A/N: This story was inspired by "Schmemento" by Cincoflex and Chimpy/Gibby (I'm not sure whether they're the same person) and also "A Rip In Time" by Laredo Grissom. I hope this story isn't too cheesy and I hope you enjoy! And there was actually such a thing as the Zimmerman note. I learned about it in tenth grade history!

Like Cinderella by Corinna

Sara Sidle sighed and rolled over, punching her pillow in frustration. Yet another sleepless night. Well, morning really, but who was keeping track? One last frustrated grunt and Sara rolled out of bed, stalking towards her kitchen. She wasn't searching for a bottle of scotch or vodka, but a glass of milk. A nice glass of milk or some tea to relax her, perhaps.

Sara filled a glass with filtered water from her fridge and stuck in into the microwave and set it on for two minutes. While the water was heating, she grabbed a jar of honey and a lemon from the fridge. Sara cut off a slice of the lemon and squeezed the juice into the hot water. A few tablespoons of honey followed and she stirred up the contents. Sara downed the hot liquid in a few gulps, the liquid warmth spreading through her system and helping her to calm down.

She hadn't been sleeping well for the past few weeks. No. That was a lie. She hadn't been sleeping well for the past few years. Not since she'd come to Vegas, and not since she'd fallen in love with Grissom. Her bed wasn't as comfortable as it used to be, and her sheets weren't even half as snuggly. Unlike San Francisco, Vegas didn't have cold, foggy days where you curled up in bed with a glass of tea or wine and a good book, huddled between flannel sheets, listening to music. Vegas had hot, sweltering mornings filled with people losing their life's savings or winning a small fortune.

Sara gulped the last of her honey-lemon tea, rinsed out the glass, stuck it in the dishwasher, and turned to switch off the light. Instead of empty space, as there should be in the apartment she lived in by herself, there was a young girl, about fifteen. The girl was swathed in a low golden light and she sat quietly. Sara didn't believe in ghosts, but unless she had a very attractive, very young, and very dead thief prowling around her apartment, there was really no other explanation. "Who are you." She whispered in terror.

"I'm Lily." She introduced herself. The young girl had glossy brown curls and intense, piercing blue eyes, and her mouth was set in an expression vaguely familiar to Sara, though she couldn't figure out where from. "I can't tell you much more than that, but I can tell you that I'm here to help you. I know that you're in love with a man named Gil Grissom, and though he is in love with you as well, he won't admit it. Please, don't be frightened. I can't tell you how I know, but rest assured, I'm not a creep."

"I'm sorry. Lily – did you say? – Well, Lily, I have to admit, I'm a little afraid."

"Look, I'm here to help you. I've come to offer you something that I know you want. It's very complicated though, so perhaps we could sit down?"

"Of course." Sara motioned to the breakfast bar. "Alright, why don't you explain this to me."

"Well, you're a scientist, so you may not believe me, but what I'm going to tell you is true." Lily smiled faintly. "Sometimes the universe can make mistakes. Such as taking somebody's life prematurely. One of the people you investigated, Debbie Marlin, wasn't supposed to die for another ten years, but the universe made a mistake and Ms. Marlin ended up falling for two men which resulted in…well, a situation that left things rather in a bind. So, when things with Ms. Marlin went awry, the universe found you and your Dr. Grissom. It was decided that one cosmic mistake could be used to help fix another. You see Ms. Sidle, you weren't supposed to be born in 1971. You were supposed to be born, fifteen years earlier in 1956. But, a cosmic screw-up meant that you weren't conceived until fifteen years later. So, when you and the good Doctor fell in love, you were mentally and emotionally right for each other, but due to society's conventions, the age difference prevented you two from getting together."

"How was Debbie Marlin's death used to right the wrong of my late birth?" Sara asked.

"Well, you must have noticed that Ms. Marlin looked extremely similar to yourself. When two people fall in love with each other, and the cosmos really have no idea who should end up with whom, the rule is that somebody must leave the relationship. Generally, it's via death. I know, rather grisly, which is why the cosmos do try to avoid making that mistake a lot. So, it was decided that Ms. Marlin would be the one to die, and that you and your Dr. Grissom would be investigating the crime, so that he could remember that life is fleeting and his time with you was running out. However, sometimes people are rather thick-skulled. Dr. Grissom seems to be one of those people. The Marlin hint wasn't enough for him and a near DUI didn't make a difference." Lily showed signs of annoyance. "We forced you to open up about your past to him, hoping that it would help him move past this stage of confusion, but it only seemed to confuse him more. He turned to Sophia, which the cosmos did not appreciate. So Greg Sanders became a potential suitor for you. The cosmos hoped that if Dr. Grissom got jealous enough, he might finally make his move. But Dr. Grissom proved to be much more troublesome than that for the cosmos. He held his emotions at bay, and remained a shell of a man. So now, there is no choice but to mess with history." Lily spoke softly. "We can't erase your memory of everything that's happened, Ms. Sidle, and we can't change history. It has been written in stone and cannot be changed, per se. However, it can be altered, adjusted, and bent slightly."

"I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by 'altered, adjusted and bent.'"

"For example, the cosmos could not go back in time and simply remove Hitler. He was part of the creation of the world today and I don't need to go into detail about the disastrous consequences erasing such a determining part of history might have had. But, we could go back in time and plant certain hints or people that would help the Allies bring Hitler out of power at the right time. So, the officer who found the Zimmerman note, never existed. But we created him to find the Zimmerman note, and then we modified the world to accept his presence. Understand?"

"Sort of. Please continue."

"To right the universe, you will be sent back in time, in a manner of speaking. We've decided that you will be born in 1956, as was supposed to happen. But," and Lily stressed the 'but' very strongly. "There are rules. Rule number one: Absolutely no one may know. We'll send you to where things must happen, but you may not tell Dr. Grissom or anybody what transpired. Rule number two: You mustn't change anything but what we give you express permission to change. Since you will retain your experience and knowledge of this body, you will know about DNA technology and other such things, but you cannot tell anybody anything about what will happen. It must be Watson and Crick who discover DNA and so forth. Third rule: Like Cinderella, your magic number will be twelve. You will have exactly twelve months from the moment you arrive to make Gil Grissom fall for Sara Sidle. Then you will leave, and Gil Grissom won't remember you. You will go back to who you were and things will progress exactly as they have right now, but Gil Grissom will always feel a certain connection for you, and hopefully it will emerge in the coming time of this year so that the universe can be right again. Do you understand, Sara? Nobody can know, nothing except what's been designated can be changed, and you only have one year."

"I understand." Sara was shaking.

"Good." Lily nodded. "Now that you've said yes, I can promise that you will have a guide. I will be there with you to help guide you and make sure you follow the rules. If any one of the rules is broken, I must emphasize that the consequences would be far greater than you can imagine."

"Okay." Sara wiped her slightly sweaty palms on her pajamas. "What do I do?"

"Take my hand, and I'll take you to 1973, when you were both seventeen."

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