just be so ticked off tonight that nothing might happen, there was always tomorrow night. And if nothing then, well, he'd just break up with her again because there were always other girls looking to fight their way to the top of the Food Chain and he—was prime bait.

She had stormed over to the side wall where she now stood, her eyes shooting daggers, swords, bullets, artillery shells, towards the couple who had stood for the longest time as if in embarrassment before their 'adoring fans'.

She had been spared the spectacle when the DJ finally restarted the music, brought the lights down, the spots back up and the dance once again started.

DAMNIT! she shrieked to herself. Not only were they out on the dance floor, all the other couples had moved in such a way that they were literally guided right into the friggin middle right under the mirror ball!

She held onto her anger, urged it on knowing that if she didn't, if she gave it just a moment to lessen or subside that the tears would overwhelm it and she would become a blubbering idiot!

Fortunately for her, they were enough to sustain it. They way they danced. They way they looked at each other. All those stupid terms came to her mind. Eyes only for each other—Just the two of them existed—The universe revolved around them.

Then all of a sudden Possible literally threw herself around Stoppable as if she was trying to crawl inside his body and it was all she could do not to pick up something and throw it at them.

Monique's legs were so weak, her heart was pounding sooo hard that she had to lean against the table where Rufus was standing as she watched them. She felt Ron's friend come over and cuddle against her.

Oohh Mmyy Ggoooddd! she groaned to herself as she tried to suck in a breath through a throat so choked that she had to lay a hand on her chest. I don't know what happened, but whatever it was, it happened BIG. Those two have made the full transition. I always hoped that it would and it finally DID! She found herself blinking back tears. She was definitely going to cry.

She looked over to see Brick standing next to Bonnie. Both of them were watching the couple (as was everyone who wasn't dancing). Brick was feeding his face but at least he was smiling. Bonnie looked like she would like to shred them on the spot.

You don't understand do you Bonnie, she thought. Why did an entire hall full of people, including the members of your posse and all the others who are a part of your unholy Food Chain applaud and cheer this brand new couple? This is where friendship, not one-upmanship gets you. This is where respect, not envy gets you. This is where concern for people, not callousness and maliciousness gets you. This is where sticking to your friend and partner though thick and thin, even when the going gets rough and not abandoning them to the wolfs, or the bullies in 'D' Hall gets you. This is where affection and love, not vindictiveness and hate gets you. And it makes me very sad for you because I honestly think that you'll never truly understand because you weren't brought up that way. And I am so sorry for you.

Brick was happy. He was feeding his face. He was watching the happy couple. He was wondering how long before Ron managed to find just how wild Kim could get.

Bonnie wanted to die. She sincerely wished a bolt of lightning would come out of the heavens and strike her down where she stood, standing next to the face-filling Brick, glancing at him with angry eyes every minute or so. The evening was more than ruined. All she could envision of the rest of school was ruined. Possible would be more popular than ever because at last she had a BF to talk about. Even if Stoppable wasn't even on the Food Chain, he had helped save the world a few times and that would be forced to count for something.

The angry look on her face was a sham. The reality was that she needed to get out of here. She even needed to take Brick with her. She needed to loose herself in something, anything, so she could find a release. She needed a release.

She had an entire fault of anger and frustration that needed to be purged. The only release for that would be the ocean of tears inside her just waiting to flood out.

To a couple totally lost unto themselves, one does not want to revel to them, lest they be more uncomfortable than already necessary, that a certain first kiss, brought more smiles, more held hands, loving glances, tender squeezes and heads dipped onto accompanying shoulders among all the standing and watching couples than anything that had ever occurred at a Middleton School Dance before.

So the Drama