Silence Is Golden Unless…

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Spike was bored. Not just bored but Bored with a capital B. He lounged in his chair at the research table picking at his chipped nail polish and waited for something interesting to happen. Giles had refused to give him a book in the mistaken belief that either Spike couldn't read or if he could, he wouldn't understand the text. Spike gave a quiet snort at the thought; he probably understood the text in most of the books better than the watcher did. The Scoobies were researching the latest baddie in Sunnyhell and Buffy had told Spike she wanted him to come around in case she needed him to help fight it. Finally Giles swung a book around to show a picture to Buffy.

"That would be the one." The petite blonde slayer declared. "His ugliness itself." She made a face at the remembrance of the large ugly demon that had almost squashed her the night before.

"Let me see." Spike requested quietly, reaching for the book. He knew quite a lot of demons and almost as many demonic languages.

Buffy glared at the blond vampire. "I don't need your opinion of it, I just want you to kill it." She snapped.

"I'll have you know…" Spike's indignant statement was interrupted by Xander.

"Save it Evil Dead, it's not as if you'd know what it was." The male Scooby sniped.

"If you'd just let me…" Again Spike was interrupted.

Giles removed his glasses and cleaned them with his handkerchief. "Spike, I assure you I'm quite capable of identifying the demon."

"I'm sure you are but if I could just…" Spike tried one more time, his voice rising in his agitation.

"Do you think it would be possible for you to just shut up?" Buffy asked Spike heatedly. His eyes widened at her tone. He stood up.

"Fine!" He pulled the book over amid the slayer's protests. "But I do know what it is, I speak its language and I know how to kill it but if you think I'm gonna help you with it now you're sadly mistaken."

He glared scathingly at the watching humans. "In fact…" He stopped abruptly. He looked around the table at the Gobsmacked expressions of the gang. Tara was watching him with uncertainly in her large eyes. Willow had hostility written all over her pretty face. Xander was glaring at him the way he normally did. Dawn was watching from the corner Buffy had directed her to sit in. The teenager was very familiar with the vampire's temper and was amazed he'd lasted as long as he had without losing it. Buffy was openmouthed with shock that he dared speak to her that way. Giles was watching him with speculation in his green gaze. Anya had observed the entire altercation with interest and a bit of sympathy as she was frequently overlooked even though she had over a thousand years of demonic knowledge to her credit.

Spike glanced at the open book once more. With a smirk he slammed it shut, the noise making the humans jump. Snatching his duster from the back of the chair he'd been sitting in he swirled it around and let it slide down his arms with a flair. He stalked over to the front door and paused to cast a hate-filled look back at the stunned group. He tipped them a single fingered salute and left, his black leather duster flaring out behind him.

Clem jumped a foot when the crypt door slammed open and just as viciously slammed shut. He watched as his friend picked up a bottle that had been discarded by the door and threw it into the opposite wall. The floppy skinned demon ducked as the vampire began to systematically destroy his own home. What scared Clem the most was that Spike was doing it in complete silence. He'd seen Spike's temper tantrums before but they'd always been accompanied by vitriolic cursing of the slayer and her friends. He'd been impressed many times with Spike's sheer range of human and demonic curses. This time was different, Clem could see the rage in Spike's sapphire eyes. The peaceful demon watched in dismay as his best friend ripped, tore and smashed every possession he could get his hands on in complete silence. Finally there was nothing left. Spike stood in the center of the debris with his head bowed and shoulders heaving as he gulped in unneeded breaths.

"Um…Spike? Are you okay?" Clem ventured the uncertain question softly. The blond vampire's head snapped up in surprise. Shock flared in his eyes at the sight of his friend. Spike tipped his head back and closed his eyes. A defeated chuckle broke from the stretched throat. He shook his head and glanced over at the one being he could call a friend.

Clem tilted his head in confused concern. Spike's chuckle had been silent. There was something seriously wrong with the blond vampire.